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wonderful wonderfully wonderous wonderously wonders wondrous woo work workable worked works world-famous worth worth-while worthiness worthwhile worthy wow wowed wowing wows yay youthful zeal zenith zest zippy a stirring , funny and finally transporting re-imagining of beauty and the beast and 1930s horror films this is a visually stunning rumination on love , memory , history and the war between art and commerce . jonathan parker 's bartleby should have been the be-all-end-all of the modern-office anomie films . campanella gets the tone just right -- funny in the middle of sad in the middle of hopeful . béart and berling are both superb , while huppert ... is magnificent . a lyrical metaphor for cultural and personal self-discovery and a picaresque view of a little-remembered world . this is a stunning film , a one-of-a-kind tour de force . may be more genial than ingenious , but it gets the job done . there is a freedom to watching stunts that are this crude , this fast-paced and this insane . as quiet , patient and tenacious as mr. lopez himself , who approaches his difficult , endless work with remarkable serenity and discipline . a slick , engrossing melodrama . the santa clause 2 proves itself a more streamlined and thought out encounter than the original could ever have hoped to be . the film is moody , oozing , chilling and heart-warming all at once ... a twisting , unpredictable , cat-and-mouse thriller . a strong first act and absolutely , inescapably gorgeous , skyscraper-trapeze motion of the amazing spider-man . a fun ride . an edgy thriller that delivers a surprising punch . ` what 's the russian word for wow !? ' otto-sallies has a real filmmaker 's eye . overall , cletis tout is a winning comedy that excites the imagination and tickles the funny bone . you live the mood rather than savour the story . the movie is so thoughtlessly assembled . some body is a shaky , uncertain film that nevertheless touches a few raw nerves . it 's a very sincere work , but it would be better as a diary or documentary . unfolds with such a wallop of you-are-there immediacy that when the bullets start to fly , your first instinct is to duck . it 's not too fast and not too slow . it 's an entertaining movie , and the effects , boosted to the size of a downtown hotel , will all but take you to outer space . it is as uncompromising as it is nonjudgmental , and makes clear that a prostitute can be as lonely and needy as any of the clients . compellingly watchable . though jackson does n't always succeed in integrating the characters in the foreground into the extraordinarily rich landscape , it must be said that he is an imaginative filmmaker who can see the forest for the trees . not only does spider-man deliver , but i suspect it might deliver again and again . it 's worth taking the kids to . dense , exhilarating documentary . poignant if familiar story of a young person suspended between two cultures . methodical , measured , and gently tedious in its comedy , secret ballot is a purposefully reductive movie -- which may be why it 's so successful at lodging itself in the brain . though a touch too arthouse 101 in its poetic symbolism , heaven proves to be a good match of the sensibilities of two directors . superbly photographed and staged by mendes with a series of riveting set pieces the likes of which mainstream audiences have rarely seen . a metaphor for a modern-day urban china searching for its identity . it 's a square , sentimental drama that satisfies , as comfort food often can . the wonderfully lush morvern callar is pure punk existentialism , and ms. ramsay and her co-writer , liana dognini , have dramatized the alan warner novel , which itself felt like an answer to irvine welsh 's book trainspotting . admirers of director abel ferrara may be relieved that his latest feature , r xmas , marks a modest if encouraging return to form . could i have been more geeked when i heard that apollo 13 was going to be released in imax format ? this is a very ambitious project for a fairly inexperienced filmmaker , but good actors , good poetry and good music help sustain it . cho 's timing is priceless . criminal conspiracies and true romances move so easily across racial and cultural lines in the film that it makes my big fat greek wedding look like an apartheid drama . there 's something to be said for a studio-produced film that never bothers to hand viewers a suitcase full of easy answers . what elevates the movie above the run-of-the-mill singles blender is its surreal sense of humor and technological finish . nicholson 's understated performance is wonderful . the filmmakers know how to please the eye , but it is not always the prettiest pictures that tell the best story . nolan proves that he can cross swords with the best of them and helm a more traditionally plotted popcorn thriller while surrendering little of his intellectual rigor or creative composure . isabelle huppert excels as the enigmatic mika and anna mouglalis is a stunning new young talent in one of chabrol 's most intense psychological mysteries . like its parade of predecessors , this halloween is a gory slash-fest . perhaps the best sports movie i 've ever seen . ou 've got to love a disney pic with as little cleavage as this one has , and a heroine as feisty and principled as jane . this is a gorgeous film - vivid with color , music and life . playing a role of almost bergmanesque intensity ... bisset is both convincing and radiant . it treats ana 's journey with honesty that is tragically rare in the depiction of young women in film . leigh makes these lives count . ambitious , unsettling psychodrama that takes full , chilling advantage of its rough-around-the-edges , low-budget constraints . the woodman seems to have directly influenced this girl-meets-girl love story , but even more reassuring is how its makers actually seem to understand what made allen 's romantic comedies so pertinent and enduring . i could n't recommend this film more . a moving tale of love and destruction in unexpected places , unexamined lives . it has more than a few moments that are insightful enough to be fondly remembered in the endlessly challenging maze of moviegoing . vincent gallo is right at home in this french shocker playing his usual bad boy weirdo role . it 's mostly a pleasure to watch . its spirit of iconoclastic abandon -- however canned -- makes for unexpectedly giddy viewing . but the nerve-raked acting , the crackle of lines , the impressive stagings of hardware , make for some robust and scary entertainment . baby-faced renner is eerily convincing as this bland blank of a man with unimaginable demons within . the kind of primal storytelling that george lucas can only dream of . uplifting as only a document of the worst possibilities of mankind can be , and among the best films of the year . by turns fanciful , grisly and engagingly quixotic . the re-release of ron howard 's apollo 13 in the imax format proves absolutely that really , really , really good things can come in enormous packages . those who want to be jolted out of their gourd should drop everything and run to ichi . mr. deeds is , as comedy goes , very silly -- and in the best way . this amiable picture talks tough , but it 's all bluster -- in the end it 's as sweet as greenfingers ... my little eye is the best little `` horror '' movie i 've seen in years . it may ... work as a jaunt down memory lane for teens and young adults who grew up on televised scooby-doo shows or reruns . the film is one of the year 's best . one of the year 's most weirdly engaging and unpredictable character pieces . oh , look at that clever angle ! for a long time the film succeeds with its dark , delicate treatment of these characters and its unerring respect for them . the casting of raymond j. barry as the ` assassin ' greatly enhances the quality of neil burger 's impressive fake documentary . the filmmakers want nothing else than to show us a good time , and in their cheap , b movie way , they succeed . a rollicking ride , with jaw-dropping action sequences , striking villains , a gorgeous color palette , astounding technology , stirring music and a boffo last hour that leads up to a strangely sinister happy ending . an hour and a half of joyful solo performance . a triumph , a film that hews out a world and carries us effortlessly from darkness to light . steven soderbergh 's digital video experiment is a clever and cutting , quick and dirty look at modern living and movie life . kinnear 's performance is a career-defining revelation . not only a reminder of how they used to make movies , but also how they sometimes still can be made . the dragons are the real stars of reign of fire and you wo n't be disappointed . for devotees of french cinema , safe conduct is so rich with period minutiae it 's like dying and going to celluloid heaven . by the end of the movie , you 're definitely convinced that these women are spectacular . even though it 's common knowledge that park and his founding partner , yong kang , lost kozmo in the end , you ca n't help but get caught up in the thrill of the company 's astonishing growth . every moment crackles with tension , and by the end of the flick , you 're on the edge of your seat . the imax screen enhances the personal touch of manual animation . that 's fun for kids of any age . raimi and his team could n't have done any better in bringing the story of spider-man to the big screen . a colorful , joyous celebration of life ; a tapestry woven of romance , dancing , singing , and unforgettable characters . a rip-roaring comedy action fest that 'll put hairs on your chest . the premise of jason x is silly but strangely believable . the cast ... keeps this pretty watchable , and casting mick jagger as director of the escort service was inspired . contradicts everything we 've come to expect from movies nowadays . there is little question that this is a serious work by an important director who has something new to say about how , in the flip-flop of courtship , we often reel in when we should be playing out . the solid filmmaking and convincing characters makes this a high water mark for this genre . the kind of movie that comes along only occasionally , one so unconventional , gutsy and perfectly executed it takes your breath away . with an admirably dark first script by brent hanley , paxton , making his directorial feature debut , does strong , measured work . funny , somber , absurd , and , finally , achingly sad , bartleby is a fine , understated piece of filmmaking . schrader examines crane 's decline with unblinking candor . that the e-graveyard holds as many good ideas as bad is the cold comfort that chin 's film serves up with style and empathy . you would n't want to live waydowntown , but it is a hilarious place to visit . the bai brothers have taken an small slice of history and opened it up for all of us to understand , and they 've told a nice little story in the process . return to never land is reliable , standard disney animated fare , with enough creative energy and wit to entertain all ages . caine makes us watch as his character awakens to the notion that to be human is eventually to have to choose . a captivating and intimate study about dying and loving ... the world needs more filmmakers with passionate enthusiasms like martin scorsese . the history is fascinating ; the action is dazzling . the unexpected thing is that its dying , in this shower of black-and-white psychedelia , is quite beautiful . offers a clear-eyed chronicle of a female friendship that is more complex and honest than anything represented in a hollywood film . meeting , even exceeding expectations , it 's the best sequel since the empire strikes back ... a majestic achievement , an epic of astonishing grandeur and surprising emotional depth . while general audiences might not come away with a greater knowledge of the facts of cuban music , they 'll be treated to an impressive and highly entertaining celebration of its sounds . not only better than its predecessor , it may rate as the most magical and most fun family fare of this or any recent holiday season . spielberg 's picture is smarter and subtler than -lrb- total recall and blade runner -rrb- , although its plot may prove too convoluted for fun-seeking summer audiences . smaller numbered kidlets will enjoy . the characters are more deeply thought through than in most ` right-thinking ' films . these characters are so well established that the gang feels comfortable with taking insane liberties and doing the goofiest stuff out of left field , and i 'm all for that . cho 's latest comic set is n't as sharp or as fresh as i 'm the one that i want ... but it 's still damn funny stuff . much has been written about those years when the psychedelic '60s grooved over into the gay '70s , but words do n't really do the era justice . one of the best looking and stylish animated movies in quite a while ... light the candles , bring out the cake and do n't fret about the calories because there 's precious little substance in birthday girl -- it 's simply , and surprisingly , a nice , light treat . it 's good , hard-edged stuff , violent and a bit exploitative but also nicely done , morally alert and street-smart . nicole kidman makes it a party worth attending . bogdanovich puts history in perspective and , via kirsten dunst 's remarkable performance , he showcases davies as a young woman of great charm , generosity and diplomacy . the gentle comic treatment of adolescent sturm und drang should please fans of chris fuhrman 's posthumously published cult novel . for those of an indulgent , slightly sunbaked and summery mind , sex and lucia may well prove diverting enough . it might be ` easier ' to watch on video at home , but that should n't stop die-hard french film connoisseurs from going out and enjoying the big-screen experience . -lrb- reno -rrb- delivers a monologue that manages to incorporate both the horror and the absurdity of the situation in a well-balanced fashion . rich in atmosphere of the post-war art world , it manages to instruct without reeking of research library dust . more good than great but freeman and judd make it work . it 's nice to see piscopo again after all these years , and chaykin and headly are priceless . never again , while nothing special , is pleasant , diverting and modest -- definitely a step in the right direction . she is a lioness , protecting her cub , and he a reluctant villain , incapable of controlling his crew . this is an interesting movie ! '' this masterfully calibrated psychological thriller thrives on its taut performances and creepy atmosphere even if the screenplay falls somewhat short . if the plot seems a bit on the skinny side , that 's because panic room is interested in nothing more than sucking you in ... and making you sweat . drumline ably captures the complicated relationships in a marching band . the entire cast is first-rate , especially sorvino . a solidly entertaining little film . -lrb- `` safe conduct '' -rrb- is a long movie at 163 minutes but it fills the time with drama , romance , tragedy , bravery , political intrigue , partisans and sabotage . although mainstream american movies tend to exploit the familiar , every once in a while a film arrives from the margin that gives viewers a chance to learn , to grow , to travel . this is an exercise in chilling style , and twohy films the sub , inside and out , with an eye on preserving a sense of mystery . it makes compelling , provocative and prescient viewing . a flawed but engrossing thriller . what sets ms. birot 's film apart from others in the genre is a greater attention to the parents -- and particularly the fateful fathers -- in the emotional evolution of the two bewitched adolescents . it 's a wise and powerful tale of race and culture forcefully told , with superb performances throughout . one of those terrific documentaries that collect a bunch of people who are enthusiastic about something and then figures out how to make us share their enthusiasm . the film gets close to the chimps the same way goodall did , with a serious minded patience , respect and affection . ms. seigner and mr. serrault bring fresh , unforced naturalism to their characters . if you answered yes , by all means enjoy the new guy . generates an enormous feeling of empathy for its characters . the low-key direction is pleasingly emphatic in this properly intense , claustrophobic tale of obsessive love . those prone to indignation need not apply ; those susceptible to blue hilarity , step right up . an intriguing look at the french film industry during the german occupation ; its most delightful moments come when various characters express their quirky inner selves . would make an excellent companion piece to the similarly themed ` the french lieutenant 's woman . ' if you like quirky , odd movies and\/or the ironic , here 's a fun one . woody allen can write and deliver a one liner as well as anybody . the most consistently funny of the austin powers films . it 's both degrading and strangely liberating to see people working so hard at leading lives of sexy intrigue , only to be revealed by the dispassionate gantz brothers as ordinary , pasty lumpen . paid in full is remarkably engaging despite being noticeably derivative of goodfellas and at least a half dozen other trouble-in-the-ghetto flicks . garcía bernal and talancón are an immensely appealing couple , and even though their story is predictable , you 'll want things to work out . -- but certainly hard to hate . finely crafted , finely written , exquisitely performed the story is a rather simplistic one : grief drives her , love drives him , and a second chance to find love in the most unlikely place - it struck a chord in me . a cutesy romantic tale with a twist . give credit to everyone from robinson down to the key grip that this bold move works . a suffocating rape-payback horror show that hinges on the subgenre 's most enabling victim ... and an ebullient affection for industrial-model meat freezers . while we no longer possess the lack-of-attention span that we did at seventeen , we had no trouble sitting for blade ii . combine the paranoid claustrophobia of a submarine movie with the unsettling spookiness of the supernatural -- why did n't hollywood think of this sooner ? an elegant work , food of love is as consistently engaging as it is revealing . the pain , loneliness and insecurity of the screenwriting process are vividly and painfully brought to slovenly life in this self-deprecating , biting and witty feature written by charlie kaufman and his twin brother , donald , and directed by spike jonze . if you 're a fan of the series you 'll love it and probably want to see it twice . the film is bright and flashy in all the right ways . a brisk , reverent , and subtly different sequel . a macabre and very stylized swedish fillm about a modern city where all the religious and civic virtues that hold society in place are in tatters . does an impressive job of relating the complicated history of the war and of filling in the background . a fascinating documentary that provides a rounded and revealing overview of this ancient holistic healing system it 's refreshing to see a movie that embraces its old-fashioned themes and in the process comes out looking like something wholly original . it must be the end of the world : the best film so far this year is a franchise sequel starring wesley snipes . boomers and their kids will have a barrie good time . wow . a film with a great premise but only a great premise . by halfway through this picture i was beginning to hate it , and , of course , feeling guilty for it ... then , miracle of miracles , the movie does a flip-flop . what the movie lacks in action it more than makes up for in drama , suspense , revenge , and romance . sweet home alabama is n't going to win any academy awards , but this date-night diversion will definitely win some hearts . it 's a satisfying summer blockbuster and worth a look . the movie is ... very funny as you peek at it through the fingers in front of your eyes . originality ai n't on the menu , but there 's never a dull moment in the giant spider invasion comic chiller . the cast , collectively a successful example of the lovable-loser protagonist , shows deft comic timing . a grittily beautiful film that looks , sounds , and feels more like an extended , open-ended poem than a traditionally structured story . strangely comes off as a kingdom more mild than wild . peralta captures , in luminous interviews and amazingly evocative film from three decades ago , the essence of the dogtown experience . manages to accomplish what few sequels can -- it equals the original and in some ways even betters it . despite a quieter middle section , involving aragorn 's dreams of arwen , this is even better than the fellowship . a fleet-footed and pleasingly upbeat family diversion . australian filmmaker david flatman uses the huge-screen format to make an old-fashioned nature film that educates viewers with words and pictures while entertaining them . `` mr. deeds '' is suitable summer entertainment that offers escapism without requiring a great deal of thought . mr. scorsese 's bravery and integrity in advancing this vision can hardly be underestimated . fun and nimble . polanski has found the perfect material with which to address his own world war ii experience in his signature style . the film boasts at least a few good ideas and features some decent performances , but the result is disappointing . it 's no surprise that as a director washington demands and receives excellent performances , from himself and from newcomer derek luke . if mostly martha is mostly unsurprising , it 's still a sweet , even delectable diversion . top-notch action powers this romantic drama . roman polanski 's autobiographical gesture at redemption is better than ` shindler 's list ' - it is more than merely a holocaust movie . confessions may not be a straightforward bio , nor does it offer much in the way of barris ' motivations , but the film is an oddly fascinating depiction of an architect of pop culture . takes a simple premise and carries it to unexpected heights . the film reminds me of a vastly improved germanic version of my big fat greek wedding -- with better characters , some genuine quirkiness and at least a measure of style . a good film with a solid pedigree both in front of and , more specifically , behind the camera . a marvelous performance by allison lohman as an identity-seeking foster child . leigh is n't breaking new ground , but he knows how a daily grind can kill love . with so many bad romances out there , this is the kind of movie that deserves a chance to shine . about schmidt is undoubtedly one of the finest films of the year . it does n't reach them , but the effort is gratefully received . - i also wanted a little alien as a friend ! the work of a filmmaker who has secrets buried at the heart of his story and knows how to take time revealing them . juliette binoche 's sand is vivacious , but it 's hard to sense that powerhouse of 19th-century prose behind her childlike smile . a powerful performance from mel gibson and a brutal 90-minute battle sequence that does everything but issue you a dog-tag and an m-16 . woody allen has really found his groove these days . delirious fun . what lifts the film high above run-of-the-filth gangster flicks is its refusal to recognise any of the signposts , as if discovering a way through to the bitter end without a map . entirely appropriately , the tale unfolds like a lazy summer afternoon and concludes with the crisp clarity of a fall dawn . with a cast of a-list brit actors , it is worth searching out . it 's refreshing that someone understands the need for the bad boy ; diesel , with his brawny frame and cool , composed delivery , fits the bill perfectly . clooney directs this film always keeping the balance between the fantastic and the believable ... happy times maintains an appealing veneer without becoming too cute about it . a compelling film . the film 's unhurried pace is actually one of its strengths . it certainly wo n't win any awards in the plot department but it sets out with no pretensions and delivers big time . most of the things that made the original men in black such a pleasure are still there . with an obvious rapport with her actors and a striking style behind the camera , hélène angel is definitely a director to watch . a deft , delightful mix of sulky teen drama and overcoming-obstacles sports-movie triumph . your 20th outing shows off a lot of stamina and vitality , and get this , madonna 's cameo does n't suck ! a journey that is as difficult for the audience to take as it is for the protagonist -- yet it 's potentially just as rewarding . an entertaining documentary that freshly considers arguments the bard 's immortal plays were written by somebody else . beautifully filmed and well acted ... but admittedly problematic in its narrative specifics . if you 're burnt out on it 's a wonderful life marathons and bored with a christmas carol , it might just be the movie you 're looking for . the film 's highlight is definitely its screenplay , both for the rhapsodic dialogue that jumps off the page , and for the memorable character creations . it 's sort of a 21st century morality play with a latino hip hop beat . at least it 's a fairly impressive debut from the director , charles stone iii . try as you might to resist , if you 've got a place in your heart for smokey robinson , this movie will worm its way there . if the film has a problem , its shortness disappoints : you want the story to go on and on . this film is so different from the apple and so striking that it can only encourage us to see samira makhmalbaf as a very distinctive sensibility , working to develop her own film language with conspicuous success . allen 's funniest and most likeable movie in years . a big-budget\/all-star movie as unblinkingly pure as the hours is a distinct rarity , and an event . an enormously entertaining movie , like nothing we 've ever seen before , and yet completely familiar . deepa mehta provides an accessible introduction as well as some intelligent observations on the success of bollywood in the western world . ... standard guns versus martial arts cliche with little new added . much of what we see is horrible but it 's also undeniably exceedingly clever . the hook is the drama within the drama , as an unsolved murder and an unresolved moral conflict jockey for the spotlight . a muddle splashed with bloody beauty as vivid as any scorsese has ever given us . in addition to gluing you to the edge of your seat , changing lanes is also a film of freshness , imagination and insight . while the frequent allusions to gurus and doshas will strike some westerners as verging on mumbo-jumbo ... broad streaks of common sense emerge with unimpeachable clarity . the movie is hardly a masterpiece , but it does mark ms. bullock 's best work in some time . an energetic and engaging film that never pretends to be something it is n't . a compelling story of musical passion against governmental odds . mindless yet impressively lean spinoff of last summer 's bloated effects fest the mummy returns . ` alice 's adventure through the looking glass and into zombie-land ' is filled with strange and wonderful creatures . late marriage is an in-your-face family drama and black comedy that is filled with raw emotions conveying despair and love . remember it . thoroughly enjoyable . begins like a docu-drama but builds its multi-character story with a flourish . the best comedy concert movie i 've seen since cho 's previous concert comedy film , i 'm the one that i want , in 2000 . you 'll end up moved . i 've yet to find an actual vietnam war combat movie actually produced by either the north or south vietnamese , but at least now we 've got something pretty damn close . a visual spectacle full of stunning images and effects . it 's always fascinating to watch marker the essayist at work . the film , despite the gratuitous cinematic distractions impressed upon it , is still good fun . but even while his characters are acting horribly , he is always sympathetic . that rare documentary that incorporates so much of human experience -- drama , conflict , tears and surprise -- that it transcends the normal divisions between fiction and nonfiction film . hashiguchi covers this territory with wit and originality , suggesting that with his fourth feature -- the first to be released in the u.s. -- a major director is emerging in world cinema . while the filmmaking may be a bit disjointed , the subject matter is so fascinating that you wo n't care . paul bettany is cool . it 's anchored by splendid performances from an honored screen veteran and a sparkling newcomer who instantly transform themselves into a believable mother\/daughter pair . when you 've got the wildly popular vin diesel in the equation , it adds up to big box office bucks all but guaranteed . a modestly surprising movie . as the movie traces mr. brown 's athletic exploits , it is impossible not to be awed by the power and grace of one of the greatest natural sportsmen of modern times . to others , it will remind them that hong kong action cinema is still alive and kicking . it 's a fine , focused piece of work that reopens an interesting controversy and never succumbs to sensationalism . a heartening tale of small victories and enduring hope . a taut , sobering film . what sets this romantic comedy apart from most hollywood romantic comedies is its low-key way of tackling what seems like done-to-death material . surprisingly , the film is a hilarious adventure and i shamelessly enjoyed it . spinning a web of dazzling entertainment may be overstating it , but `` spider-man '' certainly delivers the goods . a poignant lyricism runs through balzac and the little chinese seamstress that transforms this story about love and culture into a cinematic poem . ... is funny in the way that makes you ache with sadness -lrb- the way chekhov is funny -rrb- , profound without ever being self-important , warm without ever succumbing to sentimentality . in xxx , diesel is that rare creature -- an action hero with table manners , and one who proves that elegance is more than tattoo deep . there is a strong directorial stamp on every frame of this stylish film that is able to visualize schizophrenia but is still confident enough to step back and look at the sick character with a sane eye . it 's funny , as the old saying goes , because it 's true . special p.o.v. camera mounts on bikes , skateboards , and motorcycles provide an intense experience when splashed across the immense imax screen . a forceful drama of an alienated executive who re-invents himself . one of those exceedingly rare films in which the talk alone is enough to keep us involved . there 's a sheer unbridled delight in the way the story unfurls ... implicitly acknowledges and celebrates the glorious chicanery and self-delusion of this most american of businesses , and for that reason it may be the most oddly honest hollywood document of all . very well written and directed with brutal honesty and respect for its audience . moving and vibrant . jacquot 's strategy allows his cast the benefit of being able to give full performances ... while demonstrating vividly that the beauty and power of the opera reside primarily in the music itself . hawn and sarandon form an acting bond that makes the banger sisters a fascinating character study with laughs to spare . may prove to be -lrb- tsai 's -rrb- masterpiece . one of the best , most understated performances of -lrb- jack nicholson 's -rrb- career . foster breathes life into a roll that could have otherwise been bland and run of the mill . well-acted , well-directed and , for all its moodiness , not too pretentious . scott baio is turning in some delightful work on indie projects . keenly observed and refreshingly natural , swimming gets the details right , from its promenade of barely clad bodies in myrtle beach , s.c. , to the adrenaline jolt of a sudden lunch rush at the diner . like vardalos and corbett , who play their roles with vibrant charm , the film , directed by joel zwick , is heartfelt and hilarious in ways you ca n't fake . deliberately and devotedly constructed , far from heaven is too picture postcard perfect , too neat and new pin-like , too obviously a recreation to resonate . morvern rocks . a positively thrilling combination of ethnography and all the intrigue , betrayal , deceit and murder of a shakespearean tragedy or a juicy soap opera . as janice , eileen walsh , an engaging , wide-eyed actress whose teeth are a little too big for her mouth , infuses the movie with much of its slender , glinting charm . a film of quiet power . zhuangzhuang creates delicate balance of style , text , and subtext that 's so simple and precise that anything discordant would topple the balance , but against all odds , nothing does . because the film deliberately lacks irony , it has a genuine dramatic impact ; it plays like a powerful 1957 drama we 've somehow never seen before . it 's a very valuable film ... the rich performances by friel -- and especially williams , an american actress who becomes fully english -- round out the square edges . , `` they 're out there ! '' oh , james ! got some good , organic character work , lots of obvious political insights and little room for engaging , imaginative filmmaking in its nearly 2 1\/2 - hour , dissipated length . an emotionally and spiritually compelling journey seen through the right eyes , with the right actors and with the kind of visual flair that shows what great cinema can really do . a vivid , sometimes surreal , glimpse into the mysteries of human behavior . it 's no accident that the accidental spy is a solid action pic that returns the martial arts master to top form . a wild comedy that could only spring from the demented mind of the writer of being john malkovich . it 's affecting , amusing , sad and reflective . exciting documentary . at its most basic , this cartoon adventure is that wind-in-the-hair exhilarating . a winning piece of work filled with love for the movies of the 1960s . gives everyone something to shout about . it 's a setup so easy it borders on facile , but keeping the film from cheap-shot mediocrity is its crack cast . the chateau is a risky venture that never quite goes where you expect and often surprises you with unexpected comedy . deliciously mean-spirited and wryly observant . as dumb and cheesy as they may be , the cartoons look almost shakespearean -- both in depth and breadth -- after watching this digital-effects-heavy , supposed family-friendly comedy . jones has tackled a meaty subject and drawn engaging characters while peppering the pages with memorable zingers . reassuring , retro uplifter . the most brilliant work in this genre since the 1984 uncut version of sergio leone 's flawed but staggering once upon a time in america . there are deeply religious and spiritual people in this world who would argue that entering a church , synagogue or temple does n't mean you have to check your brain at the door . this is unusual , food-for-thought cinema that 's as entertaining as it is instructive . much credit must be given to the water-camera operating team of don king , sonny miller , and michael stewart . the best of the pierce brosnan james bond films to date . drumline is -- the mere suggestion , albeit a visually compelling one , of a fully realized story . the success of undercover brother is found in its ability to spoof both black and white stereotypes equally . too damn weird to pass up , and for the blacklight crowd , way cheaper -lrb- and better -rrb- than pink floyd tickets . a moving and solidly entertaining comedy\/drama that should bolster director and co-writer juan josé campanella 's reputation in the united states . working from a surprisingly sensitive script co-written by gianni romoli ... ozpetek avoids most of the pitfalls you 'd expect in such a potentially sudsy set-up . mordantly funny and intimately knowing ... each of these stories has the potential for touched by an angel simplicity and sappiness , but thirteen conversations about one thing , for all its generosity and optimism , never resorts to easy feel-good sentiments . i liked a lot of the smaller scenes . beresford nicely mixes in as much humor as pathos to take us on his sentimental journey of the heart . nothing can detract from the affection of that moral favorite : friends will be friends through thick and thin . bring tissues . an enthralling , entertaining feature . as a director , paxton is surprisingly brilliant , deftly sewing together what could have been a confusing and horrifying vision into an intense and engrossing head-trip . well-made but mush-hearted . labute masterfully balances both traditional or modern stories together in a manner that one never overwhelms the other . assured , glossy and shot through with brittle desperation . a damn fine and a truly distinctive and a deeply pertinent film . filmmaker stacy peralta has a flashy editing style that does n't always jell with sean penn 's monotone narration , but he respects the material without sentimentalizing it . a surprisingly sweet and gentle comedy . although what time offers tsai 's usual style and themes , it has a more colorful , more playful tone than his other films . a must-see for fans of thoughtful war films and those interested in the sights and sounds of battle . with an unflappable air of decadent urbanity , everett remains a perfect wildean actor , and a relaxed firth displays impeccable comic skill . it has that rare quality of being able to creep the living hell out of you ... i encourage young and old alike to go see this unique and entertaining twist on the classic whale 's tale -- you wo n't be sorry ! `` nicholas nickleby '' is a perfect family film to take everyone to since there 's no new `` a christmas carol '' out in the theaters this year . it wo n't hold up over the long haul , but in the moment , finch 's tale provides the forgettable pleasures of a saturday matinee . how good this film might be , depends if you believe that the shocking conclusion is too much of a plunge or not . pretty good little movie . angel presents events partly from the perspective of aurelie and christelle , and infuses the film with the sensibility of a particularly nightmarish fairytale . even when he 's not at his most critically insightful , godard can still be smarter than any 50 other filmmakers still at work . the fascination comes in the power of the huston performance , which seems so larger than life and yet so fragile , and in the way the ivan character accepts the news of his illness so quickly but still finds himself unable to react . amazing ! a thoroughly entertaining comedy that uses grant 's own twist of acidity to prevent itself from succumbing to its own bathos . kids will love its fantasy and adventure , and grownups should appreciate its whimsical humor . -lrb- allen 's -rrb- best works understand why snobbery is a better satiric target than middle-america diversions could ever be . the stars may be college kids , but the subject matter is as adult as you can get : the temptations of the flesh are unleashed by a slightly crazed , overtly determined young woman and a one-night swim turns into an ocean of trouble . both a grand tour through 300 hundred years of russian cultural identity and a stunning technical achievement . clever and unflinching in its comic barbs , slap her is a small but rewarding comedy that takes aim at contemporary southern adolescence and never lets up . soderbergh , like kubrick before him , may not touch the planet 's skin , but understands the workings of its spirit . there is no denying the power of polanski 's film ... though it goes further than both , anyone who has seen the hunger or cat people will find little new here , but a tasty performance from vincent gallo lifts this tale of cannibal lust above the ordinary . the beautifully choreographed kitchen ballet is simple but absorbing . from the opening strains of the average white band 's `` pick up the pieces '' , you can feel the love . a penetrating , potent exploration of sanctimony , self-awareness , self-hatred and self-determination . thirteen conversations about one thing lays out a narrative puzzle that interweaves individual stories , and , like a mobius strip , elliptically loops back to where it began . director peter kosminsky gives these women a forum to demonstrate their acting ` chops ' and they take full advantage . witty , vibrant , and intelligent . despite its shortcomings , girls ca n't swim represents an engaging and intimate first feature by a talented director to watch , and it 's a worthy entry in the french coming-of-age genre . interesting and thoroughly unfaithful version of carmen thanks to a small star with big heart , this family film sequel is plenty of fun for all . for most of the distance the picture provides a satisfyingly unsettling ride into the dark places of our national psyche . it 's a smart , funny look at an arcane area of popular culture , and if it is n't entirely persuasive , it does give exposure to some talented performers . extraordinary debut from josh koury . cannon 's confidence and laid-back good spirits are , with the drumming routines , among the film 's saving graces . just like a splendid meal , red dragon satisfies -- from its ripe recipe , inspiring ingredients , certified cuisine and palatable presentation . features what is surely the funniest and most accurate depiction of writer 's block ever . whenever it threatens to get bogged down in earnest dramaturgy , a stirring visual sequence like a surge through swirling rapids or a leap from pinnacle to pinnacle rouses us . surprisingly powerful and universal . a captivating coming-of-age story that may also be the first narrative film to be truly informed by the wireless age . an intelligent , multi-layered and profoundly humanist -lrb- not to mention gently political -rrb- meditation on the values of knowledge , education , and the affects of cultural and geographical displacement . can you bear the laughter ? not as good as the full monty , but a really strong second effort . asks what truth can be discerned from non-firsthand experience , and specifically questions cinema 's capability for recording truth . audiences are advised to sit near the back and squint to avoid noticing some truly egregious lip-non-synching , but otherwise the production is suitably elegant . ... a solid , unassuming drama . a formula family tearjerker told with a heavy irish brogue ... accentuating , rather than muting , the plot 's saccharine thrust . it 's fairly solid -- not to mention well edited so that it certainly does n't feel like a film that strays past the two and a half mark . discursive but oddly riveting documentary . a little melodramatic , but with enough hope to keep you engaged . not only is it a charming , funny and beautifully crafted import , it uses very little dialogue , making it relatively effortless to read and follow the action at the same time . though it lacks the utter authority of a genre gem , there 's a certain robustness to this engaging mix of love and bloodletting . it 's touching and tender and proves that even in sorrow you can find humor . a spiffy animated feature about an unruly adolescent boy who is yearning for adventure and a chance to prove his worth . payne constructs a hilarious ode to middle america and middle age with this unlikely odyssey , featuring a pathetic , endearing hero who is all too human . fierce , glaring and unforgettable . there are laughs aplenty , and , as a bonus , viewers do n't have to worry about being subjected to farts , urine , feces , semen , or any of the other foul substances that have overrun modern-day comedies . a lot more dimensional and complex than its sunny disposition would lead you to believe . miller has crafted an intriguing story of maternal instincts and misguided acts of affection . some movies suck you in despite their flaws , and heaven is one such beast . in a summer of clones , harvard man is something rare and riveting : a wild ride that relies on more than special effects . so original in its base concept that you can not help but get caught up . quitting offers piercing domestic drama with spikes of sly humor . mama africa pretty much delivers on that promise . much smarter and more attentive than it first sets out to be . one regards reign of fire with awe . you 've already seen city by the sea under a variety of titles , but it 's worth yet another visit . a different movie -- sometimes tedious -- by a director many viewers would like to skip but film buffs should get to know . irwin is so earnest that it 's hard to resist his pleas to spare wildlife and respect their environs . a miraculous movie , i 'm going home is so slight , yet overflows with wisdom and emotion . it has a caffeinated , sloppy brilliance , sparkling with ideas you wish had been developed with more care , but animated by an energy that puts the dutiful efforts of more disciplined grade-grubbers to shame . if you 're not deeply touched by this movie , check your pulse . children , christian or otherwise , deserve to hear the full story of jonah 's despair -- in all its agonizing , catch-22 glory -- even if they spend years trying to comprehend it . muccino , who directed from his own screenplay , is a canny crowd pleaser , and the last kiss ... provides more than enough sentimental catharsis for a satisfying evening at the multiplex . has a solid emotional impact . has enough wit , energy and geniality to please not only the fanatical adherents on either side , but also people who know nothing about the subject and think they 're not interested . buy is an accomplished actress , and this is a big , juicy role . thought-provoking and stylish , if also somewhat hermetic . jacquot has filmed the opera exactly as the libretto directs , ideally capturing the opera 's drama and lyricism . from a deceptively simple premise , this deeply moving french drama develops a startling story that works both as a detailed personal portrait and as a rather frightening examination of modern times . unexpected , and often contradictory , truths emerge . has the capability of effecting change and inspiring hope . together writer-director danny verete 's three tales comprise a powerful and reasonably fulfilling gestalt . writer\/director walter hill is in his hypermasculine element here , once again able to inject some real vitality and even art into a pulpy concept that , in many other hands would be completely forgettable . goldbacher draws on an elegant visual sense and a talent for easy , seductive pacing ... but she and writing partner laurence coriat do n't manage an equally assured narrative coinage . the script is smart and dark - hallelujah for small favors . even though we know the outcome , the seesawing of the general 's fate in the arguments of competing lawyers has the stomach-knotting suspense of a legal thriller , while the testimony of witnesses lends the film a resonant undertone of tragedy . you 're not merely watching history , you 're engulfed by it . we 're drawn in by the dark luster . it 's a lovely , sad dance highlighted by kwan 's unique directing style . the all-french cast is marveilleux . the emperor 's club , ruthless in its own placid way , finds one of our most conservative and hidebound movie-making traditions and gives it new texture , new relevance , new reality . that storytelling has value can not be denied . it establishes its ominous mood and tension swiftly , and if the suspense never rises to a higher level , it is nevertheless maintained throughout . deep intelligence and a warm , enveloping affection breathe out of every frame . winds up being both revelatory and narcissistic , achieving some honest insight into relationships that most high-concept films candy-coat with pat storylines , precious circumstances and beautiful stars . in its own floundering way , it gets to you . significantly better than its 2002 children 's - movie competition . this is an elegantly balanced movie -- every member of the ensemble has something fascinating to do -- that does n't reveal even a hint of artifice . cox creates a fluid and mesmerizing sequence of images to match the words of nijinsky 's diaries . evokes the 19th century with a subtlety that is an object lesson in period filmmaking . holofcener rejects patent solutions to dramatize life 's messiness from inside out , in all its strange quirks . it 's the kind of effectively creepy-scary thriller that has you fixating on a far corner of the screen at times because your nerves just ca n't take it any more . well-done supernatural thriller with keen insights into parapsychological phenomena and the soulful nuances of the grieving process . if there 's no art here , it 's still a good yarn -- which is nothing to sneeze at these days . its sheer dynamism is infectious . the film is reasonably entertaining , though it begins to drag two-thirds through , when the melodramatic aspects start to overtake the comedy . simultaneously heart-breaking and very funny , the last kiss is really all about performances . jackson and co have brought back the value and respect for the term epic cinema . max pokes , provokes , takes expressionistic license and hits a nerve ... as far as art is concerned , it 's mission accomplished . the power of shanghai ghetto , a documentary by dana janklowicz-mann and amir mann , rests in the voices of men and women , now in their 70s , who lived there in the 1940s . a fascinating case study of flower-power liberation -- and the price that was paid for it . remarkable for its excellent storytelling , its economical , compressed characterisations and for its profound humanity , it 's an adventure story and history lesson all in one . mike white 's deft combination of serious subject matter and dark , funny humor make `` the good girl '' a film worth watching . a film that will be best appreciated by those willing to endure its extremely languorous rhythms , waiting for happiness is ultimately thoughtful without having much dramatic impact . it 's a treat -- a delightful , witty , improbable romantic comedy with a zippy jazzy score ... grant and bullock make it look as though they are having so much fun . nair does n't treat the issues lightly . a compelling motion picture that illustrates an american tragedy . smart , sassy interpretation of the oscar wilde play . there 's nothing more satisfying during a summer of event movies than a spy thriller like the bourne identity that 's packed with just as much intelligence as action . though writer\/director bart freundlich 's film ultimately becomes a simplistic story about a dysfunctional parent-child relationship , it has some special qualities and the soulful gravity of crudup 's anchoring performance . the early and middle passages are surprising in how much they engage and even touch us . -lrb- cho 's face is -rrb- an amazing slapstick instrument , creating a scrapbook of living mug shots . -lrb- grant -rrb- goes beyond his usual fluttering and stammering and captures the soul of a man in pain who gradually comes to recognize it and deal with it . while most films these days are about nothing , this film seems to be about everything that 's plaguing the human spirit in a relentlessly globalizing world . it 's an effort to watch this movie , but it eventually pays off and is effective if you stick with it . it 's burns ' visuals , characters and his punchy dialogue , not his plot , that carry waydowntown . the real triumphs in igby come from philippe , who makes oliver far more interesting than the character 's lines would suggest , and sarandon , who could n't be better as a cruel but weirdly likable wasp matron . my big fat greek wedding is that rare animal known as ' a perfect family film , ' because it 's about family . even though many of these guys are less than adorable -lrb- their lamentations are pretty much self-centered -rrb- , there 's something vital about the movie . while it may not add up to the sum of its parts , holofcener 's film offers just enough insight to keep it from being simpleminded , and the ensemble cast is engaging enough to keep you from shifting in your chair too often . if you are into splatter movies , then you will probably have a reasonably good time with the salton sea . shanghai ghetto may not be as dramatic as roman polanski 's the pianist , but its compassionate spirit soars every bit as high . ratliff 's two previous titles , plutonium circus and purgatory county show his penchant for wry , contentious configurations , and this film is part of that delicate canon . leigh succeeds in delivering a dramatic slap in the face that 's simultaneously painful and refreshing . a breezy blend of art , history , esoteric musings and philosophy . unexpected moments of authentically impulsive humor are the hallmark of this bittersweet , uncommonly sincere movie that portrays the frank humanity of ... emotional recovery . stands as a document of what it felt like to be a new yorker -- or , really , to be a human being -- in the weeks after 9\/11 . my wife is an actress works as well as it does because -lrb- the leads -rrb- are such a companionable couple . about schmidt is nicholson 's goofy , heartfelt , mesmerizing king lear . a comedy that is warm , inviting , and surprising . hatfield and hicks make the oddest of couples , and in this sense the movie becomes a study of the gambles of the publishing world , offering a case study that exists apart from all the movie 's political ramifications . this sensitive , smart , savvy , compelling coming-of-age drama delves into the passive-aggressive psychology of co-dependence and the struggle for self-esteem . enigma looks great , has solid acting and a neat premise . as warm as it is wise , deftly setting off uproarious humor with an underlying seriousness that sneaks up on the viewer , providing an experience that is richer than anticipated . this ready-made midnight movie probably wo n't stand the cold light of day , but under the right conditions , it 's goofy -lrb- if not entirely wholesome -rrb- fun . this version does justice both to stevenson and to the sci-fi genre . directing with a sure and measured hand , -lrb- haneke -rrb- steers clear of the sensational and offers instead an unflinching and objective look at a decidedly perverse pathology . wiseman is patient and uncompromising , letting his camera observe and record the lives of women torn apart by a legacy of abuse . it 's a compelling and horrifying story , and the laramie project is worthwhile for reminding us that this sort of thing does , in fact , still happen in america . ub equally spoofs and celebrates the more outre aspects of ` black culture ' and the dorkier aspects of ` white culture , ' even as it points out how inseparable the two are . what saves it ... and makes it one of the better video-game-based flicks , is that the film acknowledges upfront that the plot makes no sense , such that the lack of linearity is the point of emotional and moral departure for protagonist alice . a strong script , powerful direction and splendid production design allows us to be transported into the life of wladyslaw szpilman , who is not only a pianist , but a good human being . miller tells this very compelling tale with little fuss or noise , expertly plucking tension from quiet . the wanton slipperiness of \* corpus and its amiable jerking and reshaping of physical time and space would make it a great piece to watch with kids and use to introduce video as art . the real star of this movie is the score , as in the songs translate well to film , and it 's really well directed . the film is impressive for the sights and sounds of the wondrous beats the world has to offer . for most of its footage , the new thriller proves that director m. night shyamalan can weave an eerie spell and that mel gibson can gasp , shudder and even tremble without losing his machismo . the story ultimately takes hold and grips hard . it puts washington , as honest working man john q. archibald , on a pedestal , then keeps lifting the pedestal higher . an alternately fascinating and frustrating documentary . a directorial tour de force by bernard rose , ivans xtc . beautifully produced . a compelling coming-of-age drama about the arduous journey of a sensitive young girl through a series of foster homes and a fierce struggle to pull free from her dangerous and domineering mother 's hold over her . lee 's achievement extends to his supple understanding of the role that brown played in american culture as an athlete , a movie star , and an image of black indomitability . it 's definitely an improvement on the first blade , since it does n't take itself so deadly seriously . yet this one makes up for in heart what it lacks in outright newness . shyamalan offers copious hints along the way -- myriad signs , if you will -- that beneath the familiar , funny surface is a far bigger , far more meaningful story than one in which little green men come to earth for harvesting purposes . the art direction is often exquisite , and the anthropomorphic animal characters are beautifully realized through clever makeup design , leaving one to hope that the eventual dvd release will offer subtitles and the original italian-language soundtrack . like smoke signals , the film is also imbued with strong themes of familial ties and spirituality that are powerful and moving without stooping to base melodrama the film 's images give a backbone to the company and provide an emotional edge to its ultimate demise . stuffed to the brim with ideas , american instigator michael moore 's film is a rambling examination of american gun culture that uses his usual modus operandi of crucifixion through juxtaposition . ... the kind of entertainment that parents love to have their kids see . for all its visual panache and compelling supporting characters , the heart of the film rests in the relationship between sullivan and his son . imamura has said that warm water under a red bridge is a poem to the enduring strengths of women . jackson is always watchable . showtime is a fine-looking film with a bouncy score and a clutch of lively songs for deft punctuation . ... bright , intelligent , and humanly funny film . 300 years of russian history and culture compressed into an evanescent , seamless and sumptuous stream of consciousness . the enjoyable undercover brother , a zany mix of saturday night live-style parody , '70s blaxploitation films and goofball action comedy gone wild , dishes out a ton of laughs that everyone can enjoy . fantastic ! `` red dragon '' is entertaining . secretary is just too original to be ignored . while cherish does n't completely survive its tonal transformation from dark comedy to suspense thriller , it 's got just enough charm and appealing character quirks to forgive that still serious problem . graham greene 's novel of colonialism and empire is elevated by michael caine 's performance as a weary journalist in a changing world . my big fat greek wedding is not only the best date movie of the year , it 's also a -- dare i say it twice -- delightfully charming -- and totally american , i might add -- slice of comedic bliss . an off-beat and fanciful film about the human need for monsters to blame for all that is amiss in the world . one of the most gloriously unsubtle and adrenalized extreme shockers since the evil dead . meticulously uncovers a trail of outrageous force and craven concealment . even if the ring has a familiar ring , it 's still unusually crafty and intelligent for hollywood horror . time is a beautiful film to watch , an interesting and at times captivating take on loss and loneliness . a moving and weighty depiction of one family 's attempts to heal after the death of a child . even if you do n't understand what on earth is going on , this is a movie that will stimulate hours of post viewing discussion , if only to be reminded of who did what to whom and why . mostly honest , this somber picture reveals itself slowly , intelligently , artfully . the story line may be 127 years old , but el crimen del padre amaro ... could n't be more timely in its despairing vision of corruption within the catholic establishment . does a good job of establishing a time and place , and of telling a fascinating character 's story . for those who pride themselves on sophisticated , discerning taste , this might not seem like the proper cup of tea , however it is almost guaranteed that even the stuffiest cinema goers will laugh their \*\*\* off for an hour-and-a-half . a film with contemporary political resonance illustrated by a winning family story . a wry , affectionate delight . brosnan gives a portrayal as solid and as perfect as his outstanding performance as bond in die another day . a three-hour cinema master class . a quirky comedy set in newfoundland that cleverly captures the dry wit that 's so prevalent on the rock . may not be a breakthrough in filmmaking , but it is unwavering and arresting . caruso sometimes descends into sub-tarantino cuteness ... but for the most part he makes sure the salton sea works the way a good noir should , keeping it tight and nasty . brutally honest and told with humor and poignancy , which makes its message resonate . ... a good film that must have baffled the folks in the marketing department . wonderful fencing scenes and an exciting plot make this an eminently engrossing film . a bold -lrb- and lovely -rrb- experiment that will almost certainly bore most audiences into their own brightly colored dreams . a wonderfully warm human drama that remains vividly in memory long after viewing there are plenty of scenes in frida that do work , but rarely do they involve the title character herself . it is scott 's convincing portrayal of roger the sad cad that really gives the film its oomph . 4ever has the same sledgehammer appeal as pokemon videos , but it breathes more on the big screen and induces headaches more slowly . a chilling tale of one of the great crimes of 20th century france : the murder of two rich women by their servants in 1933 . it has a dashing and resourceful hero ; a lisping , reptilian villain ; big fights ; big hair ; lavish period scenery ; and a story just complicated enough to let you bask in your own cleverness as you figure it out . ice age wo n't drop your jaw , but it will warm your heart , and i 'm giving it a strong thumbs up . a tasty masala . but it does have one saving grace . one ca n't deny its seriousness and quality . piccoli gives a superb performance full of deep feeling . it 'll keep you wide awake and ... very tense . rich in shadowy metaphor and as sharp as a samurai sword , jiang wen 's devils on the doorstep is a wartime farce in the alternately comic and gut-wrenching style of joseph heller or kurt vonnegut . a diverse and astonishingly articulate cast of palestinian and israeli children . highly recommended viewing for its courage , ideas , technical proficiency and great acting . none of this is meaningful or memorable , but frosting is n't , either , and you would n't turn down a big bowl of that , would you ? a gripping documentary that reveals how deep the antagonism lies in war-torn jerusalem . i had a dream that a smart comedy would come along to rescue me from a summer of teen-driven , toilet-humor codswallop , and its name was earnest . a delightful surprise because despite all the backstage drama , this is a movie that tells stories that work -- is charming , is moving , is funny and looks professional . for all the wit and hoopla , festival in cannes offers rare insight into the structure of relationships . ` anyone with a passion for cinema , and indeed sex , should see it as soon as possible . ' a refreshing change from the usual whoopee-cushion effort aimed at the youth market . ... an interesting slice of history . a tone poem of transgression . road to perdition does display greatness , and it 's worth seeing . an intense and effective film about loneliness and the chilly anonymity of the environments where so many of us spend so much of our time . a captivatingly quirky hybrid of character portrait , romantic comedy and beat-the-clock thriller . manages to delight without much of a story . may take its sweet time to get wherever it 's going , but if you have the patience for it , you wo n't feel like it 's wasted yours . a high-spirited buddy movie about the reunion of berlin anarchists who face arrest 15 years after their crime . ... one of the most entertaining monster movies in ages ... an infinitely wittier version of the home alone formula . succeeds where its recent predecessor miserably fails because it demands that you suffer the dreadfulness of war from both sides . fontaine masterfully creates a portrait of two strong men in conflict , inextricably entwined through family history , each seeing himself in the other , neither liking what he sees . everyone 's insecure in lovely and amazing , a poignant and wryly amusing film about mothers , daughters and their relationships . fulford-wierzbicki ... deftly captures the wise-beyond-her-years teen . much of this slick and sprightly cgi feature is sufficiently funny to amuse even the most resolutely unreligious parents who escort their little ones to megaplex screenings . a tightly directed , highly professional film that 's old-fashioned in all the best possible ways . confessions is without a doubt a memorable directorial debut from king hunk . best enjoyed as a work of fiction inspired by real-life events . schnitzler does a fine job contrasting the sleekness of the film 's present with the playful paranoia of the film 's past . ' george clooney , in his first directorial effort , presents this utterly ridiculous shaggy dog story as one of the most creative , energetic and original comedies to hit the screen in years . majidi 's direction has never been smoother or more confident . fear permeates the whole of stortelling , todd solondz ' oftentimes funny , yet ultimately cowardly autocritique . adolescents will be adequately served by the movie 's sophomoric blend of shenanigans and slapstick , although the more lascivious-minded might be disappointed in the relative modesty of a movie that sports a ` topless tutorial service . ' about the best thing you could say about narc is that it 's a rock-solid little genre picture . star\/producer salma hayek and director julie taymor have infused frida with a visual style unique and inherent to the titular character 's paintings and in the process created a masterful work of art of their own . what -lrb- denis -rrb- accomplishes in his chilling , unnerving film is a double portrait of two young women whose lives were as claustrophic , suffocating and chilly as the attics to which they were inevitably consigned . judith and zaza 's extended bedroom sequence ... is so intimate and sensual and funny and psychologically self-revealing that it makes most of what passes for sex in the movies look like cheap hysterics . with an unusual protagonist -lrb- a kilt-wearing jackson -rrb- and subject matter , the improbable `` formula 51 '' is somewhat entertaining , but it could have been much stronger . the determination of pinochet 's victims to seek justice , and their often heartbreaking testimony , spoken directly into director patricio guzman 's camera , pack a powerful emotional wallop . a beautiful , timeless and universal tale of heated passions -- jealousy , betrayal , forgiveness and murder . who needs mind-bending drugs when they can see this , the final part of the ` qatsi ' trilogy , directed by godfrey reggio , with music by philip glass ? twenty years later , e.t. is still a cinematic touchstone . angela gheorghiu as famous prima donna floria tosca , roberto alagna as her lover mario cavaradossi , and ruggero as the villainous , lecherous police chief scarpia , all sing beautifully and act adequately . gondry 's direction is adequate ... but what gives human nature its unique feel is kaufman 's script . one of the most exciting action films to come out of china in recent years . with a large cast representing a broad cross-section , tavernier 's film bounds along with the rat-a-tat energy of `` his girl friday , '' maintaining a light touch while tackling serious themes . unpretentious , charming , quirky , original told just proficiently enough to trounce its overly comfortable trappings . if you have n't seen the film lately , you may be surprised at the variety of tones in spielberg 's work . any movie that makes hard work seem heroic deserves a look . an energetic , violent movie with a momentum that never lets up . it really is a shame that more wo n't get an opportunity to embrace small , sweet ` evelyn . ' caviezel embodies the transformation of his character completely . see it . as played by ryan gosling , danny is a frighteningly fascinating contradiction . oh , and more entertaining , too . the genius of the work speaks volumes , offering up a hallucinatory dreamscape that frustrates and captivates . austin powers for the most part is extremely funny , the first part making up for any flaws that come later . a worthy addition to the cinematic canon , which , at last count , numbered 52 different versions . if you like blood , guts and crazy beasts stalking men with guns though ... you will likely enjoy this monster . a thoughtful , reverent portrait of what is essentially a subculture , with its own rules regarding love and family , governance and hierarchy . -lrb- caine -rrb- proves once again he has n't lost his touch , bringing off a superb performance in an admittedly middling film . a vibrant whirlwind of love , family and all that goes with it , my big fat greek wedding is a non-stop funny feast of warmth , colour and cringe . like a skillful fisher , the director uses the last act to reel in the audience since its poignancy hooks us completely . but once the falcon arrives in the skies above manhattan , the adventure is on red alert . as antonia is assimilated into this newfangled community , the film settles in and becomes compulsively watchable in a guilty-pleasure , daytime-drama sort of fashion . that haynes can both maintain and dismantle the facades that his genre and his character construct is a wonderous accomplishment of veracity and narrative grace . just bring on the battle bots , please ! for all the dolorous trim , secretary is a genial romance that maintains a surprisingly buoyant tone throughout , notwithstanding some of the writers ' sporadic dips into pop freudianism . a bright , inventive , thoroughly winning flight of revisionist fancy . just about the surest bet for an all-around good time at the movies this summer . greg kinnear gives a mesmerizing performance as a full-fledged sex addict who is in complete denial about his obsessive behavior . metaphors abound , but it is easy to take this film at face value and enjoy its slightly humorous and tender story . a well-rounded tribute to a man whose achievements -- and complexities -- reached far beyond the end zone . the film ... presents classic moral-condundrum drama : what would you have done to survive ? a rich tale of our times , very well told with an appropriate minimum of means . the four feathers has rewards , from the exoticism of its seas of sand to the fierce grandeur of its sweeping battle scenes . a very good film sits in the place where a masterpiece should be . changing lanes is an anomaly for a hollywood movie ; it 's a well-written and occasionally challenging social drama that actually has something interesting to say . ... flat-out amusing , sometimes endearing and often fabulous , with a solid cast , noteworthy characters , delicious dialogue and a wide supply of effective sight gags . passionate , irrational , long-suffering but cruel as a tarantula , helga figures prominently in this movie , and helps keep the proceedings as funny for grown-ups as for rugrats . whenever you think you 've figured out late marriage , it throws you for a loop . the story 's scope and pageantry are mesmerizing , and mr. day-lewis roars with leonine power . miyazaki has created such a vibrant , colorful world , it 's almost impossible not to be swept away by the sheer beauty of his images . when one hears harry shearer is going to make his debut as a film director , one would hope for the best great dragons ! the powerful success of read my lips with such provocative material shows why , after only three films , director\/co-writer jacques audiard , though little known in this country , belongs in the very top rank of french filmmakers . kinnear and dafoe give what may be the performances of their careers . pratfalls aside , barbershop gets its greatest play from the timeless spectacle of people really talking to each other . kids should have a stirring time at this beautifully drawn movie . director tom dey demonstrated a knack for mixing action and idiosyncratic humor in his charming 2000 debut shanghai noon , but showtime 's uninspired send-up of tv cop show cliches mostly leaves him shooting blanks . like kubrick , soderbergh is n't afraid to try any genre and to do it his own way . it is philosophy , illustrated through everyday events . this is one of the year 's best films . the wild thornberrys movie is pleasant enough and the message of our close ties with animals can certainly not be emphasized enough . the strength of the film lies in its two central performances by sven wollter as the stricken composer and viveka seldahl as his desperate violinist wife . absorbing character study by andré turpin . instead , she sees it as a chance to revitalize what is and always has been remarkable about clung-to traditions . an odd drama set in the world of lingerie models and bar dancers in the midwest that held my interest precisely because it did n't try to . a headline-fresh thriller set among orthodox jews on the west bank , joseph cedar 's time of favor manages not only to find a compelling dramatic means of addressing a complex situation , it does so without compromising that complexity . the way home is an ode to unconditional love and compassion garnered from years of seeing it all , a condition only the old are privy to , and ... often misconstrued as weakness . despite its lavish formalism and intellectual austerity , the film manages to keep you at the edge of your seat with its shape-shifting perils , political intrigue and brushes with calamity . coppola 's directorial debut is an incredibly layered and stylistic film that , despite a fairly slow paced , almost humdrum approach to character development , still manages at least a decent attempt at meaningful cinema . among the many pleasures are the lively intelligence of the artists and their perceptiveness about their own situations . a reminder that beyond all the hype and recent digital glitz , spielberg knows how to tell us about people . white oleander may leave you rolling your eyes in the dark , but that does n't mean you wo n't like looking at it . at once disarmingly straightforward and strikingly devious . if you 're looking for a smart , nuanced look at de sade and what might have happened at picpus , sade is your film . this in-depth study of important developments of the computer industry should make it required viewing in university computer science departments for years to come . this is one of those war movies that focuses on human interaction rather than battle and action sequences ... and it 's all the stronger because of it . `` catch me '' feels capable of charming the masses with star power , a pop-induced score and sentimental moments that have become a spielberg trademark . pacino and williams seem to keep upping the ante on each other , just as their characters do in the film . by the end you ca n't help but feel ` stoked . ' half past dead is just such an achievement . the performances of the children , untrained in acting , have an honesty and dignity that breaks your heart . peter jackson has done the nearly impossible . the movie enters a realm where few non-porn films venture , and comes across as darkly funny , energetic , and surprisingly gentle . director chris wedge and screenwriters michael berg , michael j. wilson and peter ackerman create some episodes that rival vintage looney tunes for the most creative mayhem in a brief amount of time . evokes the style and flash of the double-cross that made mamet 's `` house of games '' and last fall 's `` heist '' so much fun . one of the most original american productions this year , you 'll find yourself remembering this refreshing visit to a sunshine state . the more you think about the movie , the more you will probably like it . there 's a lot of tooth in roger dodger . a brutal and funny work . ramsay is clearly extraordinarily talented , and based on three short films and two features , here 's betting her third feature will be something to behold . melds derivative elements into something that is often quite rich and exciting , and always a beauty to behold . a great companion piece to other napoleon films . however , it 's pleasant enough and its ecological , pro-wildlife sentiments are certainly welcome . between bursts of automatic gunfire , the story offers a trenchant critique of capitalism . kinnear ... gives his best screen performance with an oddly winning portrayal of one of life 's ultimate losers . it has plenty of laughs . beautifully crafted , engaging filmmaking that should attract upscale audiences hungry for quality and a nostalgic , twisty yarn that will keep them guessing . transcends its agenda to deliver awe-inspiring , at times sublime , visuals and offer a fascinating glimpse into the subculture of extreme athletes whose derring-do puts the x into the games . a colorful , vibrant introduction to a universal human impulse , lushly photographed and beautifully recorded . full of surprises . whether or not ram dass proves as clear and reliable an authority on that as he was about inner consciousness , fierce grace reassures us that he will once again be an honest and loving one . vividly demonstrates that the director of such hollywood blockbusters as patriot games can still turn out a small , personal film with an emotional wallop . one of the best rock documentaries ever . somehow ms. griffiths and mr. pryce bring off this wild welsh whimsy . if the film 's vision of sport as a secular religion is a bit cloying , its through-line of family and community is heartening in the same way that each season marks a new start . while somewhat less than it might have been , the film is a good one , and you 've got to hand it to director george clooney for biting off such a big job the first time out . if anything , the film is doing something of a public service -- shedding light on a group of extremely talented musicians who might otherwise go unnoticed and underappreciated by music fans . claude chabrol 's camera has a way of gently swaying back and forth as it cradles its characters , veiling tension beneath otherwise tender movements . anyone who welcomes a dash of the avant-garde fused with their humor should take pleasure in this crazed , joyous romp of a film . precocious smarter-than-thou wayward teen struggles to rebel against his oppressive , right-wing , propriety-obsessed family . the fluid motion is astounding on any number of levels -- including the physical demands made on büttner -- and it implies in its wake the intractable , irreversible flow of history . i like it . birot creates a drama with such a well-defined sense of place and age -- as in , 15 years old -- that the torments and angst become almost as operatic to us as they are to her characters . poignant japanese epic about adolescent anomie and heartbreak . a little uneven to be the cat 's meow , but it 's good enough to be the purr . -lrb- there 's -rrb- quite a bit of heart , as you would expect from the directors of the little mermaid and aladdin . it 's a hoot watching the rock chomp on jumbo ants , pull an arrow out of his back , and leap unscathed through raging fire ! giggling at the absurdities and inconsistencies is part of the fun . the film is insightful about kissinger 's background and history . a brilliant , absurd collection of vignettes that , in their own idiosyncratic way , sum up the strange horror of life in the new millennium . beautiful , cold , oddly colorful and just plain otherworldly , a freaky bit of art that 's there to scare while we delight in the images . this is n't a stand up and cheer flick ; it 's a sit down and ponder affair . this story still seems timely and important . a sloppy , amusing comedy that proceeds from a stunningly unoriginal premise . jae-eun jeong 's take care of my cat brings a beguiling freshness to a coming-of-age story with such a buoyant , expressive flow of images that it emerges as another key contribution to the flowering of the south korean cinema . the film 's appeal has a lot to do with the casting of juliette binoche as sand , who brings to the role her pale , dark beauty and characteristic warmth . like the english patient and the unbearable lightness of being , the hours is one of those reputedly `` unfilmable '' novels that has bucked the odds to emerge as an exquisite motion picture in its own right . the footage of the rappers at play and the prison interview with suge knight are just two of the elements that will grab you . -lrb- f -rrb- rom the performances and the cinematography to the outstanding soundtrack and unconventional narrative , the film is blazingly alive and admirable on many levels . quiet , adult and just about more stately than any contemporary movie this year ... a true study , a film with a questioning heart and mind that is n't afraid to admit it does n't have all the answers . definitely funny stuff , but it 's more of the ` laughing at ' variety than the ` laughing with . ' the increasingly diverse french director has created a film that one can honestly describe as looking , sounding and simply feeling like no other film in recent history . one of the most splendid entertainments to emerge from the french film industry in years . it is ok for a movie to be something of a sitcom apparatus , if the lines work , the humor has point and the actors are humanly engaged . visually breathtaking , viscerally exciting , and dramatically moving , it 's the very definition of epic adventure . if you 've the patience , there are great rewards here . it 's the type of film about growing up that we do n't see often enough these days : realistic , urgent , and not sugarcoated in the least . writer\/director alexander payne -lrb- election -rrb- and his co-writer jim taylor brilliantly employ their quirky and fearless ability to look american angst in the eye and end up laughing . if you can push on through the slow spots , you 'll be rewarded with some fine acting . chris columbus ' sequel is faster , livelier and a good deal funnier than his original . this is the stuff that disney movies are made of . what 's invigorating about it is that it does n't give a damn . the film is a verbal duel between two gifted performers . it 's a masterpiece . -- but it makes for one of the most purely enjoyable and satisfying evenings at the movies i 've had in a while . the unexplored story opportunities of `` punch-drunk love '' may have worked against the maker 's minimalist intent but it is an interesting exercise by talented writer\/director anderson . if cinema had been around to capture the chaos of france in the 1790 's , one imagines the result would look like something like this . this quiet , introspective and entertaining independent is worth seeking . what `` empire '' lacks in depth it makes up for with its heart . the usual movie rah-rah , pleasantly and predictably delivered in low-key style by director michael apted and writer tom stoppard . standing by yourself is haunting ... -lrb- it 's -rrb- what punk rock music used to be , and what the video medium could use more of : spirit , perception , conviction . all in all , a great party . a thriller with an edge -- which is to say that it does n't follow the stale , standard , connect-the-dots storyline which has become commonplace in movies that explore the seamy underbelly of the criminal world . credit director ramsay for taking the sometimes improbable story and making it feel realistic . while centered on the life experiences of a particular theatrical family , this marvelous documentary touches -- ever so gracefully -- on the entire history of the yiddish theater , both in america and israel . as hannibal would say , yes , ` it 's like having an old friend for dinner ' . it 's bright , pristine style and bold colors make it as much fun as reading an oversized picture book before bedtime . see scratch for the history , see scratch for the music , see scratch for a lesson in scratching , but , most of all , see it for the passion . always destined to be measured against anthony asquith 's acclaimed 1952 screen adaptation . hoffman 's performance is authentic to the core of his being . chicago offers much colorful eye candy , including the spectacle of gere in his dancing shoes , hoofing and crooning with the best of them . the artwork is spectacular and unlike most animaton from japan , the characters move with grace and panache . the best movie in many a moon about the passions that sometimes fuel our best achievements and other times leave us stranded with nothing more than our lesser appetites . the filmmakers try to balance pointed , often incisive satire and unabashed sweetness , with results that are sometimes bracing , sometimes baffling and quite often , and in unexpected ways , touching . harmless fun . astonishingly skillful and moving ... it could become a historically significant work as well as a masterfully made one . feeling to it , but like the 1920 's , the trip there is a great deal of fun . eight legged freaks is clever and funny , is amused by its special effects , and leaves you feeling like you 've seen a movie instead of an endless trailer . the bottom line is the piece works brilliantly . indeed , the more outrageous bits achieve a shock-you-into-laughter intensity of almost dadaist proportions . the one-liners are snappy , the situations volatile and the comic opportunities richly rewarded . the film grows on you . though its story is only surface deep , the visuals and enveloping sounds of blue crush make this surprisingly decent flick worth a summertime look-see . this chicago has hugely imaginative and successful casting to its great credit , as well as one terrific score and attitude to spare . first-time writer-director dylan kidd also has a good ear for dialogue , and the characters sound like real people . a whale of a good time for both children and parents seeking christian-themed fun . features fincher 's characteristically startling visual style and an almost palpable sense of intensity . `` red dragon '' never cuts corners . an ambitious movie that , like shiner 's organizing of the big fight , pulls off enough of its effects to make up for the ones that do n't come off . although shot with little style , skins is heartfelt and achingly real . young everlyn sampi , as the courageous molly craig , simply radiates star-power potential in this remarkable and memorable film . a knowing sense of humor and a lot of warmth ignite son of the bride . it 's a great performance and a reminder of dickens ' grandeur . real women may have many agendas , but it also will win you over , in a big way . what i saw , i enjoyed . the dangerous lives of altar boys ' take on adolescence feels painfully true . at its best , this is grand-scale moviemaking for a larger-than-life figure , an artist who has been awarded mythic status in contemporary culture . there are some movies that hit you from the first scene and you know it 's going to be a trip . with spy kids 2 : the island of lost dreams , however , robert rodriguez adorns his family-film plot with an elegance and maturity that even most contemporary adult movies are lacking . this is a movie that is what it is : a pleasant distraction , a friday night diversion , an excuse to eat popcorn . the gags are often a stitch . the complex , politically charged tapestry of contemporary chinese life this exciting new filmmaker has brought to the screen is like nothing we westerners have seen before . -lrb- shyamalan -rrb- continues to cut a swathe through mainstream hollywood , while retaining an integrity and refusing to compromise his vision . as averse as i usually am to feel-good , follow-your-dream hollywood fantasies , this one got to me . you 'll know a star when you see one . in between the icy stunts , the actors spout hilarious dialogue about following your dream and ` just letting the mountain tell you what to do . ' this gorgeous epic is guaranteed to lift the spirits of the whole family . better effects , better acting and a hilarious kenneth branagh . a keep - 'em - guessing plot and an affectionate take on its screwed-up characters . an elegant and sly deadpan comedy . the delicious trimmings ... arrive early and stay late , filling nearly every minute ... with a lighthearted glow , some impudent snickers , and a glorious dose of humankind 's liberating ability to triumph over a scrooge or two . unfolds in a low-key , organic way that encourages you to accept it as life and go with its flow . one of the best movies of the year . by applying definition to both sides of the man , the picture realizes a fullness that does not negate the subject . berry 's saucy , full-bodied performance gives this aging series a much needed kick , making `` die another day '' one of the most entertaining bonds in years despite the film 's bizarre developments , hoffman keeps us riveted with every painful nuance , unexpected flashes of dark comedy and the character 's gripping humanity . if you love reading and\/or poetry , then by all means check it out . driven by a fantastic dual performance from ian holm ... the film is funny , insightfully human and a delightful lark for history buffs . douglas mcgrath 's nicholas nickleby does dickens as it should be done cinematically . simply put , `` far from heaven '' is a masterpiece . shot in rich , shadowy black-and-white , devils chronicles , with increasingly amused irony , the relationship between reluctant captors and befuddled captives . mcgrath has deftly trimmed dickens ' wonderfully sprawling soap opera , the better to focus on the hero 's odyssey from cowering poverty to courage and happiness . a worthwhile documentary , whether you 're into rap or not , even if it may still leave you wanting more answers as the credits roll . it 's a fun adventure movie for kids -lrb- of all ages -rrb- that like adventure . consistently clever and suspenseful . a real audience-pleaser that will strike a chord with anyone who 's ever waited in a doctor 's office , emergency room , hospital bed or insurance company office . if you 're as happy listening to movies as you are watching them , and the slow parade of human frailty fascinates you , then you 're at the right film . one funny popcorn flick . a gem of a romantic crime comedy that turns out to be clever , amusing and unpredictable . smith finds amusing juxtapositions that justify his exercise . a charming , banter-filled comedy ... one of those airy cinematic bon bons whose aims -- and by extension , accomplishments -- seem deceptively slight on the surface . it 's that rare family movie -- genuine and sweet without relying on animation or dumb humor . rifkin 's references are ... impeccable throughout . the director explores all three sides of his story with a sensitivity and an inquisitiveness reminiscent of truffaut . an enjoyable comedy of lingual and cultural differences ... the château is a film -- full of life and small delights -- that has all the wiggling energy of young kitten . an engaging , formulaic sports drama that carries a charge of genuine excitement . witty , contemplative , and sublimely beautiful . foster and whitaker are especially fine . the lightest , most breezy movie steven spielberg has made in more than a decade . an earnest , roughshod document , it serves as a workable primer for the region 's recent history , and would make a terrific 10th-grade learning tool . a conventional but heartwarming tale . a sly female empowerment movie , although not in a way anyone would expect . strange occurrences build in the mind of the viewer and take on extreme urgency . the formula is familiar but enjoyable . less an examination of neo-nazism than a probe into the nature of faith itself . good performances and a realistic , non-exploitive approach make paid in full worth seeing . if you love the music , and i do , its hard to imagine having more fun watching a documentary ... while there are times when the film 's reach exceeds its grasp , the production works more often than it does n't . hugely accomplished slice of hitchcockian suspense . together -lrb- time out and human resources -rrb- establish mr. cantet as france 's foremost cinematic poet of the workplace . ... a gleefully grungy , hilariously wicked black comedy ... with spy kids 2 : the island of lost dreams , the spy kids franchise establishes itself as a durable part of the movie landscape : a james bond series for kids . reno himself can take credit for most of the movie 's success . brilliantly written and well-acted , yellow asphalt is an uncompromising film . like mike is n't going to make box office money that makes michael jordan jealous , but it has some cute moments , funny scenes , and hits the target audience -lrb- young bow wow fans -rrb- - with nothing but net . the gags that fly at such a furiously funny pace that the only rip off that we were aware of was the one we felt when the movie ended so damned soon . while the path may be familiar , first-time director denzel washington and a top-notch cast manage to keep things interesting . standing in the shadows of motown is the best kind of documentary , one that makes a depleted yesterday feel very much like a brand-new tomorrow . j. lo will earn her share of the holiday box office pie , although this movie makes one thing perfectly clear : she 's a pretty woman , but she 's no working girl . this documentary is a dazzling , remarkably unpretentious reminder of what -lrb- evans -rrb- had , lost , and got back . their work is fantastic . much of the movie 's charm lies in the utter cuteness of stuart and margolo . if it 's unnerving suspense you 're after -- you 'll find it with ring , an indisputably spooky film ; with a screenplay to die for . gosling creates a staggeringly compelling character , a young man whose sharp intellect is at the very root of his contradictory , self-hating , self-destructive ways . a beautiful paean to a time long past . an extremely funny , ultimately heartbreaking look at life in contemporary china . sheds light on a subject few are familiar with , and makes you care about music you may not have heard before . see it for his performance if nothing else . terrific casting and solid execution give all three stories life . yet the act is still charming here . far more enjoyable than its predecessor . a moving essay about the specter of death , especially suicide . phillip noyce and all of his actors -- as well as his cinematographer , christopher doyle -- understand the delicate forcefulness of greene 's prose , and it 's there on the screen in their version of the quiet american . though it runs 163 minutes , safe conduct is anything but languorous . even at its worst , it 's not half-bad . ... even if you 've never heard of chaplin , you 'll still be glued to the screen . the concert footage is stirring , the recording sessions are intriguing , and -- on the way to striking a blow for artistic integrity -- this quality band may pick up new admirers . it ai n't art , by a long shot , but unlike last year 's lame musketeer , this dumas adaptation entertains . campanella 's competent direction and his excellent cast overcome the obstacles of a predictable outcome and a screenplay that glosses over rafael 's evolution . schütte 's dramatic snapshot of the artist three days before his death offers an interesting bit of speculation as to the issues brecht faced as his life drew to a close . would be an unendurable viewing experience for this ultra-provincial new yorker if 26-year-old reese witherspoon were not on hand to inject her pure fantasy character , melanie carmichael , with a massive infusion of old-fashioned hollywood magic . naomi watts is terrific as rachel ; her petite frame and vulnerable persona emphasising her plight and isolation . ` film aficionados can not help but love cinema paradiso , whether the original version or new director 's cut . ' hard , endearing , caring , warm . writer and director otar iosseliani 's pleasant tale about a factory worker who escapes for a holiday in venice reveals how we all need a playful respite from the grind to refresh our souls . a refreshingly realistic , affectation-free coming-of-age tale . `` simone '' is a fun and funky look into an artificial creation in a world that thrives on artificiality . you have to see it . pray has really done his subject justice . at times a bit melodramatic and even a little dated -lrb- depending upon where you live -rrb- , ignorant fairies is still quite good-natured and not a bad way to spend an hour or two . efteriades gives the neighborhood -- scenery , vibe and all -- the cinematic equivalent of a big , tender hug . two weeks notice has appeal beyond being a sandra bullock vehicle or a standard romantic comedy . could use a little more humanity , but it never lacks in eye-popping visuals . the leads are natural and lovely , the pace is serene , the humor wry and sprightly . hardly a film that comes along every day . definitely worth 95 minutes of your time . certainly the big finish was n't something galinsky and hawley could have planned for ... but part of being a good documentarian is being there when the rope snaps . i 'm going to give it a marginal thumbs up . this beautifully animated epic is never dull . davis ... gets vivid performances from her cast and pulls off some deft ally mcbeal-style fantasy sequences . a mesmerizing cinematic poem from the first frame to the last . take nothing seriously and enjoy the ride . it is different from others in its genre in that it is does not rely on dumb gags , anatomical humor , or character cliches ; it primarily relies on character to tell its story . still rapturous after all these years , cinema paradiso stands as one of the great films about movie love . be patient with the lovely hush ! the actors are simply too good , and the story too intriguing , for technical flaws to get in the way . i 'd be lying if i said my ribcage did n't ache by the end of kung pow . it may also be the best sex comedy about environmental pollution ever made . an entertaining , if ultimately minor , thriller . and the reason for that is a self-aware , often self-mocking , intelligence . the way the roundelay of partners functions , and the interplay within partnerships and among partnerships and the general air of gator-bashing are consistently delightful . an ebullient tunisian film about the startling transformation of a tradition-bound widow who is drawn into the exotic world of belly dancing . a lovely film for the holiday season . after one gets the feeling that the typical hollywood disregard for historical truth and realism is at work here , it 's a matter of finding entertainment in the experiences of zishe and the fiery presence of hanussen . tadpole may be one of the most appealing movies ever made about an otherwise appalling , and downright creepy , subject -- a teenage boy in love with his stepmother . a film centering on a traditional indian wedding in contemporary new delhi may not sound like specialized fare , but mira nair 's film is an absolute delight for all audiences . the most amazing super-sized dosage of goofball stunts any `` jackass '' fan could want . k-19 : the widowmaker is derivative , overlong , and bombastic -- yet surprisingly entertaining . seeing as the film lacks momentum and its position remains mostly undeterminable , the director 's experiment is a successful one . laced with liberal doses of dark humor , gorgeous exterior photography , and a stable-full of solid performances , no such thing is a fascinating little tale . in the new release of cinema paradiso , the tale has turned from sweet to bittersweet , and when the tears come during that final , beautiful scene , they finally feel absolutely earned . remove spider-man the movie from its red herring surroundings and it 's apparent that this is one summer film that satisfies . , the sum of all fears is simply a well-made and satisfying thriller . what makes the movie special is its utter sincerity . the film oozes craft . funny , sexy , devastating and incurably romantic . with this masterful , flawless film , -lrb- wang -rrb- emerges in the front ranks of china 's now numerous , world-renowned filmmakers . a live-wire film that never loses its ability to shock and amaze . the large-format film is well suited to capture these musicians in full regalia and the incredible imax sound system lets you feel the beat down to your toes . a finely tuned mood piece , a model of menacing atmosphere . it 's packed with adventure and a worthwhile environmental message , so it 's great for the kids . sensual , funny and , in the end , very touching . a movie just for friday fans , critics be damned . it 's a fairy tale that comes from a renowned indian film culture that allows americans to finally revel in its splendor . will assuredly rank as one of the cleverest , most deceptively amusing comedies of the year . it 's truly awful and heartbreaking subject matter , but one whose lessons are well worth revisiting as many times as possible . the most ingenious film comedy since being john malkovich . the cast is phenomenal , especially the women . inventive , fun , intoxicatingly sexy , violent , self-indulgent and maddening . much of it comes from the brave , uninhibited performances by its lead actors . and it is . even when it drags , we are forced to reflect that its visual imagination is breathtaking no , it 's not as single-minded as john carpenter 's original , but it 's sure a lot smarter and more unnerving than the sequels . beating the austin powers films at their own game , this blaxploitation spoof downplays the raunch in favor of gags that rely on the strength of their own cleverness as opposed to the extent of their outrageousness . we want the funk - and this movie 's got it . -lrb- a -rrb- thoughtful , visually graceful work . like the rugrats movies , the wild thornberrys movie does n't offer much more than the series , but its emphasis on caring for animals and respecting other cultures is particularly welcome . the script manages the rare trick of seeming at once both refreshingly different and reassuringly familiar . kudos to the most enchanting film of the year . the engagingly primitive animated special effects contribute to a mood that 's sustained through the surprisingly somber conclusion . by its modest , straight-ahead standards , undisputed scores a direct hit . i 'm guessing the director is a magician . a dashing and absorbing outing with one of france 's most inventive directors . when all is said and done , she loves them to pieces -- and so , i trust , will you . wonder , hope and magic can never escape the heart of the boy when the right movie comes along , especially if it begins with the name of star wars tully is worth a look for its true-to-life characters , its sensitive acting , its unadorned view of rural life and the subtle direction of first-timer hilary birmingham . filmmaker tian zhuangzhuang triumphantly returns to narrative filmmaking with a visually masterful work of quiet power . the importance of being earnest , so thick with wit it plays like a reading from bartlett 's familiar quotations director alfonso cuaron gets vivid , convincing performances from a fine cast , and generally keeps things going at a rapid pace , occasionally using an omniscient voice-over narrator in the manner of french new wave films . ... manages to deliver a fair bit of vampire fun . more than anything else , kissing jessica stein injects freshness and spirit into the romantic comedy genre , which has been held hostage by generic scripts that seek to remake sleepless in seattle again and again . when cowering and begging at the feet a scruffy giannini , madonna gives her best performance since abel ferrara had her beaten to a pulp in his dangerous game . the sheer joy and pride they took in their work -- and in each other -- shines through every frame . ... digs beyond the usual portrayals of good kids and bad seeds to reveal a more ambivalent set of characters and motivations . much of all about lily chou-chou is mesmerizing : some of its plaintiveness could make you weep . it 's a rollicking adventure for you and all your mateys , regardless of their ages . -lrb- scherfig -rrb- has made a movie that will leave you wondering about the characters ' lives after the clever credits roll . it may be a somewhat backhanded compliment to say that the film makes the viewer feel like the movie 's various victimized audience members after a while , but it also happens to be the movie 's most admirable quality a delightful entree in the tradition of food movies . conceptually brilliant ... plays like a living-room war of the worlds , gaining most of its unsettling force from the suggested and the unknown . -lrb- danny huston gives -rrb- an astounding performance that deftly , gradually reveals a real human soul buried beneath a spellbinding serpent 's smirk . in addition to hoffman 's powerful acting clinic , this is that rare drama that offers a thoughtful and rewarding glimpse into the sort of heartache everyone has felt , or will feel someday . this is n't exactly profound cinema , but it 's good-natured and sometimes quite funny . hailed as a clever exercise in neo-hitchcockianism , this clever and very satisfying picture is more accurately chabrolian . touches smartly and wistfully on a number of themes , not least the notion that the marginal members of society ... might benefit from a helping hand and a friendly kick in the pants . yakusho , as always , is wonderful as the long-faced sad sack ... and his chemistry with shimizu is very believable . works , it 's thanks to huston 's revelatory performance . tully is in many ways the perfect festival film : a calm , self-assured portrait of small town regret , love , duty and friendship that appeals to the storytelling instincts of a slightly more literate filmgoing audience . a surprisingly charming and even witty match for the best of hollywood 's comic-book adaptations . audacious-impossible yet compelling ... a quasi-documentary by french filmmaker karim dridi that celebrates the hardy spirit of cuban music . family fare . one of recent memory 's most thoughtful films about art , ethics , and the cost of moral compromise . even if you 're an agnostic carnivore , you can enjoy much of jonah simply , and gratefully , as laugh-out-loud lunacy with a pronounced monty pythonesque flavor . one of the best of a growing strain of daring films ... that argue that any sexual relationship that does n't hurt anyone and works for its participants is a relationship that is worthy of our respect . evokes a palpable sense of disconnection , made all the more poignant by the incessant use of cell phones . in addition to scoring high for originality of plot -- putting together familiar themes of family , forgiveness and love in a new way -- lilo & stitch has a number of other assets to commend it to movie audiences both innocent and jaded . perhaps it 's cliche to call the film ` refreshing , ' but it is . almodovar is an imaginative teacher of emotional intelligence in this engaging film about two men who discover what william james once called ` the gift of tears . ' a fantastically vital movie that manages to invest real humor , sensuality , and sympathy into a story about two adolescent boys . and lee seems just as expectant of an adoring , wide-smiling reception . an old-fashioned drama of substance about a teacher 's slide down the slippery slope of dishonesty after an encounter with the rich and the powerful who have nothing but disdain for virtue . hartley adds enough quirky and satirical touches in the screenplay to keep the film entertaining . as literary desecrations go , this makes for perfectly acceptable , occasionally very enjoyable children 's entertainment . goofy , nutty , consistently funny . if `` lilo & stitch '' is n't the most edgy piece of disney animation to hit the silver screen , then this first film to use a watercolor background since `` dumbo '' certainly ranks as the most original in years . while it has definite weaknesses -- like a rather unbelievable love interest and a meandering ending -- this '60s caper film is a riveting , brisk delight . it 's a talking head documentary , but a great one . director juan jose campanella could have turned this into an argentine retread of `` iris '' or `` american beauty , '' but instead pulls a little from each film and creates something more beautiful than either of those films . if you grew up on scooby -- you 'll love this movie . enjoyably fast-moving , hard-hitting documentary . if you come from a family that eats , meddles , argues , laughs , kibbitzes and fights together , then go see this delightful comedy . like its new england characters , most of whom wander about in thick clouds of denial , the movie eventually gets around to its real emotional business , striking deep chords of sadness . for those in search of something different , wendigo is a genuinely bone-chilling tale . it 's a familiar story , but one that is presented with great sympathy and intelligence . becomes a fascinating study of isolation and frustration that successfully recreates both the physical setting and emotional tensions of the papin sisters . murderous maids pulls no punches in its depiction of the lives of the papin sister and the events that led to their notorious rise to infamy ... it 's not nearly as fresh or enjoyable as its predecessor , but there are enough high points to keep this from being a complete waste of time . in his latest effort , storytelling , solondz has finally made a movie that is n't just offensive -- it also happens to be good . a smart , sassy and exceptionally charming romantic comedy . it 's a spectacular performance - ahem , we hope it 's only acting . symbolically , warm water under a red bridge is a celebration of feminine energy , a tribute to the power of women to heal . you come away from his film overwhelmed , hopeful and , perhaps paradoxically , illuminated . a film of delicate interpersonal dances . -lrb- westbrook -rrb- makes a wonderful subject for the camera . cusack 's just brilliant in this . what a bewilderingly brilliant and entertaining movie this is . never lets go your emotions , taking them to surprising highs , sorrowful lows and hidden impulsive niches ... gorgeous , passionate , and at times uncommonly moving . few films have captured the chaos of an urban conflagration with such fury , and audience members will leave feeling as shaken as nesbitt 's cooper looks when the bullets stop flying . ferrara 's best film in years . watching war photographer , you come to believe that nachtwey hates the wars he shows and empathizes with the victims he reveals . ash wednesday is not edward burns ' best film , but it is a good and ambitious film . polished , well-structured film . an eloquent , reflective and beautifully acted meditation on both the profoundly devastating events of one year ago and the slow , painful healing process that has followed in their wake . an exceptionally acted , quietly affecting cop drama . one of the best films i have ever seen , constantly pulling the rug from underneath us , seeing things from new sides , plunging deeper , getting more intense . an intelligently made -lrb- and beautifully edited -rrb- picture that at the very least has a spark of life to it -- more than you can say for plenty of movies that flow through the hollywood pipeline without a hitch . charlie hunnam has the twinkling eyes , repressed smile and determined face needed to carry out a dickensian hero . this enthralling documentary ... is at once playful and haunting , an in-depth portrait of an iconoclastic artist who was fundamentally unknowable even to his closest friends . a wild , endearing , masterful documentary . a dreadful day in irish history is given passionate , if somewhat flawed , treatment . it 's absolutely amazing how first-time director kevin donovan managed to find something new to add to the canon of chan . it 's as raw and action-packed an experience as a ringside seat at a tough-man contest . you wo n't have any trouble getting kids to eat up these veggies . two tedious acts light on great scares and a good surprise ending . and your reward will be a thoughtful , emotional movie experience . `` birthday girl '' is an actor 's movie first and foremost . the little girls understand , and mccracken knows that 's all that matters . i liked it because it was so endlessly , grotesquely , inventive . that , in itself , is extraordinary . yes . k-19 : the widowmaker is a great yarn . and educational ! an undeniably moving film to experience , and ultimately that 's what makes it worth a recommendation . confessions is n't always coherent , but it 's sharply comic and surprisingly touching , so hold the gong . sharp edges and a deep vein of sadness run through its otherwise comic narrative . crush is so warm and fuzzy you might be able to forgive its mean-spirited second half . the best didacticism is one carried by a strong sense of humanism , and bertrand tavernier 's oft-brilliant safe conduct -lrb- `` laissez-passer '' -rrb- wears its heart on its sleeve . ... despite lagging near the finish line , the movie runs a good race , one that will have you at the edge of your seat for long stretches . ' witty and often surprising , a dark little morality tale disguised as a romantic comedy . watching these eccentrics is both inspiring and pure joy . colorful , energetic and sweetly whimsical ... the rare sequel that 's better than its predecessor . a small movie with a big heart . maggie g. makes an amazing breakthrough in her first starring role and eats up the screen . -lrb- the cockettes -rrb- provides a window into a subculture hell-bent on expressing itself in every way imaginable . ' most thrillers send audiences out talking about specific scary scenes or startling moments ; `` frailty '' leaves us with the terrifying message that the real horror may be waiting for us at home . the difference between cho and most comics is that her confidence in her material is merited . holland lets things peter out midway , but it 's notably better acted -- and far less crass - than some other recent efforts in the burgeoning genre of films about black urban professionals . ... rogers 's mouth never stops shut about the war between the sexes and how to win the battle . lawrence plumbs personal tragedy and also the human comedy . maintains your sympathy for this otherwise challenging soul by letting you share her one-room world for a while . tends to pile too many `` serious issues '' on its plate at times , yet remains fairly light , always entertaining , and smartly written . an inventive , absorbing movie that 's as hard to classify as it is hard to resist . -lrb- russell -rrb- makes good b movies -lrb- the mask , the blob -rrb- , and the scorpion king more than ably meets those standards . the last scenes of the film are anguished , bitter and truthful . but the actors make this worth a peek . a gem of a movie . mr. clooney , mr. kaufman and all their collaborators are entitled to take a deep bow for fashioning an engrossing entertainment out of an almost sure-fire prescription for a critical and commercial disaster . between them , de niro and murphy make showtime the most savory and hilarious guilty pleasure of many a recent movie season . upsetting and thought-provoking , the film has an odd purity that does n't bring you into the characters so much as it has you study them . visually , ` santa clause 2 ' is wondrously creative . a coming-of-age tale from new zealand whose boozy , languid air is balanced by a rich visual clarity and deeply felt performances across the board . ` it 's better to go in knowing full well what 's going to happen , but willing to let the earnestness of its execution and skill of its cast take you down a familiar road with a few twists . a portrait of hell so shattering it 's impossible to shake . take any 12-year-old boy to see this picture , and he 'll be your slave for a year . miyazaki 's nonstop images are so stunning , and his imagination so vivid , that the only possible complaint you could have about spirited away is that there is no rest period , no timeout . stage director sam mendes showcases tom hanks as a depression era hit-man in this dark tale of revenge . vereté has a whip-smart sense of narrative bluffs . director roger kumble offers just enough sweet and traditional romantic comedy to counter the crudity . a bittersweet contemporary comedy about benevolent deception , which , while it may not rival the filmmaker 's period pieces , is still very much worth seeing . a fairly enjoyable mixture of longest yard ... and the 1999 guy ritchie caper lock stock and two smoking barrels . if a horror movie 's primary goal is to frighten and disturb , then they works spectacularly well ... a shiver-inducing , nerve-rattling ride . spielberg 's first real masterpiece , it deserved all the hearts it won -- and wins still , 20 years later . you may feel compelled to watch the film twice or pick up a book on the subject . slow and ponderous , but rohmer 's drama builds to an intense indoor drama about compassion , sacrifice , and christian love in the face of political corruption . godard has never made a more sheerly beautiful film than this unexpectedly moving meditation on love , history , memory , resistance and artistic transcendence . the film offers an intriguing what-if premise . you need n't be steeped in '50s sociology , pop culture or movie lore to appreciate the emotional depth of haynes ' work . rarely have i seen a film so willing to champion the fallibility of the human heart . a witty , low-key romantic comedy . what enlivens this film , beyond the astute direction of cardoso and beautifully detailed performances by all of the actors , is a note of defiance over social dictates . a delightful little film that revels in its own simplicity , mostly martha will leave you with a smile on your face and a grumble in your stomach . it 's hard to quibble with a flick boasting this many genuine cackles , but notorious c.h.o. still feels like a promising work-in-progress . a strong and confident work which works so well for the first 89 minutes , but ends so horrendously confusing in the final two with ` bowling for columbine , ' michael moore gives us the perfect starting point for a national conversation about guns , violence , and fear . i liked it just enough . it 's the funniest american comedy since graffiti bridge . after an uncertain start , murder hits and generally sustains a higher plateau with bullock 's memorable first interrogation of gosling . although devoid of objectivity and full of nostalgic comments from the now middle-aged participants , dogtown and z-boys has a compelling story to tell . ... a delicious crime drama on par with the slickest of mamet . on the surface a silly comedy , scotland , pa would be forgettable if it were n't such a clever adaptation of the bard 's tragic play . mostly works because of the universal themes , earnest performances ... and excellent use of music by india 's popular gulzar and jagjit singh . but the performances of pacino , williams , and swank keep the viewer wide-awake all the way through . far from heaven is a dazzling conceptual feat , but more than that , it 's a work of enthralling drama . blessed with a searing lead performance by ryan gosling -lrb- murder by numbers -rrb- , the movie is powerful and provocative . there 's none of the happily-ever - after spangle of monsoon wedding in late marriage -- and that 's part of what makes dover kosashvili 's outstanding feature debut so potent . a fascinating examination of the joyous , turbulent self-discovery made by a proper , middle-aged woman . has an unmistakable , easy joie de vivre . it 's a rare window on an artistic collaboration . a backstage must-see for true fans of comedy . it may be a no-brainer , but at least it 's a funny no-brainer . a great cast and a wonderful but sometimes confusing flashback movie about growing up in a dysfunctional family . a realistically terrifying movie that puts another notch in the belt of the long list of renegade-cop tales . brings an irresistible blend of warmth and humor and a consistent embracing humanity in the face of life 's harshness . the leanest and meanest of solondz 's misanthropic comedies . about schmidt belongs to nicholson . its metaphors are opaque enough to avoid didacticism , and the film succeeds as an emotionally accessible , almost mystical work . even if it pushes its agenda too forcefully , this remains a film about something , one that attempts and often achieves a level of connection and concern . daringly perceptive , taut , piercing and feisty , biggie and tupac is undeniably subversive and involving in its bold presentation . not about scares but a mood in which an ominous , pervasive , and unknown threat lurks just below the proceedings and adds an almost constant mindset of suspense . this deeply spiritual film taps into the meaning and consolation in afterlife communications . i know that i 'll never listen to marvin gaye or the supremes the same way again predictable storyline and by-the-book scripting is all but washed away by sumptuous ocean visuals and the cinematic stylings of director john stockwell . laugh-out-loud lines , adorably ditsy but heartfelt performances , and sparkling , bittersweet dialogue that cuts to the chase of the modern girl 's dilemma . essentially a collection of bits -- and they 're all naughty . ultimately engages less for its story of actorly existential despair than for its boundary-hopping formal innovations and glimpse into another kind of chinese ` cultural revolution . ' happily , some things are immune to the folly of changing taste and attitude . the viewer takes great pleasure in watching the resourceful molly stay a step ahead of her pursuers . with we were soldiers , hollywood makes a valiant attempt to tell a story about the vietnam war before the pathology set in . one of the smarter offerings the horror genre has produced in recent memory , even if it 's far tamer than advertised . a well-done film of a self-reflexive , philosophical nature . filmmakers dana janklowicz-mann and amir mann area headed east , far east , in retelling a historically significant , and personal , episode detailing how one international city welcomed tens of thousands of german jewish refugees while the world 's democracie if you 're looking for an intelligent movie in which you can release your pent up anger , enough is just the ticket you need . but it is entertaining on an inferior level . plummer steals the show without resorting to camp as nicholas ' wounded and wounding uncle ralph . it 's a head-turner -- thoughtfully written , beautifully read and , finally , deeply humanizing . i 'm not a fan of the phrase ` life affirming ' because it usually means ` schmaltzy , ' but real women have curves truly is life affirming . charlotte sometimes is a gem . australia : land beyond time is an enjoyable big movie primarily because australia is a weirdly beautiful place . as immaculate as stuart little 2 is , it could be a lot better if it were , well , more adventurous . -lrb- a -rrb- satisfying niblet . this is a more fascinating look at the future than `` bladerunner '' and one of the most high-concept sci fi adventures attempted for the screen . it rapidly develops into a gut-wrenching examination of the way cultural differences and emotional expectations collide . payne has created a beautiful canvas , and nicholson proves once again that he 's the best brush in the business . while the material is slight , the movie is better than you might think . the film 's strength is n't in its details , but in the larger picture it paints - of a culture in conflict with itself , with the thin veneer of nationalism that covers our deepest , media-soaked fears . mostly , -lrb- goldbacher -rrb- just lets her complicated characters be unruly , confusing and , through it all , human . a genuine mind-bender . just as the recent argentine film son of the bride reminded us that a feel-good movie can still show real heart , time of favor presents us with an action movie that actually has a brain . nonchalantly freaky and uncommonly pleasurable , warm water may well be the year 's best and most unpredictable comedy . she 's all-powerful , a voice for a pop-cyber culture that feeds on her bjorkness . this is a story that zings all the way through with originality , humour and pathos . a tasty appetizer that leaves you wanting more . on its own staggeringly unoriginal terms , this gender-bending comedy is generally quite funny . as commander-in-chief of this film , bigelow demonstrates a breadth of vision and an attention to detail that propels her into the upper echelons of the directing world . the art demands live viewing . astonishing ... -lrb- frames -rrb- profound ethical and philosophical questions in the form of dazzling pop entertainment . although the subject matter may still be too close to recent national events , the film works - mostly due to its superior cast of characters . a stirring road movie . bursting through the constraints of its source , this is one adapted - from-television movie that actually looks as if it belongs on the big screen . even with all its botches , enigma offers all the pleasure of a handsome and well-made entertainment . there 's real visual charge to the filmmaking , and a strong erotic spark to the most crucial lip-reading sequence . if you 're in the right b-movie frame of mind , it may just scare the pants off you . city by the sea is a gritty police thriller with all the dysfunctional family dynamics one could wish for . it 's weird , wonderful , and not necessarily for kids . executed with such gentle but insistent sincerity , with such good humor and appreciation of the daily grind that only the most hardhearted scrooge could fail to respond . maybe he was reading the minds of the audience . grenier is terrific , bringing an unforced , rapid-fire delivery to toback 's heidegger - and nietzsche-referencing dialogue . less the sensational true-crime hell-jaunt purists might like and more experimental in its storytelling -lrb- though no less horrifying for it -rrb- . a first-class road movie that proves you can run away from home , but your ego and all your problems go with you . a buoyant romantic comedy about friendship , love , and the truth that we 're all in this together . the locations go from stark desert to gorgeous beaches . those who are n't put off by the film 's austerity will find it more than capable of rewarding them . a fascinating literary mystery story with multiple strands about the controversy of who really wrote shakespeare 's plays . ... one of the more influential works of the ` korean new wave ' . the closest thing to the experience of space travel bon appétit ! as animation increasingly emphasizes the computer and the cool , this is a film that takes a stand in favor of tradition and warmth . i love the opening scenes of a wintry new york city in 1899 . -lrb- d -rrb- espite its familiar subject matter , ice age is consistently amusing and engrossing ... though its rather routine script is loaded with familiar situations , the movie has a cinematic fluidity and sense of intelligence that makes it work more than it probably should . a living testament to the power of the eccentric and the strange . infidelity drama is nicely shot , well-edited and features a standout performance by diane lane . far more successful , if considerably less ambitious , than last year 's kubrick-meets-spielberg exercise . when it 's this rich and luscious , who cares ? informative , intriguing , observant , often touching ... gives a human face to what 's often discussed in purely abstract terms . a compelling pre-wwii drama with vivid characters and a warm , moving message . what a concept , what an idea , what a thrill ride . unlike most surf movies , blue crush thrillingly uses modern technology to take the viewer inside the wave . it strikes hardest ... when it reminds you how pertinent its dynamics remain . most consumers of lo mein and general tso 's chicken barely give a thought to the folks who prepare and deliver it , so , hopefully , this film will attach a human face to all those little steaming cartons . a flick about our infantilized culture that is n't entirely infantile . the film does give a pretty good overall picture of the situation in laramie following the murder of matthew shepard . this rich , bittersweet israeli documentary , about the life of song-and-dance-man pasach ` ke burstein and his family , transcends ethnic lines . exactly what its title implies : lusty , boisterous and utterly charming . heartwarming here relies less on forced air than on petter næss ' delicate , clever direction ... and a wonderful , imaginative script by axel hellstenius . based on dave barry 's popular book of the same name , the movie benefits from having a real writer plot out all of the characters ' moves and overlapping story . you watch for that sense of openness , the little surprises . the urban landscapes are detailed down to the signs on the kiosks , and the color palette , with lots of somber blues and pinks , is dreamy and evocative . it throws quirky characters , odd situations , and off-kilter dialogue at us , all as if to say , `` look at this ! alan and his fellow survivors are idiosyncratic enough to lift the movie above its playwriting 101 premise . a film neither bitter nor sweet , neither romantic nor comedic , neither warm nor fuzzy . light , silly , photographed with colour and depth , and rather a good time . it 's refreshing to see a romance this smart . a manically generous christmas vaudeville . the powder blues and sun-splashed whites of tunis make an alluring backdrop for this sensuous and spirited tale of a prim widow who finds an unlikely release in belly-dancing clubs . with dickens ' words and writer-director douglas mcgrath 's even-toned direction , a ripping good yarn is told . it makes you believe the cast and crew thoroughly enjoyed themselves and believed in their small-budget film . the film is enriched by an imaginatively mixed cast of antic spirits , headed by christopher plummer as the subtlest and most complexly evil uncle ralph i 've ever seen in the many film and stage adaptations of the work . these three films form a remarkably cohesive whole , both visually and thematically , through their consistently sensitive and often exciting treatment of an ignored people . smart and alert , thirteen conversations about one thing is a small gem . insanely hilarious ! ... strips bible stores of the potential for sanctimoniousness , making them meaningful for both kids and church-wary adults . it works its magic with such exuberance and passion that the film 's length becomes a part of its fun . if the real-life story is genuinely inspirational , the movie stirs us as well . the large-frame imax camera lends itself beautifully to filming the teeming life on the reefs , making this gorgeous film a must for everyone from junior scientists to grown-up fish lovers . a comedy-drama of nearly epic proportions rooted in a sincere performance by the title character undergoing midlife crisis . you can watch , giggle and get an adrenaline boost without feeling like you 've completely lowered your entertainment standards . earnest and heartfelt but undernourished and plodding . the film presents visceral and dangerously honest revelations about the men and machines behind the curtains of our planet . handled correctly , wilde 's play is a masterpiece of elegant wit and artifice . this is the best star trek movie in a long time . a remarkably alluring film set in the constrictive eisenhower era about one suburban woman 's yearning in the face of a loss that shatters her cheery and tranquil suburban life . instead of simply handling conventional material in a conventional way , secretary takes the most unexpected material and handles it in the most unexpected way . a winning comedy with its wry observations about long-lived friendships and the ways in which we all lose track of ourselves by trying to please others . like kissing jessica stein , amy 's orgasm has a key strength in its willingness to explore its principal characters with honesty , insight and humor . an edifying glimpse into the wit and revolutionary spirit of these performers and their era . the touch is generally light enough and the performances , for the most part , credible . it is sentimental but feels free to offend , is analytical and then surrenders to the illogic of its characters , is about grief and yet permits laughter . this humbling little film , fueled by the light comedic work of zhao benshan and the delicate ways of dong jie , is just the sort for those moviegoers who complain that ` they do n't make movies like they used to anymore . ' what does n't this film have that an impressionable kid could n't stand to hear ? stevens ' vibrant creative instincts are the difference between this and countless other flicks about guys and dolls . we 've seen it all before in one form or another , but director hoffman , with great help from kevin kline , makes us care about this latest reincarnation of the world 's greatest teacher . easily the most thoughtful fictional examination of the root causes of anti-semitism ever seen on screen . the film is filled with humorous observations about the general absurdity of modern life as seen through the eyes outsiders , but deftly manages to avoid many of the condescending stereotypes that so often plague films dealing with the mentally ill . rubbo runs through a remarkable amount of material in the film 's short 90 minutes . zoom ! the creative animation work may not look as fully ` rendered ' as pixar 's industry standard , but it uses lighting effects and innovative backgrounds to an equally impressive degree . it 's hard to imagine anybody ever being `` in the mood '' to view a movie as harrowing and painful as the grey zone , but it 's equally hard to imagine anybody being able to tear their eyes away from the screen once it 's started . it gives devastating testimony to both people 's capacity for evil and their heroic capacity for good . makes one thing abundantly clear . the film is full of charm . there are no special effects , and no hollywood endings . we admire this film for its harsh objectivity and refusal to seek our tears , our sympathies . a funny and well-contructed black comedy where the old adage `` be careful what you wish for '' is given a full workout . not a schlocky creature feature but something far more stylish and cerebral -- and , hence , more chillingly effective . one of the most important and exhilarating forms of animated filmmaking since old walt doodled steamboat willie . it 's not like having a real film of nijinsky , but at least it 's better than that eponymous 1980 biopic that used soap in the places where the mysteries lingered . ... spellbinding fun and deliciously exploitative . what 's next ? the movie itself is far from disappointing , offering an original take on courtroom movies , a few nifty twists that are so crucial to the genre and another first-rate performance by top-billed star bruce willis . norton is magnetic as graham . the year 's greatest adventure , and jackson 's limited but enthusiastic adaptation has made literature literal without killing its soul -- a feat any thinking person is bound to appreciate . a remarkable movie with an unsatisfying ending , which is just the point . a weird little movie that 's amusing enough while you watch it , offering fine acting moments and pungent insights into modern l.a. 's show-biz and media subcultures . a wonderful , ghastly film . shiner can certainly go the distance , but is n't world championship material a zinger-filled crowd-pleaser that open-minded elvis fans -lrb- but by no means all -rrb- will have fun with . smart and fun , but far more witty than it is wise . o fantasma is boldly , confidently orchestrated , aesthetically and sexually , and its impact is deeply and rightly disturbing . a film about female friendship that men can embrace and women will talk about for hours . -lrb- sports -rrb- admirable energy , full-bodied characterizations and narrative urgency . here is a vh1 behind the music special that has something a little more special behind it : music that did n't sell many records but helped change a nation . it 's never dull and always looks good . competently directed but terminally cute drama . a sweet , tender sermon about a 12-year-old welsh boy more curious about god than girls , who learns that believing in something does matter . i will be . a return to pure disney magic and is enjoyable family fare . it takes you somewhere you 're not likely to have seen before , but beneath the exotic surface -lrb- and exotic dancing -rrb- it 's surprisingly old-fashioned . bolstered by exceptional performances and a clear-eyed take on the economics of dealing and the pathology of ghetto fabulousness . it is a happy , heady jumble of thought and storytelling , an insane comic undertaking that ultimately coheres into a sane and breathtakingly creative film . viveka seldahl and sven wollter will touch you to the core in a film you will never forget -- that you should never forget . an engrossing and infectiously enthusiastic documentary . the film 's gamble to occasionally break up the live-action scenes with animated sequences pays off , as does its sensitive handling of some delicate subject matter . but tongue-in-cheek preposterousness has always been part of for the most part wilde 's droll whimsy helps `` being earnest '' overcome its weaknesses and parker 's creative interference ... as the princess , sorvino glides gracefully from male persona to female without missing a beat . for every cheesy scene , though , there is a really cool bit -- the movie 's conception of a future-world holographic librarian -lrb- orlando jones -rrb- who knows everything and answers all questions , is visually smart , cleverly written , and nicely realized . an impressive hybrid . highly recommended as an engrossing story about a horrifying historical event and the elements which contributed to it . he does this so well you do n't have the slightest difficulty accepting him in the role . a surprisingly funny movie . drug abuse , infidelity and death are n't usually comedy fare , but turpin 's film allows us to chuckle through the angst . not only a coming-of-age story and cautionary parable , but also a perfectly rendered period piece . sparkling , often hilarious romantic jealousy comedy ... attal looks so much like a young robert deniro that it seems the film should instead be called ` my husband is travis bickle ' . a harrowing account of a psychological breakdown . a mature , deeply felt fantasy of a director 's travel through 300 years of russian history . the movie is a trove of delights . but it does somehow manage to get you under its spell . in his u.s. debut , mr. schnitzler proves himself a deft pace master and stylist . it will guarantee to have you leaving the theater with a smile on your face . dramas like this make it human . although estela bravo 's documentary is cloyingly hagiographic in its portrait of cuban leader fidel castro , it 's still a guilty pleasure to watch . this is christmas future for a lot of baby boomers . this bracingly truthful antidote to hollywood teenage movies that slather clearasil over the blemishes of youth captures the combustible mixture of a chafing inner loneliness and desperate grandiosity that tend to characterize puberty . viva le resistance ! the ingenuity that parker displays in freshening the play is almost in a class with that of wilde himself . frequent flurries of creative belly laughs and genuinely enthusiastic performances ... keep the movie slaloming through its hackneyed elements with enjoyable ease . it will make you think twice about what might be going on inside each trailer park you drive past -- even if it chiefly inspires you to drive a little faster . may lack the pungent bite of its title , but it 's an enjoyable trifle nonetheless . a rather brilliant little cult item : a pastiche of children 's entertainment , superhero comics , and japanese animation . the film is a fierce dance of destruction . the mark of a respectable summer blockbuster is one of two things : unadulterated thrills or genuine laughs . psychologically revealing . if a big musical number like ` praise the lord , he 's the god of second chances ' does n't put you off , this will be an enjoyable choice for younger kids . and there 's an element of heartbreak to watching it now , with older and wiser eyes , because we know what will happen after greene 's story ends . bluto blutarsky , we miss you . hopkins , squarely fills the screen . hashiguchi vividly captures the way young japanese live now , chafing against their culture 's manic mix of millennial brusqueness and undying , traditional politesse . while it can be a bit repetitive , overall it 's an entertaining and informative documentary . what makes the film special is the refreshingly unhibited enthusiasm that the people , in spite of clearly evident poverty and hardship , bring to their music . this may be burns 's strongest film since the brothers mcmullen . warm in its loving yet unforgivingly inconsistent depiction of everyday people , relaxed in its perfect quiet pace and proud in its message . its director 's most substantial feature for some time . leave it to john sayles to take on developers , the chamber of commerce , tourism , historical pageants , and commercialism all in the same movie ... without neglecting character development for even one minute . `` extreme ops '' exceeds expectations . it 's stylishly directed with verve ... fans of critics ' darling band wilco will marvel at the sometimes murky , always brooding look of i am trying to break your heart . its adult themes of familial separation and societal betrayal are head and shoulders above much of the director 's previous popcorn work . what -lrb- frei -rrb- gives us ... is a man who uses the damage of war -- far more often than the warfare itself -- to create the kind of art shots that fill gallery shows . me no lika da accents so good , but i thoroughly enjoyed the love story . director lee has a true cinematic knack , but it 's also nice to see a movie with its heart so thoroughly , unabashedly on its sleeve . compassionately explores the seemingly irreconcilable situation between conservative christian parents and their estranged gay and lesbian children . a pointed , often tender , examination of the pros and cons of unconditional love and familial duties . the fourth `` pokemon '' is a diverting -- if predictable -- adventure suitable for a matinee , with a message that cautions children about disturbing the world 's delicate ecological balance . the charming result is festival in cannes . while the film is not entirely successful , it still manages to string together enough charming moments to work . this breezy caper movie becomes a soulful , incisive meditation on the way we were , and the way we are . she allows each character to confront their problems openly and honestly . plus , like i already mentioned ... it 's robert duvall ! cinematic poetry showcases the city 's old-world charm before machines change nearly everything . a sensitive , cultivated treatment of greene 's work as well as a remarkably faithful one . the ring never lets you off the hook . uplifting , funny and wise . the film has a laundry list of minor shortcomings , but the numerous scenes of gory mayhem are worth the price of admission ... if `` gory mayhem '' is your idea of a good time . i stopped thinking about how good it all was , and started doing nothing but reacting to it - feeling a part of its grand locations , thinking urgently as the protagonists struggled , feeling at the mercy of its inventiveness , gasping at its visual delights . the beauty of the piece is that it counts heart as important as humor . fast-paced and wonderfully edited , the film is extremely thorough . in painting an unabashedly romantic picture of a nation whose songs spring directly from the lives of the people , the movie exalts the marxian dream of honest working folk , with little to show for their labor , living harmoniously , joined in song . a surprisingly ` solid ' achievement by director malcolm d. lee and writer john ridley . more timely than its director could ever have dreamed , this quietly lyrical tale probes the ambiguous welcome extended by iran to the afghani refugees who streamed across its borders , desperate for work and food . brings to a spectacular completion one of the most complex , generous and subversive artworks of the last decade . a time machine , a journey back to your childhood , when cares melted away in the dark theater , and films had the ability to mesmerize , astonish and entertain . it goes down easy , leaving virtually no aftertaste . a wildly erratic drama with sequences that make you wince in embarrassment and others , thanks to the actors , that are quite touching . trapped presents a frightening and compelling ` what if ? ' all right , so it 's not a brilliant piece of filmmaking , but it is a funny -lrb- sometimes hilarious -rrb- comedy with a deft sense of humor about itself , a playful spirit and a game cast . henry bean 's thoughtful screenplay provides no easy answers , but offers a compelling investigation of faith versus intellect not since ghostbusters has a film used manhattan 's architecture in such a gloriously goofy way . ... a triumph of emotionally and narratively complex filmmaking . it may not be a huge cut of above the rest , but i enjoyed barbershop . the film occasionally tries the viewer 's patience with slow pacing and a main character who sometimes defies sympathy , but it ultimately satisfies with its moving story . call it magic realism or surrealism , but miss wonton floats beyond reality with a certain degree of wit and dignity . the performances of the four main actresses bring their characters to life . neatly constructed thriller . the emotion is impressively true for being so hot-blooded , and both leads are up to the task . rife with the rueful , wry humor springing out of yiddish culture and language . rarely , indeed almost never , is such high-wattage brainpower coupled with pitch-perfect acting and an exquisite , unfakable sense of cinema . a lovably old-school hollywood confection . it never quite makes it to the boiling point , but manages to sustain a good simmer for most of its running time . one of the year 's best films , featuring an oscar-worthy performance by julianne moore . if you 're willing to have fun with it , you wo n't feel cheated by the high infidelity of unfaithful . what 's really so appealing about the characters is their resemblance to everyday children . wilco fans will have a great time , and the movie should win the band a few new converts , too . a mix of gritty realism , crisp storytelling and radiant compassion that effortlessly draws you in . watching this gentle , mesmerizing portrait of a man coming to terms with time , you barely realize your mind is being blown . hashiguchi uses the situation to evoke a japan bustling atop an undercurrent of loneliness and isolation . making such a tragedy the backdrop to a love story risks trivializing it , though chouraqui no doubt intended the film to affirm love 's power to help people endure almost unimaginable horror . it 's a masterpeice . works because reno does n't become smug or sanctimonious towards the audience . it cooks conduct in a low , smoky and inviting sizzle . wow , so who knew charles dickens could be so light-hearted ? -lrb- a -rrb- wonderfully loopy tale of love , longing , and voting . this film can only point the way -- but thank goodness for this signpost . see it . it 's not just a feel-good movie , it 's a feel movie . tres greek writer and star nia vardalos has crafted here a worldly-wise and very funny script . a deeply felt and vividly detailed story about newcomers in a strange new world . really is a pan-american movie , with moments of genuine insight into the urban heart . ... plenty of warmth to go around , with music and laughter and the love of family . the animated sequences are well done and perfectly constructed to convey a sense of childhood imagination and creating adventure out of angst . this cinema verite speculation on the assassination of john f. kennedy may have been inspired by blair witch , but it takes its techniques into such fresh territory that the film never feels derivative . -lrb- city -rrb- reminds us how realistically nuanced a robert de niro performance can be when he is not more lucratively engaged in the shameless self-caricature of ` analyze this ' -lrb- 1999 -rrb- and ` analyze that , ' promised -lrb- or threatened -rrb- for later this year . fast and funny , an action cartoon that 's suspenseful enough for older kids but not too scary for the school-age crowd . watching these two actors play against each other so intensely , but with restraint , is a treat . nettelbeck has crafted an engaging fantasy of flavours and emotions , one part romance novel , one part recipe book . there is a welcome lack of pretension about the film , which very simply sets out to entertain and ends up delivering in good measure . as relationships shift , director robert j. siegel allows the characters to inhabit their world without cleaving to a narrative arc . nicks sustains the level of exaggerated , stylized humor throughout by taking your expectations and twisting them just a bit . a lot smarter than your average bond . a soul-stirring documentary about the israeli\/palestinian conflict as revealed through the eyes of some children who remain curious about each other against all odds . enormously enjoyable , high-adrenaline documentary . kiarostami has crafted a deceptively casual ode to children and managed to convey a tiny sense of hope . that rare film whose real-life basis is , in fact , so interesting that no embellishment is needed . for more than two decades mr. nachtwey has traveled to places in the world devastated by war , famine and poverty and documented the cruelty and suffering he has found with an devastating , eloquent clarity . superb production values & christian bale 's charisma make up for a derivative plot . visually striking and viscerally repellent . though intrepid in exploring an attraction that crosses sexual identity , ozpetek falls short in showing us antonia 's true emotions ... but at the very least , his secret life will leave you thinking . it 's an interesting effort -lrb- particularly for jfk conspiracy nuts -rrb- , and barry 's cold-fish act makes the experience worthwhile . an unexpectedly sweet story of sisterhood . the script is smart , not cloying . an uncluttered , resonant gem that relays its universal points without lectures or confrontations . ' amid the new populist comedies that underscore the importance of family tradition and familial community , one would be hard-pressed to find a movie with a bigger , fatter heart than barbershop . brought to life on the big screen . if it 's not entirely memorable , the movie is certainly easy to watch . knows how to make our imagination wonder . the saigon of 1952 is an uneasy mix of sensual delights and simmering violence , and the quiet american brings us right into the center of that world . the actors are fantastic . ... a spoof comedy that carries its share of laughs -- sometimes a chuckle , sometimes a guffaw and , to my great pleasure , the occasional belly laugh . ... an enjoyably frothy ` date movie ' ... neither the funniest film that eddie murphy nor robert de niro has ever made , showtime is nevertheless efficiently amusing for a good while . awesome work : ineffable , elusive , yet inexplicably powerful leaping from one arresting image to another , songs from the second floor has all the enjoyable randomness of a very lively dream and so manages to be compelling , amusing and unsettling at the same time . intensely romantic , thought-provoking and even an engaging mystery . faithful without being forceful , sad without being shrill , `` a walk to remember '' succeeds through sincerity . a wildly entertaining scan of evans ' career . does point the way for adventurous indian filmmakers toward a crossover into nonethnic markets . schaeffer is n't in this film , which may be why it works as well as it does . it is about irrational , unexplainable life and it seems so real because it does not attempt to filter out the complexity . -lrb- breheny 's -rrb- lensing of the new zealand and cook island locations captures both the beauty of the land and the people . -lrb- an -rrb- absorbing documentary . if you open yourself up to mr. reggio 's theory of this imagery as the movie 's set ... it can impart an almost visceral sense of dislocation and change . parris ' performance is credible and remarkably mature . the film 's sense of imagery gives it a terrible strength , but it 's propelled by the acting . ` stock up on silver bullets for director neil marshall 's intense freight train of a film . ' the casting of von sydow ... is itself intacto 's luckiest stroke . exhilarating , funny and fun . michael moore 's latest documentary about america 's thirst for violence is his best film yet ... everything in maid in manhattan is exceedingly pleasant , designed not to offend . ourside the theatre roger might be intolerable company , but inside it he 's well worth spending some time with . not quite as miraculous as its dreamworks makers would have you believe , but it more than adequately fills the eyes and stirs the emotions . takes you by the face , strokes your cheeks and coos beseechingly at you : slow down , shake off your tensions and take this picture at its own breezy , distracted rhythms . short-story quaint , touchingly mending a child 's pain for his dead mother via communication with an old woman straight out of eudora welty . smart , funny and just honest enough to provide the pleasures of a slightly naughty , just-above-average off - broadway play . a photographic marvel of sorts , and it 's certainly an invaluable record of that special fishy community . but not without cheesy fun factor . tsai ming-liang 's witty , wistful new film , what time is it there ? last orders nurtures the multi-layers of its characters , allowing us to remember that life 's ultimately a gamble and last orders are to be embraced . assayas ' ambitious , sometimes beautiful adaptation of jacques chardonne 's novel . the film just might turn on many people to opera , in general , an art form at once visceral and spiritual , wonderfully vulgar and sublimely lofty -- and as emotionally grand as life . a straight-shooting family film which awards animals the respect they 've rarely been given . and there 's the inimitable diaz , holding it all together . one of the best films of the year with its exquisite acting , inventive screenplay , mesmerizing music , and many inimitable scenes of tenderness , loss , discontent , and yearning . the film was immensely enjoyable thanks to great performances by both steve buscemi and rosario dawson ... demonstrates a vivid imagination and an impressive style that result in some terrific setpieces . not a film for the faint of heart or conservative of spirit , but for the rest of us -- especially san francisco lovers -- it 's a spirited film and a must-see . engages us in constant fits of laughter , until we find ourselves surprised at how much we care about the story , and end up walking out not only satisfied but also somewhat touched . a clever script and skilled actors bring new energy to the familiar topic of office politics . it 's probably worth catching solely on its visual merits . an enjoyable feel-good family comedy regardless of race . a fine production with splendid singing by angela gheorghiu , ruggero raimondi , and roberto alagna . it may scream low budget , but this charmer has a spirit that can not be denied . - style cross-country adventure ... it has sporadic bursts of liveliness , some so-so slapstick and a few ear-pleasing songs on its soundtrack . a polished and vastly entertaining caper film that puts the sting back into the con . do n't wait to see this terrific film with your kids -- if you do n't have kids borrow some . cedar somewhat defuses this provocative theme by submerging it in a hoary love triangle . both exuberantly romantic and serenely melancholy , what time is it there ? ... a series of tales told with the intricate preciseness of the best short story writing . familiar but utterly delightful . steven spielberg brings us another masterpiece a lot of the credit for the film 's winning tone must go to grant , who has n't lost a bit of the dry humor that first made audiences on both sides of the atlantic love him . the rare imax movie that you 'll wish was longer than an hour . if you 're a comic fan , you ca n't miss it . a marvel of production design . a welcome relief from baseball movies that try too hard to be mythic , this one is a sweet and modest and ultimately winning story . from both a great and a terrible story , mr. nelson has made a film that is an undeniably worthy and devastating experience . consider it ` perfection . ' affectionately reminds us that , in any language , the huge stuff in life can usually be traced back to the little things . if the material is slight and admittedly manipulative , jacquot preserves tosca 's intoxicating ardor through his use of the camera . moretti ... is the rare common-man artist who 's wise enough to recognize that there are few things in this world more complex -- and , as it turns out , more fragile -- than happiness . the story gives ample opportunity for large-scale action and suspense , which director shekhar kapur supplies with tremendous skill . triple x is a double agent , and he 's one bad dude . jeffs has created a breathtakingly assured and stylish work of spare dialogue and acute expressiveness . daughter from danang sticks with its subjects a little longer and tells a deeper story the movie 's captivating details are all in the performances , from foreman 's barking-mad taylor to thewlis 's smoothly sinister freddie and bettany\/mcdowell 's hard-eyed gangster . it seems impossible that an epic four-hour indian musical about a cricket game could be this good , but it is . rarely has skin looked as beautiful , desirable , even delectable , as it does in trouble every day . funny and also heartwarming without stooping to gooeyness . imagine a scenario where bergman approaches swedish fatalism using gary larson 's far side humor y tu mamá también is hilariously , gloriously alive , and quite often hotter than georgia asphalt . rubbo 's humorously tendentious intervention into the who-wrote-shakespeare controversy . it is quite a vision . the color sense of stuart little 2 is its most immediate and most obvious pleasure , but it would count for very little if the movie were n't as beautifully shaped and as delicately calibrated in tone as it is . downbeat , period-perfect biopic hammers home a heavy-handed moralistic message . if you 're looking for something new and hoping for something entertaining , you 're in luck . a triumph of pure craft and passionate heart . cool . the film boasts dry humor and jarring shocks , plus moments of breathtaking mystery . beautiful , angry and sad , with a curious sick poetry , as if the marquis de sade had gone in for pastel landscapes . morvern callar confirms lynne ramsay as an important , original talent in international cinema . there are so few films about the plight of american indians in modern america that skins comes as a welcome , if downbeat , missive from a forgotten front . bluer than the atlantic and more biologically detailed than an autopsy , the movie ... is , also , frequently hilarious . bouquet gives a performance that is masterly . there 's a lot to recommend read my lips . this submarine drama earns the right to be favorably compared to das boot . maintains your interest until the end and even leaves you with a few lingering animated thoughts . devos and cassel have tremendous chemistry -- their sexual and romantic tension , while never really vocalized , is palpable . terrific as nadia , a russian mail-order bride who comes to america speaking not a word of english , it 's kidman who holds the film together with a supremely kittenish performance that gradually accumulates more layers . this new movie version of the alexandre dumas classic is the stuff of high romance , brought off with considerable wit . it 's dark but has wonderfully funny moments ; you care about the characters ; and the action and special effects are first-rate . jeong-hyang lee 's film is deceptively simple , deeply satisfying . the bodily function jokes are about what you 'd expect , but there are rich veins of funny stuff in this movie . it 's a solid movie about people whose lives are anything but . visually engrossing , seldom hammy , honorably mexican and burns its kahlories with conviction . high crimes steals so freely from other movies and combines enough disparate types of films that it ca n't help but engage an audience . if you can read the subtitles -lrb- the opera is sung in italian -rrb- and you like ` masterpiece theatre ' type costumes , you 'll enjoy this movie . a terrifically entertaining specimen of spielbergian sci-fi . a playful iranian parable about openness , particularly the need for people of diverse political perspectives to get along despite their ideological differences . a live-action cartoon , a fast-moving and cheerfully simplistic 88 minutes of exaggerated action put together with the preteen boy in mind . as ex-marine walter , who may or may not have shot kennedy , actor raymond j. barry is perfectly creepy and believable . the production design , score and choreography are simply intoxicating . the result puts a human face on derrida , and makes one of the great minds of our times interesting and accessible to people who normally could n't care less . according to the script , grant and bullock 's characters are made for each other . the picture uses humor and a heartfelt conviction to tell a story about discovering your destination in life , but also acknowledging the places , and the people , from whence you came . lux , now in her eighties , does a great combination act as narrator , jewish grandmother and subject -- taking us through a film that is part biography , part entertainment and part history . a stylish but steady , and ultimately very satisfying , piece of character-driven storytelling . ken russell would love this . they can and will turn on a dime from oddly humorous to tediously sentimental . claire is a terrific role for someone like judd , who really ought to be playing villains . salma goes native and she 's never been better in this colorful bio-pic of a mexican icon . human nature is a goofball movie , in the way that malkovich was , but it tries too hard . the asylum material is gripping , as are the scenes of jia with his family . a literary detective story is still a detective story and aficionados of the whodunit wo n't be disappointed . the soundtrack alone is worth the price of admission . the film has the high-buffed gloss and high-octane jolts you expect of de palma , but what makes it transporting is that it 's also one of the smartest , most pleasurable expressions of pure movie love to come from an american director in years . sly , sophisticated and surprising . -lrb- kline 's -rrb- utterly convincing -- and deeply appealing -- as a noble teacher who embraces a strict moral code , and as a flawed human being who ca n't quite live up to it . i hope the movie is widely seen and debated with appropriate ferocity and thoughtfulness . she may not be real , but the laughs are . scherfig 's light-hearted profile of emotional desperation is achingly honest and delightfully cheeky . you can sip your vintage wines and watch your merchant ivory productions ; i 'll settle for a nice cool glass of iced tea and a jerry bruckheimer flick any day of the week . both garcia and jagger turn in perfectly executed and wonderfully sympathetic characters , who are alternately touching and funny . crudup 's screen presence is the one thing that holds interest in the midst of a mushy , existential exploration of why men leave their families . not everyone will welcome or accept the trials of henry kissinger as faithful portraiture , but few can argue that the debate it joins is a necessary and timely one . by surrounding us with hyper-artificiality , haynes makes us see familiar issues , like racism and homophobia , in a fresh way . ... somehow manages to escape the shackles of its own clichés to be the best espionage picture to come out in weeks . a highly spirited , imaginative kid 's movie that broaches neo-augustinian theology : is god stuck in heaven because he 's afraid of his best-known creation ? alas , it 's the man that makes the clothes . this often-hilarious farce manages to generate the belly laughs of lowbrow comedy without sacrificing its high-minded appeal . the pianist is polanski 's best film . you feel good , you feel sad , you feel pissed off , but in the end , you feel alive - which is what they did . from the dull , surreal ache of mortal awareness emerges a radiant character portrait . gooding is the energetic frontman , and it 's hard to resist his enthusiasm , even if the filmmakers come up with nothing original in the way of slapstick sequences . just when you think that every possible angle has been exhausted by documentarians , another new film emerges with yet another remarkable yet shockingly little-known perspective . think of it as gidget , only with muscles and a lot more smarts , but just as endearing and easy to watch . grant carries the day with impeccable comic timing , raffish charm and piercing intellect . it 's incredible the number of stories the holocaust has generated . the charm of revolution os is rather the way it introduces you to new , fervently held ideas and fanciful thinkers . there is no substitute for on-screen chemistry , and when friel pulls the strings that make williams sink into melancholia , the reaction in williams is as visceral as a gut punch . a crisp psychological drama -lrb- and -rrb- a fascinating little thriller that would have been perfect for an old `` twilight zone '' episode . there is simply no doubt that this film asks the right questions at the right time in the history of our country . a dark , quirky road movie that constantly defies expectation . mr. spielberg and his company just want you to enjoy yourselves without feeling conned . mr. polanski is in his element here : alone , abandoned , but still consoled by his art , which is more than he has ever revealed before about the source of his spiritual survival . it 's full of cheesy dialogue , but great trashy fun that finally returns de palma to his pulpy thrillers of the early '80s . diggs and lathan are among the chief reasons brown sugar is such a sweet and sexy film . darkly funny and frequently insightful . formuliac , but fun . damon brings the proper conviction to his role as -lrb- jason bourne -rrb- . and yet , it still works . ... a light , yet engrossing piece . really quite funny . the off-center humor is a constant , and the ensemble gives it a buoyant delivery . an eye-boggling blend of psychedelic devices , special effects and backgrounds , ` spy kids 2 ' is a visual treat for all audiences . saddled with an unwieldy cast of characters and angles , but the payoff is powerful and revelatory . an engaging criminal romp that will have viewers guessing just who 's being conned right up to the finale . an engrossing portrait of uncompromising artists trying to create something original against the backdrop of a corporate music industry that only seems to care about the bottom line . it celebrates the group 's playful spark of nonconformity , glancing vividly back at what hibiscus grandly called his ` angels of light . ' its flame-like , roiling black-and-white inspires trembling and gratitude . although it includes a fair share of dumb drug jokes and predictable slapstick , `` orange county '' is far funnier than it would seem to have any right to be . -lrb- the film -rrb- tackles the topic of relationships in such a straightforward , emotionally honest manner that by the end , it 's impossible to ascertain whether the film is , at its core , deeply pessimistic or quietly hopeful . an uncomfortable experience , but one as brave and challenging as you could possibly expect these days from american cinema . the huskies are beautiful , the border collie is funny and the overall feeling is genial and decent . charming and witty , it 's also somewhat clumsy . amari has dressed up this little parable in a fairly irresistible package full of privileged moments and memorable performances . a vivid , spicy footnote to history , and a movie that grips and holds you in rapt attention from start to finish . ... an eerily suspenseful , deeply absorbing piece that works as a treatise on spirituality as well as a solid sci-fi thriller . this film is an act of spiritual faith -- an eloquent , deeply felt meditation on the nature of compassion . it all plays out ... like a high-end john hughes comedy , a kind of elder bueller 's time out . those eternally devoted to the insanity of black will have an intermittently good time . she nearly glows with enthusiasm , sensuality and a conniving wit . and for many of us , that 's good enough . meyjes ... has done his homework and soaked up some jazzy new revisionist theories about the origins of nazi politics and aesthetics . poetic , heartbreaking . a memorable experience that , like many of his works , presents weighty issues colorfully wrapped up in his own idiosyncratic strain of kitschy goodwill . as an actress , madonna is one helluva singer . the direction has a fluid , no-nonsense authority , and the performances by harris , phifer and cam ` ron seal the deal . a film that will enthrall the whole family . much of the lady and the duke is about quiet , decisive moments between members of the cultural elite as they determine how to proceed as the world implodes . a quaint , romanticized rendering . filmmakers david weissman and bill weber benefit enormously from the cockettes ' camera craziness -- not only did they film performances , but they did the same at home . as chilling and fascinating as philippe mora 's modern hitler-study , snide and prejudice . a full experience , a love story and a murder mystery that expands into a meditation on the deep deceptions of innocence . fudges fact and fancy with such confidence that we feel as if we 're seeing something purer than the real thing . the cast is top-notch and i predict there will be plenty of female audience members drooling over michael idemoto as michael . it 's all stitched together with energy , intelligence and verve , enhanced by a surplus of vintage archive footage . a faster paced family flick . fairy-tale formula , serves as a paper skeleton for some very good acting , dialogue , comedy , direction and especially charm . the quirky drama touches the heart and the funnybone thanks to the energetic and always surprising performance by rachel griffiths . in its understanding , often funny way , it tells a story whose restatement is validated by the changing composition of the nation . let 's issue a moratorium , effective immediately , on treacly films about inspirational prep-school professors and the children they so heartwarmingly motivate . i walked away from this new version of e.t. just as i hoped i would -- with moist eyes . the film does a solid job of slowly , steadily building up to the climactic burst of violence . the heart of the film is a touching reflection on aging , suffering and the prospect of death . puts to rest any thought that the german film industry can not make a delightful comedy centering on food . a well-executed spy-thriller . the trailer is a riot . a chilly , brooding but quietly resonant psychological study of domestic tension and unhappiness . the result is somewhat satisfying -- it still comes from spielberg , who has never made anything that was n't at least watchable . i 'll go out on a limb . deflated ending aside , there 's much to recommend the film . as improbable as this premise may seem , abbass 's understated , shining performance offers us the sense that on some elemental level , lilia deeply wants to break free of her old life . gives an intriguing twist to the french coming-of-age genre . he nonetheless appreciates the art and reveals a music scene that transcends culture and race . escapes the precious trappings of most romantic comedies , infusing into the story very real , complicated emotions . a naturally funny film , home movie makes you crave chris smith 's next movie . the quirky and recessive charms of co-stars martin donovan and mary-louise parker help overcome the problematic script . graced with the kind of social texture and realism that would be foreign in american teen comedies . -lrb- allen -rrb- manages to breathe life into this somewhat tired premise . exhilarating but blatantly biased . a mostly believable , refreshingly low-key and quietly inspirational little sports drama . rarely , a movie is more than a movie . a gentle and engrossing character study . what could have easily become a cold , calculated exercise in postmodern pastiche winds up a powerful and deeply moving example of melodramatic moviemaking . some remarkable achival film about how shanghai -lrb- of all places -rrb- served jews who escaped the holocaust . an old-fashioned but emotionally stirring adventure tale of the kind they rarely make anymore . intelligent and moving . a bodice-ripper for intellectuals . it 's fun , wispy , wise and surprisingly inoffensive for a film about a teen in love with his stepmom . time out is existential drama without any of the pretension associated with the term . peppering this urban study with references to norwegian folktales , villeneuve creates in maelstrom a world where the bizarre is credible and the real turns magical . elling builds gradually until you feel fully embraced by this gentle comedy . kwan is a master of shadow , quietude , and room noise , and lan yu is a disarmingly lived-in movie . maryam is a small film , but it offers large rewards . ya-yas everywhere will forgive the flaws and love the film . a stylistic romp that 's always fun to watch . a shimmeringly lovely coming-of-age portrait , shot in artful , watery tones of blue , green and brown . an affectionately goofy satire that 's unafraid to throw elbows when necessary ... but never mind all that ; the boobs are fantasti katz 's documentary does n't have much panache , but with material this rich it does n't need it . huppert and girardot give performances of exceptional honesty . this makes minority report necessary viewing for sci-fi fans , as the film has some of the best special effects ever . swimming is above all about a young woman 's face , and by casting an actress whose face projects that woman 's doubts and yearnings , it succeeds . the powerpuff girls arrive on the big screen with their super-powers , their super-simple animation and their super-dooper-adorability intact . it trusts the story it sets out to tell . strip it of all its excess debris , and you 'd have a 90-minute , four-star movie . while there 's likely very little crossover appeal to those without much interest in the elizabethans -lrb- as well as rank frustration from those in the know about rubbo 's dumbed-down tactics -rrb- , much ado about something is an amicable endeavor . stevens has a flair for dialogue comedy , the film operates nicely off the element of surprise , and the large cast is solid . all leather pants & augmented boobs , hawn is hilarious as she tries to resuscitate the fun-loving libertine lost somewhere inside the conservative , handbag-clutching sarandon . throughout , mr. audiard 's direction is fluid and quick . the observations of this social\/economic\/urban environment are canny and spiced with irony . while insomnia is in many ways a conventional , even predictable remake , nolan 's penetrating undercurrent of cerebral and cinemantic flair lends -lrb- it -rrb- stimulating depth . undoubtedly the scariest movie ever made about tattoos . ian holm conquers france as an earthy napoleon a tremendous piece of work . as an actor 's showcase , hart 's war has much to recommend it , even if the top-billed willis is not the most impressive player . a pretty funny movie , with most of the humor coming , as before , from the incongruous but chemically perfect teaming of crystal and de niro . there 's something poignant about an artist of 90-plus years taking the effort to share his impressions of life and loss and time and art with us . moonlight mile does n't quite go the distance but the cast is impressive and they all give life to these broken characters who are trying to make their way through this tragedy . wilco is a phenomenal band with such an engrossing story that will capture the minds and hearts of many . though nijinsky 's words grow increasingly disturbed , the film maintains a beguiling serenity and poise that make it accessible for a non-narrative feature . this movie may not have the highest production values you 've ever seen , but it 's the work of an artist , one whose view of america , history and the awkwardness of human life is generous and deep . brings together some of the biggest names in japanese anime , with impressive results . -lrb- leigh -rrb- has a true talent for drawing wrenching performances from his actors -lrb- improvised over many months -rrb- and for conveying the way tiny acts of kindness make ordinary life survivable . there 's plenty to enjoy -- in no small part thanks to lau . a stylish cast and some clever scripting solutions help chicago make the transition from stage to screen with considerable appeal intact . an effective portrait of a life in stasis -- of the power of inertia to arrest development in a dead-end existence . the subtitled costume drama is set in a remote african empire before cell phones , guns , and the internal combustion engine , but the politics that thump through it are as timely as tomorrow . brown sugar signals director rick famuyiwa 's emergence as an articulate , grown-up voice in african-american cinema . their computer-animated faces are very expressive . a powerful and telling story that examines forbidden love , racial tension , and other issues that are as valid today as they were in the 1950s . another best of the year selection . the overall effect is awe and affection -- and a strange urge to get on a board and , uh , shred , dude . the underworld urban angst is derivative of martin scorsese 's taxi driver and goodfellas , but this film speaks for itself . the film proves unrelentingly grim -- and equally engrossing . a small gem of a movie that defies classification and is as thought-provoking as it is funny , scary and sad . ... quite good at providing some good old fashioned spooks . arliss howard 's ambitious , moving , and adventurous directorial debut , big bad love , meets so many of the challenges it poses for itself that one can forgive the film its flaws . i am not generally a huge fan of cartoons derived from tv shows , but hey arnold ! literary purists may not be pleased , but as far as mainstream matinee-style entertainment goes , it does a bang-up job of pleasing the crowds . a wild ride of a movie that keeps throwing fastballs . tunney , brimming with coltish , neurotic energy , holds the screen like a true star . the actresses find their own rhythm and protect each other from the script 's bad ideas and awkwardness . rouge is less about a superficial midlife crisis than it is about the need to stay in touch with your own skin , at 18 or 80 . part of the charm of satin rouge is that it avoids the obvious with humour and lightness . its story about a young chinese woman , ah na , who has come to new york city to replace past tragedy with the american dream is one that any art-house moviegoer is likely to find compelling . great performances , stylish cinematography and a gritty feel help make gangster no. 1 a worthwhile moviegoing experience . but that they are doing it is thought-provoking . an improvement on the feeble examples of big-screen poke-mania that have preceded it . manages to please its intended audience -- children -- without placing their parents in a coma-like state . a winning and wildly fascinating work . for once , a movie does not proclaim the truth about two love-struck somebodies , but permits them time and space to convince us of that all on their own . -lrb- fincher 's -rrb- camera sense and assured pacing make it an above-average thriller . but while the highly predictable narrative falls short , treasure planet is truly gorgeous to behold . it 's consistently funny , in an irresistible junior-high way , and consistently free of any gag that would force you to give it a millisecond of thought . a properly spooky film about the power of spirits to influence us whether we believe in them or not . drawing on an irresistible , languid romanticism , byler reveals the ways in which a sultry evening or a beer-fueled afternoon in the sun can inspire even the most retiring heart to venture forth . there 's absolutely no reason why blue crush , a late-summer surfer girl entry , should be as entertaining as it is mike leigh populates his movie with a wonderful ensemble cast of characters that bring the routine day to day struggles of the working class to life transforms one of -lrb- shakespeare 's -rrb- deepest tragedies into a smart new comedy . successfully blended satire , high camp and yet another sexual taboo into a really funny movie . a sweet-tempered comedy that forgoes the knee-jerk misogyny that passes for humor in so many teenage comedies . an elegant film with often surprising twists and an intermingling of naiveté and sophistication . even better than the first one ! more of the same from taiwanese auteur tsai ming-liang , which is good news to anyone who 's fallen under the sweet , melancholy spell of this unique director 's previous films . allen shows he can outgag any of those young whippersnappers making moving pictures today . on the granger movie gauge of 1 to 10 , the powerpuff girls is a fast , frenetic , funny , even punny 6 -- aimed specifically at a grade-school audience . those who trek to the ` plex predisposed to like it probably will enjoy themselves . an ambitious ` what if ? ' when a movie has stuck around for this long , you know there 's something there . it 's a boring movie about a boring man , made watchable by a bravura performance from a consummate actor incapable of being boring . a first-class , thoroughly involving b movie that effectively combines two surefire , beloved genres -- the prison flick and the fight film . the lady and the duke is a smart , romantic drama that dares to depict the french revolution from the aristocrats ' perspective . even if you 've seen `` stomp '' -lrb- the stage show -rrb- , you still have to see this ! this familiar rise-and-fall tale is long on glamour and short on larger moralistic consequences , though it 's told with sharp ears and eyes for the tenor of the times . the ensemble cast turns in a collectively stellar performance , and the writing is tight and truthful , full of funny situations and honest observations . as broad and cartoonish as the screenplay is , there is an accuracy of observation in the work of the director , frank novak , that keeps the film grounded in an undeniable social realism . its use of the thriller form to examine the labyrinthine ways in which people 's lives cross and change , buffeted by events seemingly out of their control , is intriguing , provocative stuff . the hard-to-predict and absolutely essential chemistry between the down-to-earth bullock and the nonchalant grant proves to be sensational , and everything meshes in this elegant entertainment . some of the most ravaging , gut-wrenching , frightening war scenes since `` saving private ryan '' have been recreated by john woo in this little-known story of native americans and their role in the second great war . morton deserves an oscar nomination . by turns pretentious , fascinating , ludicrous , provocative and vainglorious . it 's too harsh to work as a piece of storytelling , but as an intellectual exercise -- an unpleasant debate that 's been given the drive of a narrative and that 's been acted out -- the believer is nothing less than a provocative piece of work . a very capable nailbiter . a witty , whimsical feature debut . a moving and stark reminder that the casualties of war reach much further than we imagine . schepisi , aided by a cast that seems to include every top-notch british actor who did not appear in gosford park -lrb- as well as one , ms. mirren , who did -rrb- , has succeeded beyond all expectation . this movie got me grinning . a haunting tale of murder and mayhem . me without you has a bracing truth that 's refreshing after the phoniness of female-bonding pictures like divine secrets of the ya-ya sisterhood . consummate actor barry has done excellent work here . a decent-enough nail-biter that stands a good chance of being the big hit franklin needs to stay afloat in hollywood . ... the plot weaves us into a complex web . the scorpion king is more fun than conan the barbarian . he has a great cast and a great idea . `` sweet home alabama '' is what it is -- a nice , harmless date film ... even when there are lulls , the emotions seem authentic , and the picture is so lovely toward the end ... you almost do n't notice the 129-minute running time . diaz , applegate , blair and posey are suitably kooky which should appeal to women and they strip down often enough to keep men alert , if not amused . sure , it 's contrived and predictable , but its performances are so well tuned that the film comes off winningly , even though it 's never as solid as you want it to be . runs on the pure adrenalin of pacino 's performance . shyamalan takes a potentially trite and overused concept -lrb- aliens come to earth -rrb- and infuses it into a rustic , realistic , and altogether creepy tale of hidden invasion . `` spider-man is better than any summer blockbuster we had to endure last summer , and hopefully , sets the tone for a summer of good stuff . the film is visually dazzling , the depicted events dramatic , funny and poignant . like many western action films , this thriller is too loud and thoroughly overbearing , but its heartfelt concern about north korea 's recent past and south korea 's future adds a much needed moral weight . a charmer from belgium . even during the climactic hourlong cricket match , boredom never takes hold . a movie that sends you out of the theater feeling like you 've actually spent time living in another community . pipe dream does have its charms . if you 're part of her targeted audience , you 'll cheer . it 's very beavis and butthead , yet always seems to elicit a chuckle . solaris is rigid and evasive in ways that soderbergh 's best films , `` erin brockovich , '' `` out of sight '' and `` ocean 's eleven , '' never were . a modestly made but profoundly moving documentary . fessenden continues to do interesting work , and it would be nice to see what he could make with a decent budget . frank capra played this story straight . mel gibson fights the good fight in vietnam in director randall wallace 's flag-waving war flick with a core of decency . `` barbershop '' is a good-hearted ensemble comedy with a variety of quirky characters and an engaging story . though lan yu lacks a sense of dramatic urgency , the film makes up for it with a pleasing verisimilitude . fortunately , elling never gets too cloying thanks to the actors ' perfect comic timing and sweet , genuine chemistry . despite its faults , gangs excels in spectacle and pacing . lovingly photographed in the manner of a golden book sprung to life , stuart little 2 manages sweetness largely without stickiness . provides a satisfactory overview of the bizarre world of extreme athletes as several daredevils express their own views . it 's been done before but never so vividly or with so much passion . berling and béart ... continue to impress , and isabelle huppert ... again shows uncanny skill in getting under the skin of her characters . serious movie-goers embarking upon this journey will find that the road to perdition leads to a satisfying destination . there are moments of hilarity to be had . it 's hard to imagine anyone managing to steal a movie not only from charismatic rising star jake gyllenhaal but also from accomplished oscar winners susan sarandon , dustin hoffman and holly hunter , yet newcomer ellen pompeo pulls off the feat with aplomb . it offers a glimpse of the solomonic decision facing jewish parents in those turbulent times : to save their children and yet to lose them . the film jolts the laughs from the audience -- as if by cattle prod . elegant , mannered and teasing . there are flaws , but also stretches of impact and moments of awe ; we 're wrapped up in the characters , how they make their choices , and why . by turns touching , raucously amusing , uncomfortable , and , yes , even sexy , never again is a welcome and heartwarming addition to the romantic comedy genre . not the great american comedy , but if you liked the previous movies in the series , you 'll have a good time with this one too . but they fascinate in their recklessness . a heartbreakingly thoughtful minor classic , the work of a genuine and singular artist . worth catching for griffiths ' warm and winning central performance . an unflinching , complex portrait of a modern israel that is rarely seen on-screen . an intelligent romantic thriller of a very old-school kind of quality . a b-movie you can sit through , enjoy on a certain level and then forget . a fascinating , dark thriller that keeps you hooked on the delicious pulpiness of its lurid fiction . enjoyably dumb , sweet , and intermittently hilarious -- if you 've a taste for the quirky , steal a glimpse . williams absolutely nails sy 's queasy infatuation and overall strangeness . i have n't laughed that hard in years ! sorvino is delightful in the central role . a gracious , eloquent film that by its end offers a ray of hope to the refugees able to look ahead and resist living in a past forever lost . what a great way to spend 4 units of your day . a passionately inquisitive film determined to uncover the truth and hopefully inspire action . both a successful adaptation and an enjoyable film in its own right . and vin diesel is the man . this is popcorn movie fun with equal doses of action , cheese , ham and cheek -lrb- as well as a serious debt to the road warrior -rrb- , but it feels like unrealized potential in death to smoochy , we do n't get williams ' usual tear and a smile , just sneers and bile , and the spectacle is nothing short of refreshing . made eddie murphy a movie star and the man has n't aged a day . this is an undeniably intriguing film from an adventurous young talent who finds his inspiration on the fringes of the american underground . yes , mibii is rote work and predictable , but with a philosophical visual coming right at the end that extravagantly redeems it . a gently funny , sweetly adventurous film that makes you feel genuinely good , that is to say , entirely unconned by false sentiment or sharp , overmanipulative hollywood practices . the obnoxious title character provides the drama that gives added clout to this doc . sensitive ensemble performances and good period reconstruction add up to a moving tragedy with some buoyant human moments . it looks closely , insightfully at fragile , complex relationships . spirit is a visual treat , and it takes chances that are bold by studio standards , but it lacks a strong narrative . this is one of the rarest kinds of films : a family-oriented non-disney film that is actually funny without hitting below the belt . for almost the first two-thirds of martin scorsese 's 168-minute gangs of new york , i was entranced . enticing and often funny documentary . whereas oliver stone 's conspiracy thriller jfk was long , intricate , star-studded and visually flashy , interview with the assassin draws its considerable power from simplicity . the komediant is a tale worth catching . worth seeing just for weaver and lapaglia . an encouraging effort from mccrudden i was amused and entertained by the unfolding of bielinsky 's cleverly constructed scenario , and greatly impressed by the skill of the actors involved in the enterprise . such master screenwriting comes courtesy of john pogue , the yale grad who previously gave us `` the skulls '' and last year 's `` rollerball . '' initially gripping , eventually cloying pow drama . chamber of secrets will find millions of eager fans . a solidly constructed , entertaining thriller that stops short of true inspiration . a quiet family drama with a little bit of romance and a dose of darkness . smith examines the intimate , unguarded moments of folks who live in unusual homes -- which pop up in nearly every corner of the country . from its invitingly upbeat overture to its pathos-filled but ultimately life-affirming finale , martin is a masterfully conducted work . an engrossing iranian film about two itinerant teachers and some lost and desolate people they encounter in a place where war has savaged the lives and liberties of the poor and the dispossessed . first and foremost ... the reason to go see `` blue crush '' is the phenomenal , water-born cinematography by david hennings . connoisseurs of chinese film will be pleased to discover that tian 's meticulous talent has not withered during his enforced hiatus . gaunt , silver-haired and leonine , -lrb- harris -rrb- brings a tragic dimension and savage full-bodied wit and cunning to the aging sandeman . left me with the visceral sensation of longing , lasting traces of charlotte 's web of desire and desperation . combines a comically dismal social realism with a farcically bawdy fantasy of redemption and regeneration . a raunchy and frequently hilarious follow-up to the gifted korean american stand-up 's i 'm the one that i want . a completely spooky piece of business that gets under your skin and , some plot blips aside , stays there for the duration . the film has a terrific look and salma hayek has a feel for the character at all stages of her life . what makes barbershop so likable , with all its flaws , is that it has none of the pushiness and decibel volume of most contemporary comedies . -lrb- reaches -rrb- wholly believable and heart-wrenching depths of despair . the film fearlessly gets under the skin of the people involved ... this makes it not only a detailed historical document , but an engaging and moving portrait of a subculture . ... a true delight . an interesting psychological game of cat-and-mouse , three-dimensional characters and believable performances all add up to a satisfying crime drama . a new film from bill plympton , the animation master , is always welcome . high drama , disney-style - a wing and a prayer and a hunky has-been pursuing his castle in the sky . a wonderfully speculative character study that made up for its rather slow beginning by drawing me into the picture . it 's the kind of movie that , aside from robert altman , spike lee , the coen brothers and a few others , our moviemakers do n't make often enough . the action sequences are fun and reminiscent of combat scenes from the star wars series . the work of an exhausted , desiccated talent who ca n't get out of his own way . it 's a great american adventure and a wonderful film to bring to imax . a uniquely sensual metaphorical dramatization of sexual obsession that spends a bit too much time on its fairly ludicrous plot . the sentimental cliches mar an otherwise excellent film . eyre is on his way to becoming the american indian spike lee . in questioning the election process , payami graphically illustrates the problems of fledgling democracies , but also the strength and sense of freedom the iranian people already possess , with or without access to the ballot box . so genial is the conceit , this is one of those rare pictures that you root for throughout , dearly hoping that the rich promise of the script will be realized on the screen . amazingly dopey . combines improbable melodrama -lrb- gored bullfighters , comatose ballerinas -rrb- with subtly kinky bedside vigils and sensational denouements , and yet at the end , we are undeniably touched . you do n't need to be a hip-hop fan to appreciate scratch , and that 's the mark of a documentary that works . writer\/director david caesar ladles on the local flavour with a hugely enjoyable film about changing times , clashing cultures and the pleasures of a well-made pizza . the journey to the secret 's eventual discovery is a separate adventure , and thrill enough . it 's soulful and unslick , and that 's apparently just what -lrb- aniston -rrb- has always needed to grow into a movie career . like blended shades of lipstick , these components combine into one terrific story with lots of laughs . devos delivers a perfect performance that captures the innocence and budding demons within a wallflower . tells a fascinating , compelling story . beautifully reclaiming the story of carmen and recreating it an in an african idiom . michel piccoli 's moving performance is this films reason for being . read my lips is to be viewed and treasured for its extraordinary intelligence and originality as well as its lyrical variations on the game of love . yes , soar . as banal as the telling may be -- and at times , all my loved ones more than flirts with kitsch -- the tale commands attention . although frailty fits into a classic genre , in its script and execution it is a remarkably original work . poignant and moving , a walk to remember is an inspirational love story , capturing the innocence and idealism of that first encounter . ... by the time it 's done with us , mira nair 's new movie has its audience giddy with the delight of discovery , of having been immersed in a foreign culture only to find that human nature is pretty much the same all over . a huge box-office hit in korea , shiri is a must for genre fans . clint eastwood 's blood work is a lot like a well-made pb & j sandwich : familiar , fairly uneventful and boasting no real surprises -- but still quite tasty and inviting all the same . a sentimental but entirely irresistible portrait of three aging sisters . measured against practically any like-themed film other than its oscar-sweeping franchise predecessor the silence of the lambs , red dragon rates as an exceptional thriller . ... a quietly introspective portrait of the self-esteem of employment and the shame of losing a job ... garcia and the other actors help make the wobbly premise work . it is also beautifully acted . all three actresses are simply dazzling , particularly balk , who 's finally been given a part worthy of her considerable talents . ... a powerful sequel and one of the best films of the year . it 's about individual moments of mood , and an aimlessness that 's actually sort of amazing . a gift to anyone who loves both dance and cinema passions , obsessions , and loneliest dark spots are pushed to their most virtuous limits , lending the narrative an unusually surreal tone . definitely a crowd-pleaser , but then , so was the roman colosseum . this story of a determined woman 's courage to find her husband in a war zone offers winning performances and some effecting moments . the story itself it mostly told through on-camera interviews with several survivors , whose riveting memories are rendered with such clarity that it 's as if it all happened only yesterday . the movie is clever , offbeat and even gritty enough to overcome my resistance . it 's a very tasteful rock and roll movie . meticulously mounted , exasperatingly well-behaved film , which ticks off kahlo 's lifetime milestones with the dutiful precision of a tax accountant . davis ' candid , archly funny and deeply authentic take on intimate relationships comes to fruition in her sophomore effort . a fast paced and suspenseful argentinian thriller about the shadow side of play . hard to resist . director carl franklin , so crisp and economical in one false move , bogs down in genre cliches here . like a precious and finely cut diamond , magnificent to behold in its sparkling beauty yet in reality it 's one tough rock . a knowing look at female friendship , spiked with raw urban humor . ... begins on a high note and sustains it beautifully . the overall result is an intelligent , realistic portrayal of testing boundaries . quaid is utterly fearless as the tortured husband living a painful lie , and moore wonderfully underplays the long-suffering heroine with an unflappable '50s dignity somewhere between jane wyman and june cleaver . a poignant comedy that offers food for thought . secretary manages a neat trick , bundling the flowers of perversity , comedy and romance into a strangely tempting bouquet of a movie . this fascinating experiment plays as more of a poetic than a strict reality , creating an intriguing species of artifice that gives the lady and the duke something of a theatrical air . the filmmakers ' eye for detail and the high standards of performance convey a strong sense of the girls ' environment . it also shows how deeply felt emotions can draw people together across the walls that might otherwise separate them . it 's at once laughable and compulsively watchable , in its committed dumbness . - west coast rap wars , this modern mob music drama never fails to fascinate . as part of mr. dong 's continuing exploration of homosexuality in america , family fundamentals is an earnest study in despair . all in all , brown sugar is a satisfying well-made romantic comedy that 's both charming and well acted . represents a worthy departure from the culture clash comedies that have marked an emerging indian american cinema . a comedy that swings and jostles to the rhythms of life . a stylish thriller . constantly touching , surprisingly funny , semi-surrealist exploration of the creative act . birthday girl does n't try to surprise us with plot twists , but rather seems to enjoy its own transparency . that rare movie that works on any number of levels -- as a film of magic and whimsy for children , a heartfelt romance for teenagers and a compelling argument about death , both pro and con , for adults . the universal theme of becoming a better person through love has never been filmed more irresistibly than in ` baran . ' unfolds as one of the most politically audacious films of recent decades from any country , but especially from france . the rock is destined to be the 21st century 's new `` conan '' and that he 's going to make a splash even greater than arnold schwarzenegger , jean-claud van damme or steven segal . before it takes a sudden turn and devolves into a bizarre sort of romantic comedy , steven shainberg 's adaptation of mary gaitskill 's harrowing short story ... is a brilliantly played , deeply unsettling experience . ... very funny , very enjoyable ... ... with the gifted pearce on hand to keep things on semi-stable ground dramatically , this retooled machine is ultimately effective enough at achieving the modest , crowd-pleasing goals it sets for itself . lathan and diggs carry the film with their charisma , and both exhibit sharp comic timing that makes the more hackneyed elements of the film easier to digest . he has improved upon the first and taken it a step further , richer and deeper . it 's a testament to de niro and director michael caton-jones that by movie 's end , we accept the characters and the film , flaws and all . this method almost never fails him , and it works superbly here . it 's technically sumptuous but also almost wildly alive . often likable , but just as often it 's meandering , low on energy , and too eager to be quirky at moments when a little old-fashioned storytelling would come in handy . ... the tale of her passionate , tumultuous affair with musset unfolds as sand 's masculine persona , with its love of life and beauty , takes form . a hypnotic portrait of this sad , compulsive life . a fascinating , unnerving examination of the delusions of one unstable man . a smart little indie . i have a new favorite musical -- and i 'm not even a fan of the genre easily one of the best and most exciting movies of the year . despite the surface attractions -- conrad l. hall 's cinematography will likely be nominated for an oscar next year -- there 's something impressive and yet lacking about everything . that 's why sex and lucia is so alluring . nettelbeck ... has a pleasing way with a metaphor . a bit of a downer and a little over-dramatic at times , but this is a beautiful film for people who like their romances to have that french realism . not everything in this ambitious comic escapade works , but coppola , along with his sister , sofia , is a real filmmaker . it 's fun , but it 's a real howler . even through its flaws , revolution # 9 proves to be a compelling , interestingly told film . just the labour involved in creating the layered richness of the imagery in this chiaroscuro of madness and light is astonishing . the case is a convincing one , and should give anyone with a conscience reason to pause . when twentysomething hotsies make movies about their lives , hard-driving narcissism is a given , but what a world we 'd live in if argento 's hollywood counterparts ... had this much imagination and nerve . on its own , big trouble could be considered a funny little film . -lrb- reynolds -rrb- takes a classic story , casts attractive and talented actors and uses a magnificent landscape to create a feature film that is wickedly fun to watch . if you 're content with a clever pseudo-bio that manages to have a good time as it doles out pieces of the famous director 's life , eisenstein delivers . this is the kind of subject matter that could so easily have been fumbled by a lesser filmmaker , but ayres makes the right choices at every turn . probes in a light-hearted way the romantic problems of individuals for whom the yearning for passion spells discontent . ... once the true impact of the day unfolds , the power of this movie is undeniable . this time , the hype is quieter , and while the movie is slightly less successful than the first , it 's still a rollicking good time for the most part . the best film of the year 2002 . blisteringly rude , scarily funny , sorrowfully sympathetic to the damage it surveys , the film has in kieran culkin a pitch-perfect holden . the first shocking thing about sorority boys is that it 's actually watchable . a movie i loved on first sight and , even more important , love in remembrance . this is a movie full of grace and , ultimately , hope . most haunting about `` fence '' is its conclusion , when we hear the ultimate fate of these girls and realize , much to our dismay , that this really did happen . a well paced and satisfying little drama that deserved better than a ` direct-to-video ' release . an engrossing story that combines psychological drama , sociological reflection , and high-octane thriller . a gripping drama . it picked me up , swung me around , and dropped me back in my seat with more emotional force than any other recent film . the pleasures that it does afford may be enough to keep many moviegoers occupied amidst some of the more serious-minded concerns of other year-end movies . a pretty decent kid-pleasing , tolerable-to-adults lark of a movie . as i settled into my world war ii memories , i found myself strangely moved by even the corniest and most hackneyed contrivances . classic cinema served up with heart and humor with dirty deeds , david caesar has stepped into the mainstream of filmmaking with an assurance worthy of international acclaim and with every cinematic tool well under his control -- driven by a natural sense for what works on screen . oddly , the film is n't nearly as downbeat as it sounds , but strikes a tone that 's alternately melancholic , hopeful and strangely funny . i 've never seen or heard anything quite like this film , and i recommend it for its originality alone . when the movie mixes the cornpone and the cosa nostra , it finds a nice rhythm . it 's funny , touching , dramatically forceful , and beautifully shot . a good documentary can make interesting a subject you thought would leave you cold . this is a children 's film in the truest sense . a very funny romantic comedy about two skittish new york middle-agers who stumble into a relationship and then struggle furiously with their fears and foibles . a solid , spooky entertainment worthy of the price of a ticket . there are n't many conclusive answers in the film , but there is an interesting story of pointed personalities , courage , tragedy and the little guys vs. the big guys . a film that begins with the everyday lives of naval personnel in san diego and ends with scenes so true and heartbreaking that tears welled up in my eyes both times i saw the film . leigh is one of the rare directors who feels acting is the heart and soul of cinema . sitting in the third row of the imax cinema at sydney 's darling harbour , but i sometimes felt as though i was in the tiny two seater plane that carried the giant camera around australia , sweeping and gliding , banking and hovering over some of the most not it 's more enjoyable than i expected , though , and that 's because the laughs come from fairly basic comedic constructs . it 's crafty , energetic and smart -- the kid is sort of like a fourteen-year old ferris bueller . she boxes these women 's souls right open for us . this is dicaprio 's best performance in anything ever , and easily the most watchable film of the year . jolie gives it that extra little something that makes it worth checking out at theaters , especially if you 're in the mood for something more comfortable than challenging . other than the slightly flawed -lrb- and fairly unbelievable -rrb- finale , everything else is top shelf . a summer entertainment adults can see without feeling embarrassed , but it could have been more . the immersive powers of the giant screen and its hyper-realistic images are put to perfect use in the breathtakingly beautiful outer-space documentary space station 3d . as they used to say in the 1950s sci-fi movies , signs is a tribute to shyamalan 's gifts , which are such that we 'll keep watching the skies for his next project . in visual fertility treasure planet rivals the top japanese animations of recent vintage . assured , vital and well wrought , the film is , arguably , the most accomplished work to date from hong kong 's versatile stanley kwan . notwithstanding my problem with the movie 's final half hour , i 'm going to recommend secretary , based on the wonderful acting clinic put on by spader and gyllenhaal , and also the unique way shainberg goes about telling what at heart is a sweet little girl - the big ending surprise almost saves the movie . nair 's cast is so large it 's altman-esque , but she deftly spins the multiple stories in a vibrant and intoxicating fashion . an original and highly cerebral examination of the psychopathic mind it 's an experience in understanding a unique culture that is presented with universal appeal . if you like peace , you 'll like promises . a perfectly pleasant if slightly pokey comedy . the performances are uniformly good . if the film fails to fulfill its own ambitious goals , it nonetheless sustains interest during the long build-up of expository material . murderous maids has a lot going for it , not least the brilliant performances by testud ... and parmentier . the search for redemption makes for a touching love story , mainly because blanchett and ribisi compellingly tap into a spiritual aspect of their characters ' suffering . by and large this is mr. kilmer 's movie , and it 's his strongest performance since the doors . one of those joyous films that leaps over national boundaries and celebrates universal human nature . ... a thoughtful what-if for the heart as well as the mind . the attraction between these two marginal characters is complex from the start -- and , refreshingly , stays that way . the production has been made with an enormous amount of affection , so we believe these characters love each other . ramsay succeeds primarily with her typical blend of unsettling atmospherics , delivering a series of abrasive , stylized sequences that burn themselves upon the viewer 's memory . an ideal love story for those intolerant of the more common saccharine genre . alternately frustrating and rewarding . manages to be both hugely entertaining and uplifting . vera has created a provocative , absorbing drama that reveals the curse of a self-hatred instilled by rigid social mores . the performances are an absolute joy . this seductive tease of a thriller gets the job done . like all great films about a life you never knew existed , it offers much to absorb and even more to think about after the final frame . it is a strength of a documentary to disregard available bias , especially as temptingly easy as it would have been with this premise . it 's funny and human and really pretty damned wonderful , all at once . russian ark is a new treasure of the hermitage . highly engaging . antwone fisher certainly does the trick of making us care about its protagonist and celebrate his victories but , with few exceptions , it rarely stoops to cheap manipulation or corny conventions to do it . if you can swallow its absurdities and crudities lagaan really is enormously good fun . has its moments -- and almost as many subplots . what 's next ? twohy 's a good yarn-spinner , and ultimately the story compels . an enthralling aesthetic experience , one that 's steeped in mystery and a ravishing , baroque beauty . hatosy ... portrays young brendan with his usual intelligence and subtlety , not to mention a convincing brogue . washington overcomes the script 's flaws and envelops the audience in his character 's anguish , anger and frustration . mariah carey gives us another peek at some of the magic we saw in glitter here in wisegirls . it 's a day at the beach -- with air conditioning and popcorn . often shocking but ultimately worthwhile exploration of motherhood and desperate mothers . but it 's surprisingly harmless . a quietly moving look back at what it was to be iranian-american in 1979 . a competent , unpretentious entertainment destined to fill the after-school slot at shopping mall theaters across the country . functions as both a revealing look at the collaborative process and a timely , tongue-in-cheek profile of the corporate circus that is the recording industry in the current climate of mergers and downsizing . reign of fire is hardly the most original fantasy film ever made -- beyond road warrior , it owes enormous debts to aliens and every previous dragon drama -- but that barely makes it any less entertaining . there 's no denying that burns is a filmmaker with a bright future ahead of him . a fascinating documentary about the long and eventful spiritual journey of the guru who helped launch the new age . the film has the courage of its convictions and excellent performances on its side . there 's plenty to impress about e.t. the pianist -lrb- is -rrb- a supremely hopeful cautionary tale of war 's madness remembered that we , today , can prevent its tragic waste of life . topics that could make a sailor blush - but lots of laughs . has the rare capability to soothe and break your heart with a single stroke . a conventional , but well-crafted film about a historic legal battle in ireland over a man 's right to raise his own children . the entire movie establishes a wonderfully creepy mood . this movie has the usual impossible stunts ... but it has just as many scenes that are lean and tough enough to fit in any modern action movie . as a film director , labute continues to improve . p.t. anderson understands the grandness of romance and how love is the great equalizer that can calm us of our daily ills and bring out joys in our lives that we never knew were possible . i do n't know if frailty will turn bill paxton into an a-list director , but he can rest contentedly with the knowledge that he 's made at least one damn fine horror movie . large budget notwithstanding , the movie is such a blip on the year 's radar screen that it 's tempting just to go with it for the ride . `` frailty '' offers chills much like those that you get when sitting around a campfire around midnight , telling creepy stories to give each other the willies . despite modest aspirations its occasional charms are not to be dismissed . a smart , compelling drama . ... there 's enough cool fun here to warm the hearts of animation enthusiasts of all ages . deliciously slow . offers an interesting look at the rapidly changing face of beijing . ... certainly an entertaining ride , despite many talky , slow scenes . an escapist confection that 's pure entertainment . an amused indictment of jaglom 's own profession . beautifully shot , delicately scored and powered by a set of heartfelt performances , it 's a lyrical endeavour . for all its problems ... the lady and the duke surprisingly manages never to grow boring ... which proves that rohmer still has a sense of his audience . the salton sea has moments of inspired humour , though every scrap is of the darkest variety . a touching , sophisticated film that almost seems like a documentary in the way it captures an italian immigrant family on the brink of major changes . a sharp , amusing study of the cult of celebrity . a culture-clash comedy that , in addition to being very funny , captures some of the discomfort and embarrassment of being a bumbling american in europe . the leaping story line , shaped by director peter kosminsky into sharp slivers and cutting impressions , shows all the signs of rich detail condensed into a few evocative images and striking character traits . an emotionally strong and politically potent piece of cinema . that the real antwone fisher was able to overcome his personal obstacles and become a good man is a wonderful thing ; that he has been able to share his story so compellingly with us is a minor miracle . what a dumb , fun , curiously adolescent movie this is . writer\/director burr steers emphasizes the q in quirky , with mixed results . it 's usually a bad sign when directors abandon their scripts and go where the moment takes them , but olympia , wash. , based filmmakers anne de marcken and marilyn freeman did just that and it 's what makes their project so interesting . now here 's a sadistic bike flick that would have made vittorio de sica proud . offers laughs and insight into one of the toughest ages a kid can go through . it 's up to -lrb- watts -rrb- to lend credibility to this strange scenario , and her presence succeeds in making us believe . what makes this film special is serry 's ability to take what is essentially a contained family conflict and put it into a much larger historical context . ... a solid , well-formed satire . the film is small in scope , yet perfectly formed . those moviegoers who would automatically bypass a hip-hop documentary should give `` scratch '' a second look . using a stock plot , about a boy injects just enough freshness into the proceedings to provide an enjoyable 100 minutes in a movie theater . old-fashioned but thoroughly satisfying entertainment . an ingenious and often harrowing look at damaged people and how families can offer either despair or consolation . below may not mark mr. twohy 's emergence into the mainstream , but his promise remains undiminished . chouraqui brings documentary-like credibility to the horrors of the killing field and the barbarism of ` ethnic cleansing . ' it 's endlessly inventive , consistently intelligent and sickeningly savage . world traveler might not go anywhere new , or arrive anyplace special , but it 's certainly an honest attempt to get at something . it is life affirming and heartbreaking , sweet without the decay factor , funny and sad . witty dialog between realistic characters showing honest emotions . the lively appeal of the last kiss lies in the ease with which it integrates thoughtfulness and pasta-fagioli comedy . using an endearing cast , writer\/director dover kosashvili takes a slightly dark look at relationships , both sexual and kindred . toes the fine line between cheese and earnestness remarkably well ; everything is delivered with such conviction that it 's hard not to be carried away . it 's the filmmakers ' post-camp comprehension of what made old-time b movies good-bad that makes eight legged freaks a perfectly entertaining summer diversion . and , there 's no way you wo n't be talking about the film once you exit the theater . his work with actors is particularly impressive . unfolds in a series of achronological vignettes whose cumulative effect is chilling . a compelling , gut-clutching piece of advocacy cinema that carries you along in a torrent of emotion as it explores the awful complications of one terrifying day . for those who like quirky , slightly strange french films , this is a must ! the mood , look and tone of the film fit the incredible storyline to a t. a certain sexiness underlines even the dullest tangents . a work of extraordinary journalism , but it is also a work of deft and subtle poetry . but toback 's deranged immediacy makes it seem fresh again . all three women deliver remarkable performances . koury frighteningly and honestly exposes one teenager 's uncomfortable class resentment and , in turn , his self-inflicted retaliation . there is a subversive element to this disney cartoon , providing unexpected fizzability . in an era where big stars and high production values are standard procedure , narc strikes a defiantly retro chord , and outpaces its contemporaries with daring and verve . bolstered by an astonishing voice cast -lrb- excepting love hewitt -rrb- , an interesting racial tension , and a storyline that i have n't encountered since at least pete 's dragon . while the now 72-year-old robert evans been slowed down by a stroke , he has at least one more story to tell : his own . maggie smith as the ya-ya member with the o2-tank will absolutely crack you up with her crass , then gasp for gas , verbal deportment . brims with passion : for words , for its eccentric , accident-prone characters , and for the crazy things that keep people going in this crazy life . spectacular in every sense of the word , even if you don ' t know an orc from a uruk-hai . a different and emotionally reserved type of survival story -- a film less about refracting all of world war ii through the specific conditions of one man , and more about that man lost in its midst . you will likely prefer to keep on watching . a film that 's flawed and brilliant in equal measure . it 's a lovely , eerie film that casts an odd , rapt spell . one fantastic -lrb- and educational -rrb- documentary . the word that comes to mind , while watching eric rohmer 's tribute to a courageous scottish lady , is painterly . a funny and touching film that is gorgeously acted by a british cast to rival gosford park 's . he allows his cast members to make creative contributions to the story and dialogue . cho continues her exploration of the outer limits of raunch with considerable brio . i love the robust middle of this picture . it 's a diverting enough hour-and-a-half for the family audience . intriguing and downright intoxicating . a sharp satire of desperation and cinematic deception . i still like moonlight mile , better judgment be damned . a showcase for both the scenic splendor of the mountains and for legendary actor michel serrault , the film is less successful on other levels . with an expressive face reminiscent of gong li and a vivid personality like zhang ziyi 's , dong stakes out the emotional heart of happy . george lucas returns as a visionary with a tale full of nuance and character dimension . `` auto focus '' works as an unusual biopic and document of male swingers in the playboy era except it 's much , much better . good fun , good action , good acting , good dialogue , good pace , good cinematography . it 's a sharp movie about otherwise dull subjects . jason patric and ray liotta make for one splendidly cast pair . its compelling mix of trial movie , escape movie and unexpected fable ensures the film never feels draggy . insightfully written , delicately performed the movie 's thesis -- elegant technology for the masses -- is surprisingly refreshing . it 's no lie -- big fat liar is a real charmer . a gorgeously strange movie , heaven is deeply concerned with morality , but it refuses to spell things out for viewers . a subtle , humorous , illuminating study of politics , power and social mobility . i loved the look of this film . it has its faults , but it is a kind , unapologetic , sweetheart of a movie , and mandy moore leaves a positive impression . for proof of that on the cinematic front , look no further than this 20th anniversary edition of the film that spielberg calls , retrospectively , his most personal work yet . a slam-bang extravaganza that is all about a wild-and-woolly , wall-to-wall good time . the campy results make mel brooks ' borscht belt schtick look sophisticated . while parker and co-writer catherine di napoli are faithful to melville 's plotline , they and a fully engaged supporting cast ... have made the old boy 's characters more quick-witted than any english lit major would have thought possible . the aaa of action , xxx is a blast of adrenalin , rated eee for excitement . comedian , like its subjects , delivers the goods and audiences will have a fun , no-frills ride . it was only a matter of time before some savvy producer saw the potential success inherent in the mixture of bullock bubble and hugh goo . it 's a sweet , laugh-a-minute crowd pleaser that lifts your spirits as well as the corners of your mouth . scott delivers a terrific performance in this fascinating portrait of a modern lothario . the film delivers what it promises : a look at the `` wild ride '' that ensues when brash young men set out to conquer the online world with laptops , cell phones and sketchy business plans . it thankfully goes easy on the reel\/real world dichotomy that -lrb- jaglom -rrb- pursued with such enervating determination in venice\/venice . mark pellington 's latest pop thriller is as kooky and overeager as it is spooky and subtly in love with myth . prepare to marvel again . troubling and powerful . a genuinely moving and wisely unsentimental drama . amy and matthew have a bit of a phony relationship , but the film works in spite of it . maybe it is formula filmmaking , but there 's nothing wrong with that if the film is well-crafted and this one is . nohe 's documentary about the event is sympathetic without being gullible : he is n't blind to the silliness , but also captures moments of spontaneous creativity and authentic co-operative interaction . a delightful , if minor , pastry of a movie . a sexy , surprising romance ... idemoto and kim make a gorgeous pair ... their scenes brim with sexual possibility and emotional danger . there are n't too many films that can be as simultaneously funny , offbeat and heartwarming -lrb- without a thick shmear of the goo , at least -rrb- , but `` elling '' manages to do all three quite well , making it one of the year 's most enjoyable releases . as a girl-meets-girl romantic comedy , kissing jessica steinis quirky , charming and often hilarious . it 's sweet . like brosnan 's performance , evelyn comes from the heart . though the film is well-intentioned , one could rent the original and get the same love story and parable . -lrb- woo 's -rrb- most resonant film since the killer . strange and beautiful film . marvelously entertaining and deliriously joyous documentary . reveals how important our special talents can be when put in service of of others . as a vehicle to savour binoche 's skill , the film is well worthwhile . what saves this deeply affecting film from being merely a collection of wrenching cases is corcuera 's attention to detail . steers , in his feature film debut , has created a brilliant motion picture . it has a way of seeping into your consciousness , with lingering questions about what the film is really getting at . the charms of the lead performances allow us to forget most of the film 's problems . the pleasure of read my lips is like seeing a series of perfect black pearls clicking together to form a string . it turns out to be smarter and more diabolical than you could have guessed at the beginning . an example of quiet , confident craftsmanship that tells a sweet , charming tale of intergalactic friendship . tense , terrific , sweaty-palmed fun . cuaron repeatedly , perversely undercuts the joie de vivre even as he creates it , giving the movie a mournful undercurrent that places the good-time shenanigans in welcome perspective . for all its brooding quality , ash wednesday is suspenseful and ultimately unpredictable , with a sterling ensemble cast . delivers the sexy razzle-dazzle that everyone , especially movie musical fans , has been hoping for . a story about intelligent high school students that deals with first love sweetly but also seriously . waydowntown may not be an important movie , or even a good one , but it provides a nice change of mindless pace in collision with the hot oscar season currently underway . `` frailty '' starts out like a typical bible killer story , but it turns out to be significantly different -lrb- and better -rrb- than most films with this theme . thanks to the château 's balance of whimsicality , narrative discipline and serious improvisation , almost every relationship and personality in the film yields surprises . in the affable maid in manhattan , jennifer lopez 's most aggressive and most sincere attempt to take movies by storm , the diva shrewdly surrounds herself with a company of strictly a-list players . elegantly produced and expressively performed , the six musical numbers crystallize key plot moments into minutely detailed wonders of dreamlike ecstasy . dark and unrepentant , this excursion into the epicenter of percolating mental instability is not easily dismissed or forgotten . a film in a class with spike lee 's masterful do the right thing . a delightful stimulus for the optic nerves , so much that it 's forgivable that the plot feels like every other tale of a totalitarian tomorrow . for all the charm of kevin kline and a story that puts old-fashioned values under the microscope , there 's something creepy about this movie . ... a delightfully unpredictable , hilarious comedy with wonderful performances that tug at your heart in ways that utterly transcend gender labels . what 's so striking about jolie 's performance is that she never lets her character become a caricature -- not even with that radioactive hair . i 've never bought from telemarketers , but i bought this movie . woven together handsomely , recalling sixties ' rockumentary milestones from lonely boy to do n't look back . horrid little propaganda film with fascinating connections not only to the serbs themselves but also to a network of american right-wing extremists . a sun-drenched masterpiece , part parlor game , part psychological case study , part droll social satire . 10 minutes into the film you 'll be white-knuckled and unable to look away . an enjoyable above average summer diversion . it 's not going to be everyone 's bag of popcorn , but it definitely gives you something to chew on . sometimes charming , sometimes infuriating , this argentinean ` dramedy ' succeeds mainly on the shoulders of its actors . `` 13 conversations about one thing '' is an intelligent flick that examines many different ideas from happiness to guilt in an intriguing bit of storytelling . a no-holds-barred cinematic treat . all in all , road to perdition is more in love with strangeness than excellence . adaptation 's success in engaging the audience in the travails of creating a screenplay is extraordinary . canadian filmmaker gary burns ' inventive and mordantly humorous take on the soullessness of work in the city . ultimately , `` mib ii '' succeeds due to its rapid-fire delivery and enough inspired levity that it ca n't be dismissed as mindless . like the original , this version is raised a few notches above kiddie fantasy pablum by allen 's astringent wit . a family film that contains some hefty thematic material on time , death , eternity , and what is needed to live a rich and full life . a riveting profile of law enforcement , and a visceral , nasty journey into an urban hades . by no means a great movie , but it is a refreshingly forthright one . rewarding . often hilarious . shot largely in small rooms , the film has a gentle , unforced intimacy that never becomes claustrophobic . i like all four of the lead actors a lot and they manage to squeeze a few laughs out of the material , but they 're treading water at best in this forgettable effort . a very charming and funny movie . nair 's attention to detail creates an impeccable sense of place , while thurman and lewis give what can easily be considered career-best performances . a sense of real magic , perhaps . a tour de force of modern cinema . able to provide insight into a fascinating part of theater history . adams , with four scriptwriters , takes care with the characters , who are so believable that you feel what they feel . he makes you realize that deep inside righteousness can be found a tough beauty . this is historical filmmaking without the balm of right-thinking ideology , either liberal or conservative . -lrb- a -rrb- smarter and much funnier version of the old police academy flicks . an impeccable study in perversity . what sets it apart is the vision that taymor , the avant garde director of broadway 's the lion king and the film titus , brings . offers the flash of rock videos fused with solid performances and eerie atmosphere . twenty years after its first release , e.t. remains the most wondrous of all hollywood fantasies -- and the apex of steven spielberg 's misunderstood career . a perceptive , good-natured movie . maelstrom is strange and compelling , engrossing and different , a moral tale with a twisted sense of humor . if you ever wondered what it would be like to be smack in the middle of a war zone armed with nothing but a camera , this oscar-nominated documentary takes you there . like the chilled breath of oral storytelling frozen onto film . captivates as it shows excess in business and pleasure , allowing us to find the small , human moments , and leaving off with a grand whimper . gay or straight , kissing jessica stein is one of the greatest date movies in years . he drags it back , single-handed . translating complex characters from novels to the big screen is an impossible task but they are true to the essence of what it is to be ya-ya . a thoughtful and surprisingly affecting portrait of a screwed-up man who dared to mess with some powerful people , seen through the eyes of the idealistic kid who chooses to champion his ultimately losing cause . reggio and glass put on an intoxicating show . a rare and lightly entertaining look behind the curtain that separates comics from the people laughing in the crowd . be prepared to cling to the edge of your seat , tense with suspense . both heartbreaking and heartwarming ... just a simple fable done in an artless sytle , but it 's tremendously moving . the series ' message about making the right choice in the face of tempting alternatives remains prominent , as do the girls ' amusing personalities . it 's surprisingly decent , particularly for a tenth installment in a series . sex with strangers is fascinating ... byler is too savvy a filmmaker to let this morph into a typical romantic triangle . a minor film with major pleasures from portuguese master manoel de oliviera ... leguizamo and jones are both excellent and the rest of the cast is uniformly superb . neither quite a comedy nor a romance , more of an impish divertissement of themes that interest attal and gainsbourg -- they live together -- the film has a lot of charm . likely to have decades of life as a classic movie franchise ? this is a fascinating film because there is no clear-cut hero and no all-out villain . another trumpet blast that there may be a new mexican cinema a-bornin ' . ' expands the limits of what a film can be , taking us into the lives of women to whom we might not give a second look if we passed them on the street . despite the film 's shortcomings , the stories are quietly moving . from blushing to gushing -- imamura squirts the screen in ` warm water under a red bridge ' delight your senses and crash this wedding ! the best thing i can say about this film is that i ca n't wait to see what the director does next . ... wallace is smart to vary the pitch of his movie , balancing deafening battle scenes with quieter domestic scenes of women back home receiving war department telegrams . a true-blue delight . it leaves little doubt that kidman has become one of our best actors . an enjoyable experience . and they succeed merrily at their noble endeavor . the hours , a delicately crafted film , is an impressive achievement in spite of a river of sadness that pours into every frame . much of it is funny , but there are also some startling , surrealistic moments ... its engaging simplicity is driven by appealing leads . this 90-minute postmodern voyage was more diverting and thought-provoking than i 'd expected it to be . a touching drama about old age and grief with a tour de force performance by michel piccoli . dog soldiers does n't transcend genre -- it embraces it , energizes it and takes big bloody chomps out of it . third time 's the charm ... yeah , baby ! weighty and ponderous but every bit as filling as the treat of the title . makes the case for a strong education and good teachers being more valuable in the way they help increase an average student 's self-esteem , and not strictly in the knowledge imparted . a giddy and provocative sexual romp that has something to say . what 's not to like about a movie with a ` children 's ' song that includes the line ` my stepdad 's not mean , he 's just adjusting ' ? eventually arrives at its heart , as simple self-reflection meditation . in a summer overrun with movies dominated by cgi aliens and super heroes , it revigorates the mind to see a feature that concentrates on people , a project in which the script and characters hold sway . what begins as a conventional thriller evolves into a gorgeously atmospheric meditation on life-changing chance encounters . it 's rare for any movie to be as subtle and touching as the son 's room . not as well-written as sexy beast , not as gloriously flippant as lock , stock and two smoking barrels , but stylish and moody and exceptionally well-acted . spielberg 's realization of a near-future america is masterful . amidst the action , the script carries arnold -lrb- and the viewers -rrb- into the forbidden zone of sympathizing with terrorist motivations by presenting the `` other side of the story . '' as gory as the scenes of torture and self-mutilation may be , they are pitted against shimmering cinematography that lends the setting the ethereal beauty of an asian landscape painting . jones has delivered a solidly entertaining and moving family drama . it 's sort of in-between , and it works . he 's the scariest guy you 'll see all summer . a cultural wildcard experience : wacky , different , unusual , even nutty . a hallmark film in an increasingly important film industry and worth the look . a funny , triumphant , and moving documentary . for the most part , the film does hold up pretty well . it 's about issues most adults have to face in marriage and i think that 's what i liked about it -- the real issues tucked between the silly and crude storyline . there 's a spontaneity to the chateau , a sense of light-heartedness , that makes it attractive throughout . in fact , it 's quite fun in places . hollywood ending is not show-stoppingly hilarious , but scathingly witty nonetheless . it 's an exhilarating place to visit , this laboratory of laughter . genuinely unnerving . enriched by a strong and unforced supporting cast . an intoxicating experience . rock solid family fun out of the gates , extremely imaginative through out , but wanes in the middle what results is the best performance from either in years . s1m0ne 's satire is not subtle , but it is effective . a confluence of kiddie entertainment , sophisticated wit and symbolic graphic design . deliberately and skillfully uses ambiguity to suggest possibilities which imbue the theme with added depth and resonance . and more than that , it 's an observant , unfussily poetic meditation about identity and alienation . exploits -lrb- headbanger -rrb- stereotypes in good fun , while adding a bit of heart and unsettling subject matter . in its treatment of the dehumanizing and ego-destroying process of unemployment , time out offers an exploration that is more accurate than anything i have seen in an american film . the beauty of alexander payne 's ode to the everyman is in the details . meyjes ' provocative film might be called an example of the haphazardness of evil . a hugely rewarding experience that 's every bit as enlightening , insightful and entertaining as grant 's two best films -- four weddings and a funeral and bridget jones 's diary . to call this one an eventual cult classic would be an understatement , and woe is the horror fan who opts to overlook this goofily endearing and well-lensed gorefest . a distinguished and thoughtful film , marked by acute writing and a host of splendid performances . a fresh-faced , big-hearted and frequently funny thrill ride for the kiddies , with enough eye candy and cheeky wit to keep parents away from the concession stand . ' films about loss , grief and recovery are pretty valuable these days . -lrb- it 's -rrb- a clever thriller with enough unexpected twists to keep our interest . but believe it or not , it 's one of the most beautiful , evocative works i 've seen . real women have curves wears its empowerment on its sleeve but even its worst harangues are easy to swallow thanks to remarkable performances by ferrera and ontiveros . the film 's plot may be shallow , but you 've never seen the deep like you see it in these harrowing surf shots . the two leads , nearly perfect in their roles , bring a heart and reality that buoy the film , and at times , elevate it to a superior crime movie . mastering its formidable arithmetic of cameras and souls , group articulates a flood of emotion . ... a great , participatory spectator sport . ' wang xiaoshuai directs this intricately structured and well-realized drama that presents a fascinating glimpse of urban life and the class warfare that embroils two young men . a must for fans of british cinema , if only because so many titans of the industry are along for the ride . what makes it worth watching is quaid 's performance . hey , happy ! perfectly pitched between comedy and tragedy , hope and despair , about schmidt instead comes far closer than many movies to expressing the way many of us live -- someplace between consuming self-absorption and insistently demanding otherness . it reaffirms life as it looks in the face of death . this comic gem is as delightful as it is derivative . no , i love it ... hell , i dunno . khouri manages , with terrific flair , to keep the extremes of screwball farce and blood-curdling family intensity on one continuum . the movie is ingenious fun . until it goes off the rails in its final 10 or 15 minutes , wendigo , larry fessenden 's spooky new thriller , is a refreshingly smart and newfangled variation on several themes derived from far less sophisticated and knowing horror films . you walk out of the good girl with mixed emotions -- disapproval of justine combined with a tinge of understanding for her actions . it 's the perfect star vehicle for grant , allowing him to finally move away from his usual bumbling , tongue-tied screen persona . it grabs you in the dark and shakes you vigorously for its duration . the plot twists give i am trying to break your heart an attraction it desperately needed . the slam-bang superheroics are kinetic enough to engross even the most antsy youngsters . its cast full of caffeinated comedy performances more than make up for its logical loopholes , which fly by so fast there 's no time to think about them anyway . something for everyone . graphic sex may be what 's attracting audiences to unfaithful , but gripping performances by lane and gere are what will keep them awake . bloody sunday has the grace to call for prevention rather than to place blame , making it one of the best war movies ever made . will give many ministers and bible-study groups hours of material to discuss . whatever heartwarming scene the impressively discreet filmmakers may have expected to record with their mini dv , they show a remarkable ability to document both sides of this emotional car-wreck . skins has a desolate air , but eyre , a native american raised by white parents , manages to infuse the rocky path to sibling reconciliation with flashes of warmth and gentle humor . the film brilliantly shines on all the characters , as the direction is intelligently accomplished . there is a beautiful , aching sadness to it all . handsome and sophisticated approach to the workplace romantic comedy . huppert 's show to steal and she makes a meal of it , channeling kathy baker 's creepy turn as the repressed mother on boston public just as much as 8 women 's augustine . terry is a sort of geriatric dirty harry , which will please eastwood 's loyal fans -- and suits the story , wherein our hero must ride roughshod over incompetent cops to get his man . the movie is brilliant , really . an oddity , to be sure , but one that you might wind up remembering with a degree of affection rather than revulsion . there is truth here kids who are into this thornberry stuff will probably be in wedgie heaven . the film feels uncomfortably real , its language and locations bearing the unmistakable stamp of authority . great over-the-top moviemaking if you 're in a slap-happy mood . if we sometimes need comforting fantasies about mental illness , we also need movies like tim mccann 's revolution no. 9 . it 's something of the ultimate scorsese film , with all the stomach-turning violence , colorful new york gang lore and other hallmarks of his personal cinema painted on their largest-ever historical canvas . williams creates a stunning , taxi driver-esque portrayal of a man teetering on the edge of sanity . promises is one film that 's truly deserving of its oscar nomination . impossible as it may sound , this film 's heart is even more embracing than monty , if only because it accepts nasty behavior and severe flaws as part of the human condition . it 's the brilliant surfing photography bringing you right inside the massive waves that lifts blue crush into one of the summer 's most pleasurable movies . a powerful , inflammatory film about religion that dares to question an ancient faith , and about hatred that offers no easy , comfortable resolution . fessenden has nurtured his metaphors at the expense of his narrative , but he does display an original talent . the otherwise good-naturedness of mr. deeds , with its embrace of sheer goofiness and cameos of less - than-likely new york celebrities ... certainly raises the film above anything sandler 's been attached to before . all the pieces fall together without much surprise , but little moments give it a boost . a remarkable film by bernard rose . it 's the sweet cinderella story that `` pretty woman '' wanted to be . a delicious , quirky movie with a terrific screenplay and fanciful direction by michael gondry . a tone of rueful compassion ... reverberates throughout this film , whose meaning and impact is sadly heightened by current world events . both grant and hoult carry the movie because they are believable as people -- flawed , assured of the wrong things , and scared to admit how much they may really need the company of others . i liked the movie , but i know i would have liked it more if it had just gone that one step further . wonder of wonders -- a teen movie with a humanistic message . a moving story of determination and the human spirit . there is greatness here . lovely and amazing is holofcener 's deep , uncompromising curtsy to women she knows , and very likely is . i liked this film a lot ... demonstrates the unusual power of thoughtful , subjective filmmaking . a screenplay more ingeniously constructed than `` memento '' those with a modicum of patience will find in these characters ' foibles a timeless and unique perspective . on that score , the film certainly does n't disappoint . it asks nothing of the audience other than to sit back and enjoy a couple of great actors hamming it up . you can almost see mendes and company getting together before a single frame had been shot and collectively vowing , ` this is going to be something really good . ' great fun both for sports aficionados and for ordinary louts whose idea of exercise is climbing the steps of a stadium-seat megaplex . beautifully crafted and cooly unsettling ... recreates the atmosphere of the crime expertly . , is a temporal inquiry that shoulders its philosophical burden lightly . there has been a string of ensemble cast romances recently ... but peter mattei 's love in the time of money sets itself apart by forming a chain of relationships that come full circle to end on a positive -lrb- if tragic -rrb- note . children and adults enamored of all things pokemon wo n't be disappointed . like edward norton in american history x , ryan gosling -lrb- murder by numbers -rrb- delivers a magnetic performance . a solid , psychological action film from hong kong . it 's a perfect show of respect to just one of those underrated professionals who deserve but rarely receive it . spielberg has managed to marry science fiction with film noir and action flicks with philosophical inquiry . by the standards of knucklehead swill , the hot chick is pretty damned funny . as action-adventure , this space-based homage to robert louis stevenson 's treasure island fires on all plasma conduits . it 's funny . that old adage about women being unknowable gets an exhilarating new interpretation in morvern callar . without resorting to camp or parody , haynes -lrb- like sirk , but differently -rrb- has transformed the rhetoric of hollywood melodrama into something provocative , rich , and strange . a thoroughly enjoyable , heartfelt coming-of-age comedy . although largely a heavy-handed indictment of parental failings and the indifference of spanish social workers and legal system towards child abuse , the film retains ambiguities that make it well worth watching . it 's a glorious spectacle like those d.w. griffith made in the early days of silent film . richly entertaining and suggestive of any number of metaphorical readings . maybe not a classic , but a movie the kids will want to see over and over again . hugely entertaining from start to finish , featuring a fall from grace that still leaves shockwaves , it will gratify anyone who has ever suspected hollywood of being overrun by corrupt and hedonistic weasels . even though the film does n't manage to hit all of its marks , it 's still entertaining to watch the target practice . fans of the modern day hong kong action film finally have the worthy successor to a better tomorrow and the killer which they have been patiently waiting for . it challenges , this nervy oddity , like modern art should . while obviously aimed at kids , the country bears ... should keep parents amused with its low groan-to-guffaw ratio . a heady , biting , be-bop ride through nighttime manhattan , a loquacious videologue of the modern male and the lengths to which he 'll go to weave a protective cocoon around his own ego . skin of man gets a few cheap shocks from its kids-in-peril theatrics , but it also taps into the primal fears of young people trying to cope with the mysterious and brutal nature of adults . as satisfyingly odd and intriguing a tale as it was a century and a half ago ... has a delightfully dour , deadpan tone and stylistic consistency . elvira fans could hardly ask for more . a coming-of-age film that avoids the cartoonish clichés and sneering humor of the genre as it provides a fresh view of an old type -- the uncertain girl on the brink of womanhood . -lrb- taymor -rrb- utilizes the idea of making kahlo 's art a living , breathing part of the movie , often catapulting the artist into her own work . one of those rare films that come by once in a while with flawless amounts of acting , direction , story and pace . forget about one oscar nomination for julianne moore this year - she should get all five . i like it . while the humor is recognizably plympton , he has actually bothered to construct a real story this time . although some viewers will not be able to stomach so much tongue-in-cheek weirdness , those who do will have found a cult favorite to enjoy for a lifetime . duvall is strong as always . terrific performances , great to look at , and funny . very well-written and very well-acted . nothing short of a masterpiece -- and a challenging one . and that makes all the difference . robert harmon 's less-is-more approach delivers real bump-in - the-night chills -- his greatest triumph is keeping the creepy crawlies hidden in the film 's thick shadows . it 's good to see michael caine whipping out the dirty words and punching people in the stomach again . a riveting story well told . the fact is that the screen is most alive when it seems most likely that broomfield 's interviewees , or even himself , will not be for much longer . nicole holofcener 's lovely and amazing , from her own screenplay , jumps to the head of the class of women 's films that manage to avoid the ghetto of sentimental chick-flicks by treating female follies with a satirical style . likeable thanks to its cast , its cuisine and its quirky tunes . borrows a bit from the classics `` wait until dark '' and `` extremities '' ... but in terms of its style , the movie is in a class by itself . a pleasant piece of escapist entertainment . sweet and memorable film . this is a movie you can trust . impresses as a skillfully assembled , highly polished and professional adaptation ... just about as chilling and unsettling as ` manhunter ' was . there are a couple of things that elevate `` glory '' above most of its ilk , most notably the mere presence of duvall . it is also a testament to the integrity and vision of the band . daily struggles and simple pleasures usurp the preaching message so that , by the time the credits roll across the pat ending , a warm , fuzzy feeling prevails . many a parent and their teen -lrb- or preteen -rrb- kid could bond while watching a walk to remember . the trials of henry kissinger is a remarkable piece of filmmaking ... because you get it . though the film is static , its writer-director 's heart is in the right place , his plea for democracy and civic action laudable . evelyn 's strong cast and surehanded direction make for a winning , heartwarming yarn . and he allows a gawky actor like spall -- who could too easily become comic relief in any other film -- to reveal his impressively delicate range . it 's rare to find a film to which the adjective ` gentle ' applies , but the word perfectly describes pauline & paulette . ` blue crush ' swims away with the sleeper movie of the summer award . it lets you brush up against the humanity of a psycho , without making him any less psycho . so fiendishly cunning that even the most jaded cinema audiences will leave the auditorium feeling dizzy , confused , and totally disorientated . despite an overwrought ending , the film works as well as it does because of the performances . a film of ideas and wry comic mayhem . effective in all its aspects , margarita happy hour represents an auspicious feature debut for chaiken . quietly engaging . what could have been a daytime soap opera is actually a compelling look at a young woman 's tragic odyssey . the dirty jokes provide the funniest moments in this oddly sweet comedy about jokester highway patrolmen . a sensitive , modest comic tragedy that works as both character study and symbolic examination of the huge economic changes sweeping modern china . fathers and sons , and the uneasy bonds between them , rarely have received such a sophisticated and unsentimental treatment on the big screen as they do in this marvelous film . there 's much tongue in cheek in the film and there 's no doubt the filmmaker is having fun with it all . ... `` bowling for columbine '' remains a disquieting and thought-provoking film ... blade ii merges bits and pieces from fighting games , wire fu , horror movies , mystery , james bond , wrestling , sci-fi and anime into one big bloody stew . there is a real subject here , and it is handled with intelligence and care . bigelow offers some flashy twists and turns that occasionally fortify this turgid fable . the film has the uncanny ability to right itself precisely when you think it 's in danger of going wrong . an unforgettable look at morality , family , and social expectation through the prism of that omnibus tradition called marriage . a funny film . a gangster movie with the capacity to surprise . an entertaining , if somewhat standardized , action movie . a generous , inspiring film that unfolds with grace and humor and gradually becomes a testament to faith . malcolm mcdowell is cool . as a thoughtful and unflinching examination of an alternative lifestyle , sex with strangers is a success . an engrossing portrait of a man whose engaging manner and flamboyant style made him a truly larger-than-life character . sayles has a knack for casting , often resurrecting performers who rarely work in movies now ... and drawing flavorful performances from bland actors . this is a finely written , superbly acted offbeat thriller . at the end , when the now computerized yoda finally reveals his martial artistry , the film ascends to a kinetic life so teeming that even cranky adults may rediscover the quivering kid inside . ferrara 's strongest and most touching movie of recent years . the most wondrous love story in years , it is a great film . finally , the french-produced `` read my lips '' is a movie that understands characters must come first . even before it builds up to its insanely staged ballroom scene , in which 3000 actors appear in full regalia , it 's waltzed itself into the art film pantheon . the rare movie that 's as crisp and to the point as the novel on which it 's based . -lrb- dong -rrb- makes a valiant effort to understand everyone 's point of view , and he does such a good job of it that family fundamentals gets you riled up . splendidly illustrates the ability of the human spirit to overcome adversity . it 's definitely a step in the right direction . the film sounds like the stuff of lurid melodrama , but what makes it interesting as a character study is the fact that the story is told from paul 's perspective . this one is a few bits funnier than malle 's dud , if only because the cast is so engagingly messing around like slob city reductions of damon runyon crooks . the writing is clever and the cast is appealing . although commentary on nachtwey is provided ... it 's the image that really tells the tale . some of the visual flourishes are a little too obvious , but restrained and subtle storytelling , and fine performances make this delicate coming-of-age tale a treat . but the talented cast alone will keep you watching , as will the fight scenes . earnest , unsubtle and hollywood-predictable , green dragon is still a deeply moving effort to put a human face on the travail of thousands of vietnamese . jeffrey tambor 's performance as the intelligent jazz-playing exterminator is oscar-worthy . an overly familiar scenario is made fresh by an intelligent screenplay and gripping performances in this low-budget , video-shot , debut indie effort . it 's a scorcher . like its title character , this nicholas nickleby finds itself in reduced circumstances -- and , also like its hero , it remains brightly optimistic , coming through in the end . a chronicle not only of one man 's quest to be president , but of how that man single-handedly turned a plane full of hard-bitten , cynical journalists into what was essentially , by campaign 's end , an extended publicity department . fresnadillo has something serious to say about the ways in which extravagant chance can distort our perspective and throw us off the path of good sense . at once subtle and visceral , the film never succumbs to the trap of the maudlin or tearful , offering instead with its unflinching gaze a measure of faith in the future . filled with alexandre desplat 's haunting and sublime music , the movie completely transfixes the audience . the four feathers is definitely horse feathers , but if you go in knowing that , you might have fun in this cinematic sandbox . steadfastly uncinematic but powerfully dramatic . this filmed tosca -- not the first , by the way -- is a pretty good job , if it 's filmed tosca that you want . features one of the most affecting depictions of a love affair ever committed to film . a journey spanning nearly three decades of bittersweet camaraderie and history , in which we feel that we truly know what makes holly and marina tick , and our hearts go out to them as both continue to negotiate their imperfect , love-hate relationship . although the film boils down to a lightweight story about matchmaking , the characters make italian for beginners worth the journey brian tufano 's handsome widescreen photography and paul grabowsky 's excellent music turn this fairly parochial melodrama into something really rather special . it is definitely worth seeing . a heroic tale of persistence that is sure to win viewers ' hearts . a bilingual charmer , just like the woman who inspired it allen 's underestimated charm delivers more goodies than lumps of coal . everybody loves a david and goliath story , and this one is told almost entirely from david 's point of view . both lead performances are oscar-size . as a good old-fashioned adventure for kids , spirit : stallion of the cimarron is a winner . elaborate special effects take centre screen , so that the human story is pushed to one side . the film is ... determined to treat its characters , weak and strong , as fallible human beings , not caricatures , and to carefully delineate the cost of the inevitable conflicts between human urges and an institution concerned with self-preservation . too daft by half ... but supremely good natured . the film is hard to dismiss -- moody , thoughtful , and lit by flashes of mordant humor . the first five minutes will have you talking 'til the end of the year ! worth a look by those on both sides of the issues , if only for the perspective it offers , one the public rarely sees . it zips along with b-movie verve while adding the rich details and go-for-broke acting that heralds something special . if s&m seems like a strange route to true love , maybe it is , but it 's to this film 's -lrb- and its makers ' -rrb- credit that we believe that that 's exactly what these two people need to find each other -- and themselves . the kind of sweet-and-sour insider movie that film buffs will eat up like so much gelati . a movie of riveting power and sadness . robert john burke as the monster horns in and steals the show . the new insomnia is a surprisingly faithful remake of its chilly predecessor , and when it does elect to head off in its own direction , it employs changes that fit it well rather than ones that were imposed for the sake of commercial sensibilities . just offbeat enough to keep you interested without coming close to bowling you over . seeks to transcend its genre with a curiously stylized , quasi-shakespearean portrait of pure misogynist evil . a smart , steamy mix of road movie , coming-of-age story and political satire . k-19 will not go down in the annals of cinema as one of the great submarine stories , but it is an engaging and exciting narrative of man confronting the demons of his own fear and paranoia . a four star performance from kevin kline who unfortunately works with a two star script . god bless crudup and his aversion to taking the easy hollywood road and cashing in on his movie-star gorgeousness . it 's a feel-good movie about which you can actually feel good . if anything , see it for karen black , who camps up a storm as a fringe feminist conspiracy theorist named dirty dick . watching the chemistry between freeman and judd , however , almost makes this movie worth seeing . moonlight mile gives itself the freedom to feel contradictory things . it 's a movie that accomplishes so much that one viewing ca n't possibly be enough . the film aims to be funny , uplifting and moving , sometimes all at once . nicely combines the enigmatic features of ` memento ' with the hallucinatory drug culture of ` requiem for a dream . ' more concerned with overall feelings , broader ideas , and open-ended questions than concrete story and definitive answers , soderbergh 's solaris is a gorgeous and deceptively minimalist cinematic tone poem . alarms for duvall 's throbbing sincerity and his elderly propensity for patting people while he talks . the performances are amiable and committed , and the comedy more often than not hits the bullseye . the picture runs a mere 84 minutes , but it 's no glance . steers refreshingly clear of the usual cliches . niccol the filmmaker merges his collaborators ' symbolic images with his words , insinuating , for example , that in hollywood , only god speaks to the press it 's a beautiful film , full of elaborate and twisted characters - and it 's also pretty funny . whatever complaints i might have , i 'd take -lrb- its -rrb- earnest errors and hard-won rewards over the bombastic self-glorification of other feel-good fiascos like antwone fisher or the emperor 's club any time . another entertaining romp from robert rodriguez . if -lrb- jaglom 's -rrb- latest effort is not the director at his most sparkling , some of its repartee is still worth hearing . the script by david koepp is perfectly serviceable and because he gives the story some soul ... he elevates the experience to a more mythic level . it 's a visual delight and a decent popcorn adventure , as long as you do n't try to look too deep into the story now as a former gong show addict , i 'll admit it , my only complaint is that we did n't get more re-creations of all those famous moments from the show . enough may pander to our basest desires for payback , but unlike many revenge fantasies , it ultimately delivers . strange it is , but delightfully so . this is a very funny , heartwarming film . good-naturedly cornball sequel . a small movie with a big impact . crammed with incident , and bristles with passion and energy . an intelligent and deeply felt work about impossible , irrevocable choices and the price of making them . -lrb- gosling 's -rrb- combination of explosive physical energy and convincing intelligence helps create a complex , unpredictable character . and it sees those relationships , including that between the son and his wife , and the wife and the father , and between the two brothers , with incredible subtlety and acumen . marshall puts a suspenseful spin on standard horror flick formula . an admirable , sometimes exceptional film this is a film that manages to find greatness in the hue of its drastic iconography . a whole lot of fun and funny in the middle , though somewhat less hard-hitting at the start and finish . ... spiced with humor -lrb- ' i speak fluent flatula , ' advises denlopp after a rather , er , bubbly exchange with an alien deckhand -rrb- and witty updatings -lrb- silver 's parrot has been replaced with morph , a cute alien creature who mimics everyone and everything around -rrb- not all of the stories work and the ones that do are thin and scattered , but the film works well enough to make it worth watching . a strangely stirring experience that finds warmth in the coldest environment and makes each crumb of emotional comfort feel like a 10-course banquet . matthew lillard is born to play shaggy ! there 's lots of cool stuff packed into espn 's ultimate x. the mothman prophecies is best when illustrating the demons bedevilling the modern masculine journey . at its best , it 's black hawk down with more heart . invigorating , surreal , and resonant with a rainbow of emotion . a solid cast , assured direction and complete lack of modern day irony . rodriguez has the chops of a smart-aleck film school brat and the imagination of a big kid ... -lrb- barry -rrb- gives assassin a disquieting authority . a moving and important film . these people are really going to love the piano teacher . yes , but also intriguing and honorable , a worthwhile addition to a distinguished film legacy . `` cremaster 3 '' should come with the warning `` for serious film buffs only ! '' what 's most refreshing about real women have curves is its unforced comedy-drama and its relaxed , natural-seeming actors . surprisingly insightful to those who have not read the book , the film is a much better mother-daughter tale than last summer 's ` divine secrets of the ya-ya sisterhood , ' but that 's not saying much . brash , intelligent and erotically perplexing , haneke 's portrait of an upper class austrian society and the suppression of its tucked away demons is uniquely felt with a sardonic jolt . arguably the best script that besson has written in years . a special kind of movie , this melancholic film noir reminded me a lot of memento ... one of the most genuinely sweet films to come along in quite some time . highly watchable stuff . exceptionally well acted by diane lane and richard gere . a charming but slight comedy . an unusually dry-eyed , even analytical approach to material that is generally played for maximum moisture . but mostly it 's a work that , with humor , warmth , and intelligence , captures a life interestingly lived . as an introduction to the man 's theories and influence , derrida is all but useless ; as a portrait of the artist as an endlessly inquisitive old man , however , it 's invaluable . young hanks and fisk , who vaguely resemble their celebrity parents , bring fresh good looks and an ease in front of the camera to the work . excellent performances from jacqueline bisset and martha plimpton grace this deeply touching melodrama . the cast is spot on and the mood is laid back . while bollywood\/hollywood will undoubtedly provide its keenest pleasures to those familiar with bombay musicals , it also has plenty for those -lrb- like me -rrb- who are n't . captures all the longing , anguish and ache , the confusing sexual messages and the wish to be a part of that elusive adult world . in a movie full of surprises , the biggest is that secret ballot is a comedy , both gentle and biting . a chance to see three splendid actors turn a larky chase movie into an emotionally satisfying exploration of the very human need to be somebody , and to belong to somebody . well cast and well directed - a powerful drama with enough sardonic wit to keep it from being maudlin . an ambitiously naturalistic , albeit half-baked , drama about an abused , inner-city autistic teen . a wild ride juiced with enough energy and excitement for at least three films . lead actress gaï , she of the impossibly long limbs and sweetly conspiratorial smile , is a towering siren . by turns gripping , amusing , tender and heart-wrenching , laissez-passer has all the earmarks of french cinema at its best . the cat 's meow marks a return to form for director peter bogdanovich ... vibrantly colored and beautifully designed , metropolis is a feast for the eyes . ` stock up on silver bullets for director neil marshall 's intense freight train of a film . ' at its best , which occurs often , michael moore 's bowling for columbine rekindles the muckraking , soul-searching spirit of the ` are we a sick society ? ' an indispensable peek at the art and the agony of making people laugh . at 78 minutes it just zings along with vibrance and warmth . the film , while not exactly assured in its execution , is notable for its sheer audacity and openness . sayles has an eye for the ways people of different ethnicities talk to and about others outside the group . the irony is that this film 's cast is uniformly superb ; their performances could have -- should have -- been allowed to stand on their own . i admire the closing scenes of the film , which seem to ask whether our civilization offers a cure for vincent 's complaint . a thriller whose style , structure and rhythms are so integrated with the story , you can not separate them . like any good romance , son of the bride , proves it 's never too late to learn . there 's undeniable enjoyment to be had from films crammed with movie references , but the fun wears thin -- then out -- when there 's nothing else happening . an engrossing and grim portrait of hookers : what they think of themselves and their clients . a lovely and beautifully photographed romance . the film 's messages of tolerance and diversity are n't particularly original , but one ca n't help but be drawn in by the sympathetic characters . i had more fun watching spy than i had with most of the big summer movies . a simple tale of an unlikely friendship , but thanks to the gorgeous locales and exceptional lead performances , it has considerable charm . no such thing is sort of a minimalist beauty and the beast , but in this case the beast should definitely get top billing . it 's not particularly well made , but since i found myself howling more than cringing , i 'd say the film works . aniston has at last decisively broken with her friends image in an independent film of satiric fire and emotional turmoil . a smart and funny , albeit sometimes superficial , cautionary tale of a technology in search of an artist . if you like an extreme action-packed film with a hint of humor , then triple x marks the spot . stanley kwan has directed not only one of the best gay love stories ever made , but one of the best love stories of any stripe . just about the best straight-up , old-school horror film of the last 15 years . in the director 's cut , the film is not only a love song to the movies but it also is more fully an example of the kind of lush , all-enveloping movie experience it rhapsodizes . samuel l. jackson is one of the best actors there is . it does give a taste of the burning man ethos , an appealing blend of counter-cultural idealism and hedonistic creativity . a plethora of engaging diatribes on the meaning of ` home , ' delivered in grand passion by the members of the various households . this real-life hollywood fairy-tale is more engaging than the usual fantasies hollywood produces . waiting for godard can be fruitful : ` in praise of love ' is the director 's epitaph for himself . it 's all about anakin ... and the lustrous polished visuals rich in color and creativity and , of course , special effect . while the story 's undeniably hard to follow , iwai 's gorgeous visuals seduce . a rock-solid gangster movie with a fair amount of suspense , intriguing characters and bizarre bank robberies , plus a heavy dose of father-and-son dynamics . a terrific b movie -- in fact , the best in recent memory . i liked about schmidt a lot , but i have a feeling that i would have liked it much more if harry & tonto never existed . you may leave the theater with more questions than answers , but darned if your toes wo n't still be tapping . aside from rohmer 's bold choices regarding point of view , the lady and the duke represents the filmmaker 's lifelong concern with formalist experimentation in cinematic art . a fascinating glimpse into an insular world that gives the lie to many clichés and showcases a group of dedicated artists . the graphic carnage and re-creation of war-torn croatia is uncomfortably timely , relevant , and sickeningly real . the ingenious construction -lrb- adapted by david hare from michael cunningham 's novel -rrb- constantly flows forwards and back , weaving themes among three strands which allow us to view events as if through a prism but it also has many of the things that made the first one charming . weaver and lapaglia are both excellent , in the kind of low-key way that allows us to forget that they are actually movie folk . it 's never laugh-out-loud funny , but it is frequently amusing . a movie in which laughter and self-exploitation merge into jolly soft-porn 'em powerment . ' quite simply , a joy to watch and -- especially -- to listen to . not to mention absolutely refreshed . you can take the grandkids or the grandparents and never worry about anyone being bored ... audience is a sea of constant smiles and frequent laughter . arteta paints a picture of lives lived in a state of quiet desperation . there 's no reason to miss interview with the assassin i like this movie a lot . close enough in spirit to its freewheeling trash-cinema roots to be a breath of fresh air . a man leaving the screening said the film was better than saving private ryan . -lrb- a -rrb- strong piece of work . daring and beautifully made . a well-crafted film that is all the more remarkable because it achieves its emotional power and moments of revelation with restraint and a delicate ambiguity . slight but enjoyable documentary . when compared to the usual , more somber festival entries , davis ' highly personal brand of romantic comedy is a tart , smart breath of fresh air that stands out from the pack even if the picture itself is somewhat problematic . hugh grant , who has a good line in charm , has never been more charming than in about a boy . poignant and funny . this is pure , exciting moviemaking . the film 's constant mood of melancholy and its unhurried narrative are masterfully controlled . there are scenes of cinematic perfection that steal your heart away . a low-key labor of love that strikes a very resonant chord . one of those movies that catches you up in something bigger than yourself , namely , an archetypal desire to enjoy good trash every now and then . an old-fashioned scary movie , one that relies on lingering terror punctuated by sudden shocks and not constant bloodshed punctuated by flying guts . there 's an energy to y tu mamá también . miyazaki is one of world cinema 's most wondrously gifted artists and storytellers . if you 're down for a silly hack-and-slash flick , you can do no wrong with jason x. all in all , an interesting look at the life of the campaign-trail press , especially ones that do n't really care for the candidate they 're forced to follow . ryan gosling is , in a word , brilliant as the conflicted daniel . a fresh , entertaining comedy that looks at relationships minus traditional gender roles . poetry in motion captured on film . -lrb- ferrera -rrb- has the charisma of a young woman who knows how to hold the screen . a solid and refined piece of moviemaking imbued with passion and attitude . flamboyant in some movies and artfully restrained in others , 65-year-old jack nicholson could be looking at his 12th oscar nomination by proving that he 's now , more than ever , choosing his roles with the precision of the insurance actuary . the hot topics of the plot are relegated to the background -- a welcome step forward from the sally jesse raphael atmosphere of films like philadelphia and american beauty . if not a home run , then at least a solid base hit . it 's a fine , old-fashioned-movie movie , which is to say it 's unburdened by pretensions to great artistic significance . what it lacks in substance it makes up for in heart . carrying off a spot-on scottish burr , duvall -lrb- also a producer -rrb- peels layers from this character that may well not have existed on paper . there are enough throwaway references to faith and rainbows to plant smile-button faces on that segment of the populace that made a walk to remember a niche hit . the picture 's fascinating byways are littered with trenchant satirical jabs at the peculiar egocentricities of the acting breed . walter hill 's undisputed is like a 1940s warner bros. . fred schepisi 's tale of four englishmen facing the prospect of their own mortality views youthful affluence not as a lost ideal but a starting point . kosminsky ... puts enough salt into the wounds of the tortured and self-conscious material to make it sting . a well made indieflick in need of some trims and a more chemistry between its stars . seems based on ugly ideas instead of ugly behavior , as happiness was ... hence , storytelling is far more appealing . alternates between deadpan comedy and heartbreaking loneliness and is n't afraid to provoke introspection in both its characters and its audience . with exquisite craftsmanship ... olivier assayas has fashioned an absorbing look at provincial bourgeois french society . a hard look at one man 's occupational angst and its subsequent reinvention , a terrifying study of bourgeois desperation worthy of claude chabrol . definitely in the guilty pleasure b-movie category , reign of fire is so incredibly inane that it is laughingly enjoyable . as simple and innocent a movie as you can imagine . deserves a place of honor next to nanook as a landmark in film history . cut through the layers of soap-opera emotion and you find a scathing portrayal of a powerful entity strangling the life out of the people who want to believe in it the most . it made me want to get made-up and go see this movie with my sisters . argento , at only 26 , brings a youthful , out-to-change-the-world aggressiveness to the project , as if she 's cut open a vein and bled the raw film stock . as refreshing as a drink from a woodland stream . ... a sweetly affecting story about four sisters who are coping , in one way or another , with life 's endgame . beautifully directed and convincingly acted . it is an unstinting look at a collaboration between damaged people that may or may not qual the charm of the first movie is still there , and the story feels like the logical , unforced continuation of the careers of a pair of spy kids . any enjoyment will be hinge from a personal threshold of watching sad but endearing characters do extremely unconventional things . an undeniably gorgeous , terminally smitten document of a troubadour , his acolytes , and the triumph of his band . the magic -lrb- and original running time -rrb- of ace japanimator hayao miyazaki 's spirited away survives intact in bv 's re-voiced version . michael moore has perfected the art of highly entertaining , self-aggrandizing , politically motivated documentary-making , and he 's got as potent a topic as ever here . frei assembles a fascinating profile of a deeply humanistic artist who , in spite of all that he 's witnessed , remains surprisingly idealistic , and retains an extraordinary faith in the ability of images to communicate the truth of the world around him . predictable and cloying , though brown sugar is so earnest in its yearning for the days before rap went nihilistic that it summons more spirit and bite than your average formulaic romantic quadrangle . a modest masterpiece . neil burger here succeeded in ... making the mystery of four decades back the springboard for a more immediate mystery in the present . and thanks to kline 's superbly nuanced performance , that pondering is highly pleasurable . it 's still a comic book , but maguire makes it a comic book with soul . shiri is an action film that delivers on the promise of excitement , but it also has a strong dramatic and emotional pull that gradually sneaks up on the audience . takes a fresh and absorbing look at a figure whose legacy had begun to bronze . the trick when watching godard is to catch the pitch of his poetics , savor the pleasure of his sounds and images , and ponder the historical , philosophical , and ethical issues that intersect with them . broomfield has a rather unique approach to documentary . a poignant and gently humorous parable that loves its characters and communicates something rather beautiful about human nature . a smart , provocative drama that does the nearly impossible : it gets under the skin of a man we only know as an evil , monstrous lunatic . its rawness and vitality give it considerable punch . one of the best inside-show-biz yarns ever . a burst of color , music , and dance that only the most practiced curmudgeon could fail to crack a smile at . the best animated feature to hit theaters since beauty and the beast 11 years ago . a beautifully observed character piece . compared to his series of spectacular belly flops both on and off the screen , runteldat is something of a triumph . some people march to the beat of a different drum , and if you ever wondered what kind of houses those people live in , this documentary takes a look at 5 alternative housing options . that jack nicholson makes this man so watchable is a tribute not only to his craft , but to his legend . with each of her three protagonists , miller eloquently captures the moment when a woman 's life , out of a deep-seated , emotional need , is about to turn onto a different path . a college story that works even without vulgarity , sex scenes , and cussing ! with the prospect of films like kangaroo jack about to burst across america 's winter movie screens it 's a pleasure to have a film like the hours as an alternative . a highly watchable , giggly little story with a sweet edge to it . skillfully weaves both the elements of the plot and a powerfully evocative mood combining heated sexuality with a haunting sense of malaise . writer-director juan carlos fresnadillo makes a feature debut that is fully formed and remarkably assured . sweetly sexy , funny and touching . like all of egoyan 's work , ararat is fiercely intelligent and uncommonly ambitious . even if invincible is not quite the career peak that the pianist is for roman polanski , it demonstrates that werner herzog can still leave us with a sense of wonder at the diverse , marvelously twisted shapes history has taken . it 's a cool event for the whole family . a beautiful , entertaining two hours . another love story in 2002 's remarkable procession of sweeping pictures that have reinvigorated the romance genre . the chateau belongs to rudd , whose portrait of a therapy-dependent flakeball spouting french malapropisms ... is a nonstop hoot . the story ... is inspiring , ironic , and revelatory of just how ridiculous and money-oriented the record industry really is . `` the dangerous lives of altar boys '' has flaws , but it also has humor and heart and very talented young actors an amusing and unexpectedly insightful examination of sexual jealousy , resentment and the fine line between passion and pretence . producer john penotti surveyed high school students ... and came back with the astonishing revelation that `` they wanted to see something that did n't talk down to them . '' what redeems the film is the cast , particularly the ya-yas themselves . but what 's nice is that there 's a casual intelligence that permeates the script . the filmmakers wisely decided to let crocodile hunter steve irwin do what he does best , and fashion a story around him . so purely enjoyable that you might not even notice it 's a fairly straightforward remake of hollywood comedies such as father of the bride . talk to her is so darned assured , we have absolutely no idea who the main characters are until the film is well under way -- and yet it 's hard to stop watching . a genuinely funny ensemble comedy that also asks its audience -- in a heartwarming , nonjudgmental kind of way -- to consider what we value in our daily lives . after seeing ` analyze that , ' i feel better already . mazel tov to a film about a family 's joyous life acting on the yiddish stage . reign of fire just might go down as one of the all-time great apocalypse movies . though few will argue that it ranks with the best of herzog 's works , invincible shows he 's back in form , with an astoundingly rich film . monte cristo smartly emphasizes the well-wrought story and omits needless chase scenes and swordfights as the revenge unfolds . it shows us a slice of life that 's very different from our own and yet instantly recognizable . interesting both as a historical study and as a tragic love story . there is a certain sense of experimentation and improvisation to this film that may not always work , but it is nevertheless compelling . though it 's equally solipsistic in tone , the movie has enough vitality to justify the notion of creating a screen adaptation of evans ' saga of hollywood excess . an animation landmark as monumental as disney 's 1937 breakthrough snow white and the seven dwarfs . `` the road paved with good intentions leads to the video store '' still , this flick is fun , and host to some truly excellent sequences . a disoriented but occasionally disarming saga packed with moments out of an alice in wonderland adventure , a stalker thriller , and a condensed season of tv 's big brother . what 's surprising is how well it holds up in an era in which computer-generated images are the norm . it 's a clear-eyed portrait of an intensely lived time , filled with nervous energy , moral ambiguity and great uncertainties . the extent to which it succeeds is impressive . proves a servicable world war ii drama that ca n't totally hide its contrivances , but it at least calls attention to a problem hollywood too long has ignored . a fascinating , bombshell documentary that should shame americans , regardless of whether or not ultimate blame finally lies with kissinger . a sharp and quick documentary that is funny and pithy , while illuminating an era of theatrical comedy that , while past , really is n't . this is a smart movie that knows its classical music , knows its freud and knows its sade . delivers roughly equal amounts of beautiful movement and inside information . a weird , arresting little ride . the year 2002 has conjured up more coming-of-age stories than seem possible , but take care of my cat emerges as the very best of them . nakata 's technique is to imply terror by suggestion , rather than the overuse of special effects . there 's a part of us that can not help be entertained by the sight of someone getting away with something . but mr. polanski creates images even more haunting than those in mr. spielberg 's 1993 classic . the performances are strong , though the subject matter demands acting that borders on hammy at times . a wild ride with eight boarders from venice beach that was a deserved co-winner of the audience award for documentaries at the sundance film festival . the mushy finale turns john q into a movie-of-the-week tearjerker . a venturesome , beautifully realized psychological mood piece that reveals its first-time feature director 's understanding of the expressive power of the camera . that it 'll probably be the best and most mature comedy of the 2002 summer season speaks more of the season than the picture cage makes an unusual but pleasantly haunting debut behind the camera . brosnan is more feral in this film than i 've seen him before and halle berry does her best to keep up with him . ben kingsley is truly funny , playing a kind of ghandi gone bad . ozpetek 's effort has the scope and shape of an especially well-executed television movie . too clever by about nine-tenths . horns and halos benefits from serendipity but also reminds us of our own responsibility to question what is told as the truth . an unorthodox little film noir organized crime story that includes one of the strangest love stories you will ever see . watching the powerpuff girls movie , my mind kept returning to one anecdote for comparison : the cartoon in japan that gave people seizures . -lrb- while the last metro -rrb- was more melodramatic , confined to a single theater company and its strategies and deceptions , while tavernier is more concerned with the entire period of history . cantet beautifully illuminates what it means sometimes to be inside looking out , and at other times outside looking in . if you think it 's a riot to see rob schneider in a young woman 's clothes , then you 'll enjoy the hot chick . with the same sort of good-natured fun found in films like tremors , eight legged freaks is prime escapist fare . there 's back-stabbing , inter-racial desire and , most importantly , singing and dancing . together , miller , kuras and the actresses make personal velocity into an intricate , intimate and intelligent journey . i enjoyed the movie in a superficial way , while never sure what its purpose was . gangster no. 1 is solid , satisfying fare for adults . no doubt the star and everyone else involved had their hearts in the right place . -lrb- rises -rrb- above its oh-so-hollywood rejiggering and its conventional direction to give the film a soul and an unabashed sense of good old-fashioned escapism . captures that perverse element of the kafkaesque where identity , overnight , is robbed and replaced with a persecuted `` other . '' never once predictable . offers a guilt-free trip into feel-good territory . the structure is simple , but in its own way , rabbit-proof fence is a quest story as grand as the lord of the rings . nice piece of work . this is a dark , gritty , sometimes funny little gem . what emerges is an unsettling picture of childhood innocence combined with indoctrinated prejudice . the 3-d vistas from orbit , with the space station suspended like a huge set of wind chimes over the great blue globe , are stanzas of breathtaking , awe-inspiring visual poetry . jackie chan movies are a guilty pleasure - he 's easy to like and always leaves us laughing . -lrb- gayton 's script -rrb- telegraphs every discovery and layers on the gloss of convenience . i know i should n't have laughed , but hey , those farts got to my inner nine-year-old . there is a general air of exuberance in all about the benjamins that 's hard to resist . this charming but slight tale has warmth , wit and interesting characters compassionately portrayed . delightfully rendered many insightful moments . the performances are immaculate , with roussillon providing comic relief . director claude chabrol has become the master of innuendo . as comedic spotlights go , notorious c.h.o. hits all the verbal marks it should . especially give credit to affleck . and it marks him as one of the most interesting writer\/directors working today . according to wendigo , ` nature ' loves the members of the upper class almost as much as they love themselves . it is refreshingly undogmatic about its characters . a vibrant , colorful , semimusical rendition . but as you watch the movie , you 're too interested to care . while the story does seem pretty unbelievable at times , it 's awfully entertaining to watch . as a kind of colorful , dramatized pbs program , frida gets the job done . -lrb- shyamalan -rrb- turns the goose-pimple genre on its empty head and fills it with spirit , purpose and emotionally bruised characters who add up to more than body count . there 's so much to look at in metropolis you hate to tear your eyes away from the images long enough to read the subtitles . lightweight but appealing . the movie 's seams may show ... but pellington gives `` mothman '' an irresistibly uncanny ambience that goes a long way toward keeping the picture compelling . macdowell ... gives give a solid , anguished performance that eclipses nearly everything else she 's ever done . director paul cox 's unorthodox , abstract approach to visualizing nijinsky 's diaries is both stimulating and demanding . the sight of the spaceship on the launching pad is duly impressive in imax dimensions , as are shots of the astronauts floating in their cabins . the unique niche of self-critical , behind-the-scenes navel-gazing kaufman has carved from orleans ' story and his own infinite insecurity is a work of outstanding originality . the stunt work is top-notch ; the dialogue and drama often food-spittingly funny . a fine effort , an interesting topic , some intriguing characters and a sad ending . featherweight romantic comedy has a few nice twists in a standard plot and the charisma of hugh grant and sandra bullock . everything about the quiet american is good , except its timing . it 's a smartly directed , grown-up film of ideas . the bourne identity should n't be half as entertaining as it is , but director doug liman and his colleagues have managed to pack it with enough action to satisfy the boom-bam crowd without a huge sacrifice of character and mood . a touching , small-scale story of family responsibility and care in the community . nicole kidman evolved from star to superstar some time over the past year , which means that birthday girl is the kind of quirkily appealing minor movie she might not make for a while . and the positive change in tone here seems to have recharged him . there 's just something about watching a squad of psychopathic underdogs whale the tar out of unsuspecting lawmen that reaches across time and distance . the script is high on squaddie banter , low on shocks . secret ballot is a funny , puzzling movie ambiguous enough to be engaging and oddly moving . one of the most slyly exquisite anti-adult movies ever made . happily stays close to the ground in a spare and simple manner and does n't pummel us with phony imagery or music . whatever one makes of its political edge , this is beautiful filmmaking from one of french cinema 's master craftsmen . jagger , stoppard and director michael apted ... deliver a riveting and surprisingly romantic ride . best of all is garcia , who perfectly portrays the desperation of a very insecure man . `` the best disney movie since the lion king '' best indie of the year , so far . simone is not a bad film . a sexy , peculiar and always entertaining costume drama set in renaissance spain , and the fact that it 's based on true events somehow makes it all the more compelling . the first bond movie in ages that is n't fake fun . ramsay and morton fill this character study with poetic force and buoyant feeling . the film is saved from are n't - kids-cute sentimentality by a warmth that is n't faked and a stately sense of composition . death to smoochy is often very funny , but what 's even more remarkable is the integrity of devito 's misanthropic vision . efficient , suitably anonymous chiller . it 's mildly entertaining , especially if you find comfort in familiarity . ... a guiltless film for nice evening out . what makes salton sea surprisingly engrossing is that caruso takes an atypically hypnotic approach to a world that 's often handled in fast-edit , hopped-up fashion . canada 's arctic light shines bright on this frozen tundra soap opera that breathes extraordinary life into the private existence of the inuit people . fresh and raw like a blown-out vein , narc takes a walking-dead , cop-flick subgenre and beats new life into it . a creepy , intermittently powerful study of a self-destructive man ... about as unsettling to watch as an exploratory medical procedure or an autopsy . beneath the film 's obvious determination to shock at any cost lies considerable skill and determination , backed by sheer nerve . the sentimental script has problems , but the actors pick up the slack . puts a refreshing and comical spin on the all-too-familiar saga of the contemporary single woman . boisterous , heartfelt comedy . i 'm sure mainstream audiences will be baffled , but , for those with at least a minimal appreciation of woolf and clarissa dalloway , the hours represents two of those well spent . very amusing , not the usual route in a thriller , and the performances are odd and pixilated and sometimes both . coral reef adventure is a heavyweight film that fights a good fight on behalf of the world 's endangered reefs -- and it lets the pictures do the punching . but it could be , by its art and heart , a necessary one . the entire cast is extraordinarily good . a bracing , unblinking work that serves as a painful elegy and sobering cautionary tale . a fine , rousing , g-rated family film , aimed mainly at little kids but with plenty of entertainment value to keep grown-ups from squirming in their seats . it 's immensely ambitious , different than anything that 's been done before and amazingly successful in terms of what it 's trying to do . it sends you away a believer again and quite cheered at just that . captures the raw comic energy of one of our most flamboyant female comics . if the man from elysian fields is doomed by its smallness , it is also elevated by it -- the kind of movie that you enjoy more because you 're one of the lucky few who sought it out . singer\/composer bryan adams contributes a slew of songs -- a few potential hits , a few more simply intrusive to the story -- but the whole package certainly captures the intended , er , spirit of the piece . boasts a handful of virtuosic set pieces and offers a fair amount of trashy , kinky fun . it 's a ripper of a yarn and i for one enjoyed the thrill of the chill . once folks started hanging out at the barbershop , they never wanted to leave . better still , he does all of this , and more , while remaining one of the most savagely hilarious social critics this side of jonathan swift . the last kiss will probably never achieve the popularity of my big fat greek wedding , but its provocative central wedding sequence has far more impact . over the years , hollywood has crafted a solid formula for successful animated movies , and ice age only improves on it , with terrific computer graphics , inventive action sequences and a droll sense of humor . what one is left with , even after the most awful acts are committed , is an overwhelming sadness that feels as if it has made its way into your very bloodstream . this is more fascinating -- being real -- than anything seen on jerry springer . the work of an artist tormented by his heritage , using his storytelling ability to honor the many faceless victims . you 'll probably love it . reminiscent of alfred hitchcock 's thrillers , most of the scary parts in ` signs ' occur while waiting for things to happen . in his debut as a director , washington has a sure hand . if you love him , you 'll like it . what 's so fun about this silly , outrageous , ingenious thriller is the director 's talent . i like that smith , he 's not making fun of these people , he 's not laughing at them . victor rosa is leguizamo 's best movie work so far , a subtle and richly internalized performance . psychologically savvy . a stirring tribute to the bravery and dedication of the world 's reporters who willingly walk into the nightmare of war not only to record the events for posterity , but to help us clearly see the world of our making . a chilling movie without oppressive gore . several of steven soderbergh 's earlier films were hailed as the works of an artist . the riveting performances by the incredibly flexible cast make love a joy to behold . the most audacious , outrageous , sexually explicit , psychologically probing , pure libido film of the year has arrived from portugal . a thoughtful movie , a movie that is concerned with souls and risk and schemes and the consequences of one 's actions . directed by kevin bray , whose crisp framing , edgy camera work , and wholesale ineptitude with acting , tone and pace very obviously mark him as a video helmer making his feature debut . as it turns out , you can go home again . it 's far from a frothy piece , and the characters are complex , laden with plenty of baggage and tinged with tragic undertones . his work transcends the boy-meets-girl posturing of typical love stories . writer \/ director m. night shyamalan 's ability to pull together easily accessible stories that resonate with profundity is undeniable . fontaine 's direction , especially her agreeably startling use of close-ups and her grace with a moving camera , creates sheerly cinematic appeal . what bubbles up out of john c. walsh 's pipe dream is the distinct and very welcome sense of watching intelligent people making a movie they might actually want to watch . blessed with two fine , nuanced lead performances . an exhilarating experience . a dazzling dream of a documentary . narc is a no-bull throwback to 1970s action films . jones ... makes a great impression as the writer-director of this little $ 1.8 million charmer , which may not be cutting-edge indie filmmaking but has a huge heart . in the disturbingly involving family dysfunctional drama how i killed my father , french director anne fontaine delivers an inspired portrait of male-ridden angst and the emotional blockage that accompanies this human condition `` austin powers in goldmember '' has the right stuff for silly summer entertainment and has enough laughs to sustain interest to the end . family portrait of need , neurosis and nervy negativity is a rare treat that shows the promise of digital filmmaking . it manages to squeeze by on angelina jolie 's surprising flair for self-deprecating comedy . it 's an ambitious film , and as with all ambitious films , it has some problems . like the best 60 minutes exposé , the film -lrb- at 80 minutes -rrb- is actually quite entertaining . art-house to the core , read my lips is a genre-curling crime story that revives the free-wheeling noir spirit of old french cinema . ... the story , like ravel 's bolero , builds to a crescendo that encompasses many more paths than we started with . it has fun with the quirks of family life , but it also treats the subject with fondness and respect . well , it probably wo n't have you swinging from the trees hooting it 's praises , but it 's definitely worth taking a look . bravo for history rewritten , and for the uncompromising knowledge that the highest power of all is the power of love . it 's that good . a mischievous visual style and oodles of charm make ` cherish ' a very good -lrb- but not great -rrb- movie . enthusiastically taking up the current teen movie concern with bodily functions , walt becker 's film pushes all the demographically appropriate comic buttons . a truly wonderful tale combined with stunning animation . directors brett morgen and nanette burstein have put together a bold biographical fantasia . it 's a testament to the film 's considerable charm that it succeeds in entertaining , despite playing out like a feature-length sitcom replete with stereotypical familial quandaries . hardly an objective documentary , but it 's great cinematic polemic ... love moore or loathe him , you 've got to admire ... the intensity with which he 's willing to express his convictions . the movie is pretty funny now and then without in any way demeaning its subjects . a lovely film ... elegant , witty and beneath a prim exterior unabashedly romantic ... hugely enjoyable in its own right though not really faithful to its source 's complexity . intimate and panoramic . `` home movie '' is a sweet treasure and something well worth your time . it 's enough to watch huppert scheming , with her small , intelligent eyes as steady as any noir villain , and to enjoy the perfectly pitched web of tension that chabrol spins . the bottom line with nemesis is the same as it has been with all the films in the series : fans will undoubtedly enjoy it , and the uncommitted need n't waste their time on it . robinson 's web of suspense matches the page-turning frenzy that clancy creates . intelligent , caustic take on a great writer and dubious human being . where janice beard falters in its recycled aspects , implausibility , and sags in pace , it rises in its courageousness , and comedic employment . throws in enough clever and unexpected twists to make the formula feel fresh . holm does his sly , intricate magic , and iben hjelje is entirely appealing as pumpkin . one of the funniest motion pictures of the year , but ... also one of the most curiously depressing . bielinsky is a filmmaker of impressive talent . boasts enough funny dialogue and sharp characterizations to be mildly amusing . the tasteful little revision works wonders , enhancing the cultural and economic subtext , bringing richer meaning to the story 's morals . it 's quaid who anchors the film with his effortless performance and that trademark grin of his -- so perfect for a ballplayer . often messy and frustrating , but very pleasing at its best moments , it 's very much like life itself . in its dry and forceful way , it delivers the same message as jiri menzel 's closely watched trains and danis tanovic 's no man 's land . talk to her is not the perfect movie many have made it out to be , but it 's still quite worth seeing . in fact , even better . but it 's worth the concentration . a complex psychological drama about a father who returns to his son 's home after decades away . the film 's intimate camera work and searing performances pull us deep into the girls ' confusion and pain as they struggle tragically to comprehend the chasm of knowledge that 's opened between them . humorous and heartfelt , douglas mcgrath 's version of ` nicholas nickleby ' left me feeling refreshed and hopeful . what lee does so marvelously compelling is present brown as a catalyst for the struggle of black manhood in restrictive and chaotic america ... sketchy but nevertheless gripping portrait of jim brown , a celebrated wonder in the spotlight one thing you have to give them credit for : the message of the movie is consistent with the messages espoused in the company 's previous video work . is not so much a work of entertainment as it is a unique , well-crafted psychological study of grief . the storytelling may be ordinary , but the cast is one of those all-star reunions that fans of gosford park have come to assume is just another day of brit cinema . catch it ... if you can ! the bard as black comedy -- willie would have loved it . this is one of those rare docs that paints a grand picture of an era and makes the journey feel like a party . the performances are remarkable . as much as i laughed throughout the movie , i can not mount a cogent defense of the film as entertainment , or even performance art , although the movie does leave you marveling at these guys ' superhuman capacity to withstand pain . both a beautifully made nature film and a tribute to a woman whose passion for this region and its inhabitants still shines in her quiet blue eyes . this is a shrewd and effective film from a director who understands how to create and sustain a mood . -lrb- p -rrb- artnering murphy with robert de niro for the tv-cops comedy showtime would seem to be surefire casting . a captivating new film . it tends to remind one of a really solid woody allen film , with its excellent use of new york locales and sharp writing you 'd have to be a most hard-hearted person not to be moved by this drama . a movie that will surely be profane , politically charged music to the ears of cho 's fans . coppola has made a film of intoxicating atmosphere and little else . is one of this year 's very best pictures . the film is darkly funny in its observation of just how much more grueling and time-consuming the illusion of work is than actual work . the strength of the film comes not from any cinematic razzle-dazzle but from its recovery of an historical episode that , in the simple telling , proves simultaneously harrowing and uplifting . a compelling french psychological drama examining the encounter of an aloof father and his chilly son after 20 years apart . ong 's promising debut is a warm and well-told tale of one recent chinese immigrant 's experiences in new york city . satisfyingly scarifying , fresh and old-fashioned at the same time . wo n't be placed in the pantheon of the best of the swashbucklers but it is a whole lot of fun and you get to see the one of the world 's best actors , daniel auteuil , have a whale of a good time . because the genre is well established , what makes the movie fresh is smart writing , skewed characters , and the title performance by kieran culkin . more sophisticated and literate than such pictures usually are ... an amusing little catch . i found the ring moderately absorbing , largely for its elegantly colorful look and sound . a graceful , moving tribute to the courage of new york 's finest and a nicely understated expression of the grief shared by the nation at their sacrifice . contrived as this may sound , mr. rose 's updating works surprisingly well . it 's always enthralling . one of those rare films that seems as though it was written for no one , but somehow manages to convince almost everyone that it was put on the screen , just for them . diane lane works nothing short of a minor miracle in unfaithful . one of the very best movies ever made about the life of moviemaking . is many things -- stoner midnight flick , sci-fi deconstruction , gay fantasia -- but above all it 's a love story as sanguine as its title . an inuit masterpiece that will give you goosebumps as its uncanny tale of love , communal discord , and justice unfolds . can be viewed as pure composition and form -- film as music a cruelly funny twist on teen comedy packed with inventive cinematic tricks and an ironically killer soundtrack smarter than its commercials make it seem . a reasonably entertaining sequel to 1994 's surprise family hit that may strain adult credibility . could have been crisper and punchier , but it 's likely to please audiences who like movies that demand four hankies . a french film with a more down-home flavor . an asian neo-realist treasure . an honest , sensitive story from a vietnamese point of view . more than their unique residences , home movie is about the people who live in them , who have carved their own comfortable niche in the world and have been kind enough to share it . thanks to confident filmmaking and a pair of fascinating performances , the way to that destination is a really special walk in the woods . a compelling allegory about the last days of germany 's democratic weimar republic . it falls far short of poetry , but it 's not bad prose . sillier , cuter , and shorter than the first -lrb- as best i remember -rrb- , but still a very good time at the cinema . a beguiling evocation of the quality that keeps dickens evergreen : the exuberant openness with which he expresses our most basic emotions . i firmly believe that a good video game movie is going to show up soon . chaiken ably balances real-time rhythms with propulsive incident . if you ever wanted to be an astronaut , this is the ultimate movie experience - it 's informative and breathtakingly spectacular . even the digressions are funny . and , thanks to the presence of ` the king , ' it also rocks . visually fascinating ... an often intense character study about fathers and sons , loyalty and duty . we 've seen the hippie-turned-yuppie plot before , but there 's an enthusiastic charm in fire that makes the formula fresh again . gets better after foster leaves that little room . compulsively watchable , no matter how degraded things get . manages to be wholesome and subversive at the same time . mr. caine and mr. fraser are the whole show here , with their memorable and resourceful performances . overcomes its visual hideousness with a sharp script and strong performances . there 's no conversion effort , much of the writing is genuinely witty and both stars are appealing enough to probably have a good shot at a hollywood career , if they want one . yet in its own aloof , unreachable way it 's so fascinating you wo n't be able to look away for a second . this film puts wang at the forefront of china 's sixth generation of film makers . a sobering and powerful documentary about the most severe kind of personal loss : rejection by one 's mother . like the full monty , this is sure to raise audience 's spirits and leave them singing long after the credits roll . i have always appreciated a smartly written motion picture , and , whatever flaws igby goes down may possess , it is undeniably that . not many movies have that kind of impact on me these days . texan director george ratliff had unlimited access to families and church meetings , and he delivers fascinating psychological fare . maryam is more timely now than ever . it deserves to be seen everywhere . a timely look back at civil disobedience , anti-war movements and the power of strong voices . by turns very dark and very funny . uneven but a lot of fun . ... it 's as comprehensible as any dummies guide , something even non-techies can enjoy . ... fuses the events of her life with the imagery in her paintings so vividly that the artist 's work may take on a striking new significance for anyone who sees the film . brave and sweetly rendered love story . for decades we 've marveled at disney 's rendering of water , snow , flames and shadows in a hand-drawn animated world . the level of acting elevates the material above pat inspirational status and gives it a sturdiness and solidity that we 've long associated with washington the actor . while tattoo borrows heavily from both seven and the silence of the lambs , it manages to maintain both a level of sophisticated intrigue and human-scale characters that suck the audience in . the film belongs to the marvelous verdu , a sexy slip of an earth mother who mourns her tragedies in private and embraces life in public a thought-provoking and often-funny drama about isolation . bittersweet comedy\/drama full of life , hand gestures , and some really adorable italian guys . this is a sincerely crafted picture that deserves to emerge from the traffic jam of holiday movies . remarkable for its intelligence and intensity . should be required viewing for civics classes and would-be public servants alike . an intimate contemplation of two marvelously messy lives . you never know where changing lanes is going to take you but it 's a heck of a ride . that works . what 's most memorable about circuit is that it 's shot on digital video , whose tiny camera enables shafer to navigate spaces both large ... and small ... with considerable aplomb . the journey is worth your time , especially if you have ellen pompeo sitting next to you for the ride . a classy , sprightly spin on film . watching austin powers in goldmember is like binging on cotton candy . nothing overly original , mind you , but solidly entertaining . one of the finest , most humane and important holocaust movies ever made . this fascinating look at israel in ferment feels as immediate as the latest news footage from gaza and , because of its heightened , well-shaped dramas , twice as powerful . if villainous vampires are your cup of blood , blade 2 is definitely a cut above the rest . refreshing . by the end of it all i sort of loved the people onscreen , even though i could not stand them . ... a rich and intelligent film that uses its pulpy core conceit to probe questions of attraction and interdependence and how the heart accomodates practical needs . alternating between facetious comic parody and pulp melodrama , this smart-aleck movie ... tosses around some intriguing questions about the difference between human and android life . director todd solondz has made a movie about critical reaction to his two previous movies , and about his responsibility to the characters that he creates . she 's as rude and profane as ever , always hilarious and , most of the time , absolutely right in her stinging social observations . in an art film ! presents a side of contemporary chinese life that many outsiders will be surprised to know exists , and does so with an artistry that also smacks of revelation . after watching it , you can only love the players it brings to the fore for the gifted but no-nonsense human beings they are and for the still-inestimable contribution they have made to our shared history . promises is a compelling piece that demonstrates just how well children can be trained to live out and carry on their parents ' anguish . it is most remarkable not because of its epic scope , but because of the startling intimacy it achieves despite that breadth . robin williams has thankfully ditched the saccharine sentimentality of bicentennial man in favour of an altogether darker side . tackles the difficult subject of grief and loss with such life-embracing spirit that the theme does n't drag an audience down . playfully profound ... and crazier than michael jackson on the top floor of a skyscraper nursery surrounded by open windows . the film has several strong performances . the wild thornberrys movie has all the sibling rivalry and general family chaos to which anyone can relate . what makes how i killed my father compelling , besides its terrific performances , is fontaine 's willingness to wander into the dark areas of parent-child relationships without flinching . japanese director shohei imamura 's latest film is an odd but ultimately satisfying blend of the sophomoric and the sublime . not too fancy , not too filling , not too fluffy , but definitely tasty and sweet . a true pleasure . a movie of technical skill and rare depth of intellect and feeling . i loved this film . for the most part , it works beautifully as a movie without sacrificing the integrity of the opera . probably the best case for christianity since chesterton and lewis . this is one of mr. chabrol 's subtlest works , but also one of his most uncanny . sparse but oddly compelling . it 's a powerful though flawed movie , guaranteed to put a lump in your throat while reaffirming washington as possibly the best actor working in movies today . lan yu is a genuine love story , full of traditional layers of awakening and ripening and separation and recovery . -lrb- washington 's -rrb- strong hand , keen eye , sweet spirit and good taste are reflected in almost every scene . this is lightweight filmmaking , to be sure , but it 's pleasant enough -- and oozing with attractive men . i was impressed by how many tit-for-tat retaliatory responses the filmmakers allow before pulling the plug on the conspirators and averting an american-russian armageddon . pure cinematic intoxication , a wildly inventive mixture of comedy and melodrama , tastelessness and swooning elegance . changing lanes tries for more . the film exudes the urbane sweetness that woody allen seems to have bitterly forsaken . ludicrous , but director carl franklin adds enough flourishes and freak-outs to make it entertaining . for his first attempt at film noir , spielberg presents a fascinating but flawed look at the near future . a lively and engaging examination of how similar obsessions can dominate a family . certainly the performances are worthwhile . fifty years after the fact , the world 's political situation seems little different , and -lrb- director phillip -rrb- noyce brings out the allegory with remarkable skill . i do n't feel the least bit ashamed in admitting that my enjoyment came at the expense of seeing justice served , even if it 's a dish that 's best served cold . the acting in pauline and paulette is good all round , but what really sets the film apart is debrauwer 's refusal to push the easy emotional buttons . spectacularly beautiful , not to mention mysterious , sensual , emotionally intense , and replete with virtuoso throat-singing . a weird and wonderful comedy . smart and taut . this is one of the outstanding thrillers of recent years . in the end , the film is less the cheap thriller you 'd expect than it is a fairly revealing study of its two main characters -- damaged-goods people whose orbits will inevitably and dangerously collide . a searing , epic treatment of a nationwide blight that seems to be , horrifyingly , ever on the rise . every individual will see the movie through the prism of his or her own beliefs and prejudices , but the one thing most will take away is the sense that peace is possible . an extraordinary dramatic experience . a bittersweet film , simple in form but rich with human events . a classic fairy tale that perfectly captures the wonders and worries of childhood in a way that few movies have ever approached . directed with purpose and finesse by england 's roger mitchell , who handily makes the move from pleasing , relatively lightweight commercial fare such as notting hill to commercial fare with real thematic heft . cletis is playful but highly studied and dependent for its success on a patient viewer . the story , once it gets rolling , is nothing short of a great one . both damning and damned compelling . apart from anything else , this is one of the best-sustained ideas i have ever seen on the screen . a meditation on faith and madness , frailty is blood-curdling stuff . he 's one of the few ` cool ' actors who never seems aware of his own coolness . a serious movie with serious ideas . it 's the cute frissons of discovery and humor between chaplin and kidman that keep this nicely wound clock not just ticking , but humming . leave it to the french to truly capture the terrifying angst of the modern working man without turning the film into a cheap thriller , a dumb comedy or a sappy melodrama . beautiful to watch and holds a certain charm . campbell scott finds the ideal outlet for his flick-knife diction in the role of roger swanson . then you 'd do well to check this one out because it 's straight up twin peaks action ... land , people and narrative flow together in a stark portrait of motherhood deferred and desire explored . cineasts will revel in those visual in-jokes , as in the film 's verbal pokes at everything from the likes of miramax chief harvey weinstein 's bluff personal style to the stylistic rigors of denmark 's dogma movement . what 's surprising about this traditional thriller , moderately successful but not completely satisfying , is exactly how genteel and unsurprising the execution turns out to be . with notorious c.h.o. cho proves she has the stuff to stand tall with pryor , carlin and murphy . watching this film , one is left with the inescapable conclusion that hitchens ' obsession with kissinger is , at bottom , a sophisticated flower child 's desire to purge the world of the tooth and claw of human power . e.t. works because its flabbergasting principals , 14-year-old robert macnaughton , 6-year-old drew barrymore and 10-year-old henry thomas , convince us of the existence of the wise , wizened visitor from a faraway planet . yes , it 's as good as you remember . for veggietales fans , this is more appetizing than a side dish of asparagus . full of detail about the man and his country , and is well worth seeing . peter jackson and company once again dazzle and delight us , fulfilling practically every expectation either a longtime tolkien fan or a movie-going neophyte could want . a joyous occasion -lrb- `` take care of my cat '' -rrb- is an honestly nice little film that takes us on an examination of young adult life in urban south korea through the hearts and minds of the five principals . one-of-a-kind near-masterpiece . a thoroughly engaging , surprisingly touching british comedy . whether or not you buy mr. broomfield 's findings , the film acquires an undeniable entertainment value as the slight , pale mr. broomfield continues to force himself on people and into situations that would make lesser men run for cover . charlotte sometimes is a brilliant movie . move over bond ; this girl deserves a sequel . congrats disney on a job well done , i enjoyed it just as much ! it 's a piece of handiwork that shows its indie tatters and self-conscious seams in places , but has some quietly moving moments and an intelligent subtlety . expect no major discoveries , nor any stylish sizzle , but the film sits with square conviction and touching good sense on the experience of its women . beautifully crafted and brutally honest , promises offers an unexpected window into the complexities of the middle east struggle and into the humanity of its people . entirely suspenseful , extremely well-paced and ultimately ... dare i say , entertaining ! bill morrison 's decasia is uncompromising , difficult and unbearably beautiful . a superlative b movie -- funny , sexy , and rousing . plays out with a dogged and eventually winning squareness that would make it the darling of many a kids-and-family-oriented cable channel . one feels the dimming of a certain ambition , but in its place a sweetness , clarity and emotional openness that recalls the classics of early italian neorealism . ... quite endearing . a little better than sorcerer 's stone . nothing short of wonderful with its ten-year-old female protagonist and its steadfast refusal to set up a dualistic battle between good and evil . renner carries much of the film with a creepy and dead-on performance . the film fits into a genre that has been overexposed , redolent of a thousand cliches , and yet remains uniquely itself , vibrant with originality . a compelling yarn , but not quite a ripping one . warm and exotic . rehearsals are frequently more fascinating than the results . a dazzling thing to behold -- as long as you 're wearing the somewhat cumbersome 3d goggles the theater provides . it 's a wonderful , sobering , heart-felt drama . here 's yet another cool crime movie that actually manages to bring something new into the mix . one of those movies that make us pause and think of what we have given up to acquire the fast-paced contemporary society . uneven , self-conscious but often hilarious spoof . more mature than fatal attraction , more complete than indecent proposal and more relevant than 9 1\/2 weeks , unfaithful is at once intimate and universal cinema . the wonder of mostly martha is the performance of gedeck , who makes martha enormously endearing . like a tarantino movie with heart , alias betty is richly detailed , deftly executed and utterly absorbing . this movie is to be cherished . in all fairness , i must report that the children of varying ages in my audience never coughed , fidgeted or romped up and down the aisles for bathroom breaks . ryan gosling ... is at 22 a powerful young actor . i am highly amused by the idea that we have come to a point in society where it has been deemed important enough to make a film in which someone has to be hired to portray richard dawson . while this movie , by necessity , lacks fellowship 's heart , two towers outdoes its spectacle . for those who are intrigued by politics of the '70s , the film is every bit as fascinating as it is flawed . an absorbing and unsettling psychological drama . like the best of godard 's movies ... it is visually ravishing , penetrating , impenetrable . spare but quietly effective retelling . the story that emerges has elements of romance , tragedy and even silent-movie comedy . harks back to a time when movies had more to do with imagination than market research . fessenden 's narrative is just as much about the ownership and redefinition of myth as it is about a domestic unit finding their way to joy . a must see for all sides of the political spectrum the storylines are woven together skilfully , the magnificent swooping aerial shots are breathtaking , and the overall experience is awesome . an action\/thriller of the finest kind , evoking memories of day of the jackal , the french connection , and heat . beyond the cleverness , the weirdness and the pristine camerawork , one hour photo is a sobering meditation on why we take pictures . the best part about `` gangs '' was daniel day-lewis . it can be safely recommended as a video\/dvd babysitter . the movie should jolt you out of your seat a couple of times , give you a few laughs , and leave you feeling like it was worth your seven bucks , even though it does turn out to be a bit of a cheat in the end . part of the film 's cheeky charm comes from its vintage schmaltz . a fun family movie that 's suitable for all ages -- a movie that will make you laugh , cry and realize , ` it 's never too late to believe in your dreams . ' unlike most anime , whose most ardent fans outside japan seem to be introverted young men with fantasy fetishes , metropolis never seems hopelessly juvenile . there is something that is so meditative and lyrical about babak payami 's boldly quirky iranian drama secret ballot ... a charming and evoking little ditty that manages to show the gentle and humane side of middle eastern world politics with or without the sex , a wonderful tale of love and destiny , told well by a master storyteller but it will just as likely make you weep , and it will do so in a way that does n't make you feel like a sucker . romantic comedy and dogme 95 filmmaking may seem odd bedfellows , but they turn out to be delightfully compatible here . good , solid storytelling . it 's a treat watching shaw , a british stage icon , melting under the heat of phocion 's attentions . -lrb- has -rrb- an immediacy and an intimacy that sucks you in and dares you not to believe it 's all true . a deftly entertaining film , smartly played and smartly directed . bogdanovich taps deep into the hearst mystique , entertainingly reenacting a historic scandal . craig bartlett and director tuck tucker should be commended for illustrating the merits of fighting hard for something that really matters . but it 's defiantly and delightfully against the grain . famuyiwa 's feature deals with its subject matter in a tasteful , intelligent manner , rather than forcing us to endure every plot contrivance that the cliché-riddled genre can offer . at a time when commercialism has squeezed the life out of whatever idealism american moviemaking ever had , godfrey reggio 's career shines like a lonely beacon . elegant and eloquent -lrb- meditation -rrb- on death and that most elusive of passions , love . -lrb- clooney 's -rrb- debut can be accused of being a bit undisciplined , but it has a tremendous , offbeat sense of style and humor that suggests he was influenced by some of the filmmakers who have directed him , especially the coen brothers and steven soderbergh . nicholas nickleby celebrates the human spirit with such unrelenting dickensian decency that it turned me -lrb- horrors ! -rrb- romanek 's themes are every bit as distinctive as his visuals . no worse a film than breaking out , and breaking out was utterly charming . scooby doo is surely everything its fans are hoping it will be , and in that sense is a movie that deserves recommendation . your children will be occupied for 72 minutes . exciting and well-paced . lasker 's canny , meditative script distances sex and love , as byron and luther ... realize they ca n't get no satisfaction without the latter . the amazing film work is so convincing that by movies ' end you 'll swear you are wet in some places and feel sand creeping in others . combines sharp comedy , old-fashioned monster movie atmospherics , and genuine heart to create a film that 's not merely about kicking undead \*\*\* , but also about dealing with regret and , ultimately , finding redemption . the movie does its best to work us over , with second helpings of love , romance , tragedy , false dawns , real dawns , comic relief , two separate crises during marriage ceremonies , and the lush scenery of the cotswolds . filled with honest performances and exceptional detail , baran is a gentle film with dramatic punch , a haunting ode to humanity . rodriguez does a splendid job of racial profiling hollywood style -- casting excellent latin actors of all ages -- a trend long overdue . takashi miike keeps pushing the envelope : ichi the killer so could young romantics out on a date . despite its flaws ... belinsky is still able to create an engaging story that keeps you guessing at almost every turn . satin rouge is not a new , or inventive , journey , but it 's encouraging to see a three-dimensional , average , middle-aged woman 's experience of self-discovery handled with such sensitivity . a hypnotic cyber hymn and a cruel story of youth culture . noyce has worked wonders with the material . despite the predictable parent vs. child coming-of-age theme , first-class , natural acting and a look at `` the real americans '' make this a charmer . delia , greta , and paula rank as three of the most multilayered and sympathetic female characters of the year . although olivier assayas ' elegantly appointed period drama seems , at times , padded with incident in the way of a too-conscientious adaptation ... its three-hour running time plays closer to two . the moral shrapnel and mental shellshock will linger long after this film has ended . overall , it 's a very entertaining , thought-provoking film with a simple message : god is love . a confident , richly acted , emotionally devastating piece of work and 2002 's first great film labute 's careful handling makes the material seem genuine rather than pandering . ... a funny yet dark and seedy clash of cultures and generations . as tricky and satisfying as any of david mamet 's airless cinematic shell games . the story is smart and entirely charming in intent and execution . a delicious and delicately funny look at the residents of a copenhagen neighborhood coping with the befuddling complications life tosses at them . if ever a concept came handed down from the movie gods on a silver platter , this is it . you may be captivated , as i was , by its moods , and by its subtly transformed star , and still wonder why paul thomas anderson ever had the inclination to make the most sincere and artful movie in which adam sandler will probably ever appear . `` brown sugar '' admirably aspires to be more than another `` best man '' clone by weaving a theme throughout this funny film . highlighted by a gritty style and an excellent cast , it 's better than one might expect when you look at the list of movies starring ice-t in a major role . gently humorous and touching . visually captivating . as each of them searches for their place in the world , miller digs into their very minds to find an unblinking , flawed humanity . the story plays out slowly , but the characters are intriguing and realistic . very predictable but still entertaining has far more energy , wit and warmth than should be expected from any movie with a `` 2 '' at the end of its title . mr. deeds is sure to give you a lot of laughs in this simple , sweet and romantic comedy . its gentle , touching story creeps into your heart . armed with a game supporting cast , from the pitch-perfect forster to the always hilarious meara and levy , like mike shoots and scores , doing its namesake proud . ... works on some levels and is certainly worth seeing at least once . a small gem from belgium . the characters are complex and quirky , but entirely believable as the remarkable ensemble cast brings them to life . worth a look as a curiosity . short and sweet , but also more than anything else slight ... tadpole pulls back from the consequences of its own actions and revelations . poignant and delicately complex . and we do n't avert our eyes for a moment . simply and eloquently articulates the tangled feelings of particular new yorkers deeply touched by an unprecedented tragedy . ... could easily be called the best korean film of 2002 . it does n't matter that the film is less than 90 minutes . the film is a hoot , and is just as good , if not better than much of what 's on saturday morning tv especially the pseudo-educational stuff we all ca n't stand . the ending feels at odds with the rest of the film . in the end there is one word that best describes this film : honest . it 's a quirky , off-beat project . if you can get past the taboo subject matter , it will be well worth your time . coy but exhilarating , with really solid performances by ving rhames and wesley snipes . starts slowly , but adrien brody -- in the title role -- helps make the film 's conclusion powerful and satisfying . the performers are so spot on , it is hard to conceive anyone else in their roles . wise and deadpan humorous . an energizing , intoxicating documentary charting the rise of hip-hop culture in general and the art of scratching -lrb- or turntablism -rrb- in particular . screenwriter dan schneider and director shawn levy substitute volume and primary colors for humor and bite . -lrb- ramsay -rrb- visually transforms the dreary expanse of dead-end distaste the characters inhabit into a poem of art , music and metaphor . works as pretty contagious fun . in the pianist , polanski is saying what he has long wanted to say , confronting the roots of his own preoccupations and obsessions , and he allows nothing to get in the way . those who do n't entirely ` get ' godard 's distinctive discourse will still come away with a sense of his reserved but existential poignancy . provides a very moving and revelatory footnote to the holocaust . ... there is enough originality in ` life ' to distance it from the pack of paint-by-number romantic comedies that so often end up on cinema screens . raimi crafted a complicated hero who is a welcome relief from the usual two-dimensional offerings . it cuts to the core of what it actually means to face your fears , to be a girl in a world of boys , to be a boy truly in love with a girl , and to ride the big metaphorical wave that is life -- wherever it takes you . an enjoyable , if occasionally flawed , experiment . it is , however , a completely honest , open-hearted film that should appeal to anyone willing to succumb to it . american musical comedy as we know it would n't exist without the precedent of yiddish theater , whose jolly , fun-for-fun 's - sake communal spirit goes to the essence of broadway . do n't judge this one too soon - it 's a dark , gritty story but it takes off in totally unexpected directions and keeps on going . ... -lrb- the film -rrb- works , due mostly to the tongue-in-cheek attitude of the screenplay . an invaluable historical document thanks to the filmmaker 's extraordinary access to massoud , whose charm , cultivation and devotion to his people are readily apparent . everyone should be able to appreciate the wonderful cinematography and naturalistic acting . scotland looks wonderful , the fans are often funny fanatics , the showdown sure beats a bad day of golf . the music makes a nice album , the food is enticing and italy beckons us all . one of the best silly horror movies of recent memory , with some real shocks in store for unwary viewers . the film is a very good viewing alternative for young women . beautifully shot against the frozen winter landscapes of grenoble and geneva , the film unfolds with all the mounting tension of an expert thriller , until the tragedy beneath it all gradually reveals itself . griffin & co. manage to be spectacularly outrageous . it is hard not to be especially grateful for freedom after a film like this . a well-put-together piece of urban satire . pan nalin 's exposition is beautiful and mysterious , and the interviews that follow , with the practitioners of this ancient indian practice , are as subtle and as enigmatic . an entertaining british hybrid of comedy , caper thrills and quirky romance . the modern master of the chase sequence returns with a chase to end all chases ` yes , that 's right : it 's forrest gump , angel of death . ' australian actor\/director john polson and award-winning english cinematographer giles nuttgens make a terrific effort at disguising the obvious with energy and innovation . twohy knows how to inflate the mundane into the scarifying , and gets full mileage out of the rolling of a stray barrel or the unexpected blast of a phonograph record . at once a testament to the divine calling of education and a demonstration of the painstaking process of imparting knowledge . worth a salute just for trying to be more complex than your average film . it excels because , unlike so many other hollywood movies of its ilk , it offers hope . the fun of the movie is the chance it affords to watch jackson , who also served as executive producer , take his smooth , shrewd , powerful act abroad . serious and thoughtful . soderbergh skims the fat from the 1972 film . a remarkably insightful look at the backstage angst of the stand-up comic . alternately hilarious and sad , aggravating and soulful , scathing and joyous . it 's unlikely we 'll see a better thriller this year . the difference is that i truly enjoyed most of mostly martha while i ne sexy and romantic . arteta directs one of the best ensemble casts of the year vividly conveys the passion , creativity , and fearlessness of one of mexico 's most colorful and controversial artists -- a captivating drama that will speak to the nonconformist in us all . the concept is a hoot . it may not be particularly innovative , but the film 's crisp , unaffected style and air of gentle longing make it unexpectedly rewarding . the director , mark pellington , does a terrific job conjuring up a sinister , menacing atmosphere though unfortunately all the story gives us is flashing red lights , a rattling noise , and a bump on the head . even if the naipaul original remains the real masterpiece , the movie possesses its own languorous charm . delivers more than its fair share of saucy hilarity . more intimate than spectacular , e.t. is carried less by wow factors than by its funny , moving yarn that holds up well after two decades . i thought the relationships were wonderful , the comedy was funny , and the love ` real ' . wickedly funny , visually engrossing , never boring , this movie challenges us to think about the ways we consume pop culture . the spaniel-eyed jean reno infuses hubert with a mixture of deadpan cool , wry humor and just the measure of tenderness required to give this comic slugfest some heart . a film with almost as many delights for adults as there are for children and dog lovers . the camera soars above the globe in dazzling panoramic shots that make the most of the large-screen format , before swooping down on a string of exotic locales , scooping the whole world up in a joyous communal festival of rhythm . piercingly affecting ... while clearly a manipulative film , emerges as powerful rather than cloying . `` frailty '' has been written so well , that even a simple `` goddammit ! '' the pianist is the film roman polanski may have been born to make . the film has an infectious enthusiasm and we 're touched by the film 's conviction that all life centered on that place , that time and that sport . an excellent sequel . it 's a technically superb film , shining with all the usual spielberg flair , expertly utilizing the talents of his top-notch creative team . both a detective story and a romance spiced with the intrigue of academic skullduggery and politics . a quiet , disquieting triumph . anyone who ever fantasized about space travel but ca n't afford the $ 20 million ticket to ride a russian rocket should catch this imax offering . sleek and arty . a terrific date movie , whatever your orientation . the exploitative , clumsily staged violence overshadows everything , including most of the actors . even as it pays earnest homage to turntablists and beat jugglers , old schoolers and current innovators , scratch is great fun , full of the kind of energy it 's documenting . a coming-of-age movie that hollywood would n't have the guts to make . ` possession , ' based on the book by a.s. byatt , demands that labute deal with the subject of love head-on ; trading in his cynicism for reverence and a little wit some of the most inventive silliness you are likely to witness in a movie theatre for some time . others , more attuned to the anarchist maxim that ` the urge to destroy is also a creative urge ' , or more willing to see with their own eyes , will find morrison 's iconoclastic uses of technology to be liberating . an awfully good , achingly human picture . provides the kind of ` laugh therapy ' i need from movie comedies -- offbeat humor , amusing characters , and a happy ending . director nancy savoca 's no-frills record of a show forged in still-raw emotions captures the unsettled tenor of that post 9-11 period far better than a more measured or polished production ever could . despite its floating narrative , this is a remarkably accessible and haunting film . the hypnotic imagery and fragmentary tale explore the connections between place and personal identity . it 's fun , splashy and entertainingly nasty . ... the first 2\/3 of the film are incredibly captivating and insanely funny , thanks in part to interesting cinematic devices -lrb- cool visual backmasking -rrb- , a solid cast , and some wickedly sick and twisted humor ... return to never land may be another shameless attempt by disney to rake in dough from baby boomer families , but it 's not half-bad . the movie , despite its rough edges and a tendency to sag in certain places , is wry and engrossing . a pleasing , often-funny comedy . a tour de force drama about the astonishingly pivotal role of imagination in the soulful development of two rowdy teenagers . good actors have a radar for juicy roles -- there 's a plethora of characters in this picture , and not one of them is flat . her performance moves between heartbreak and rebellion as she continually tries to accommodate to fit in and gain the unconditional love she seeks . so vivid a portrait of a woman consumed by lust and love and crushed by betrayal that it conjures up the intoxicating fumes and emotional ghosts of a freshly painted rembrandt . if you 've grown tired of going where no man has gone before , but several movies have - take heart . almost everyone growing up believes their family must look like `` the addams family '' to everyone looking in ... `` my big fat greek wedding '' comes from the heart ... despite its old-hat set-up and predictable plot , empire still has enough moments to keep it entertaining . -lrb- at least -rrb- moore is a real charmer . this rush to profits has created a predictably efficient piece of business notable largely for its overwhelming creepiness , for an eagerness to create images you wish you had n't seen , which , in this day and age , is of course the point . the concept behind kung pow : enter the fist is hilarious . by not averting his eyes , solondz forces us to consider the unthinkable , the unacceptable , the unmentionable . tsai has a well-deserved reputation as one of the cinema world 's great visual stylists , and in this film , every shot enhances the excellent performances . a movie that both thrills the eye and , in its over-the-top way , touches the heart . the most compelling performance of the year adds substantial depth to this shocking testament to anti-semitism and neo-fascism . though this saga would be terrific to read about , it is dicey screen material that only a genius should touch . a sentimental hybrid that could benefit from the spice of specificity . like a veteran head cutter , barbershop is tuned in to its community . thumbs up to paxton for not falling into the hollywood trap and making a vanity project with nothing new to offer . performances all around are tops , with the two leads delivering oscar-caliber performances . miller comes at film with bracing intelligence and a vision both painterly and literary . this odd , poetic road movie , spiked by jolts of pop music , pretty much takes place in morton 's ever-watchful gaze -- and it 's a tribute to the actress , and to her inventive director , that the journey is such a mesmerizing one . if you 're not , you 'll still have a good time . '' has a certain ghoulish fascination , and generates a fair amount of b-movie excitement . although it lacks the detail of the book , the film does pack some serious suspense . -lrb- cuarón has -rrb- created a substantive movie out of several cliched movie structures : the road movie , the coming-of-age movie , and the teenage sex comedy . the problems and characters it reveals are universal and involving , and the film itself -- as well its delightful cast -- is so breezy , pretty and gifted , it really won my heart . proof once again that if the filmmakers just follow the books , they ca n't go wrong . ... wise and elegiac ... though filmed partly in canada , paid in full has clever ways of capturing inner-city life during the reagan years . the overall fabric is hypnotic , and mr. mattei fosters moments of spontaneous intimacy . nicole holofcenter , the insightful writer\/director responsible for this illuminating comedy does n't wrap the proceedings up neatly but the ideas tie together beautifully . while it 's nothing we have n't seen before from murphy , i spy is still fun and enjoyable and so aggressively silly that it 's more than a worthwhile effort . like shrek , spirit 's visual imagination reminds you of why animation is such a perfect medium for children , because of the way it allows the mind to enter and accept another world . one of the greatest films i 've ever seen . exudes the fizz of a busby berkeley musical and the visceral excitement of a sports extravaganza . good performances keep it from being a total rehash . tsai convincingly paints a specifically urban sense of disassociation here . some body will take you places you have n't been , and also places you have . a jaw-droppingly beautiful work that upends nearly every cliché of japanese animation while delivering a more than satisfactory amount of carnage . but kouyate elicits strong performances from his cast , and he delivers a powerful commentary on how governments lie , no matter who runs them . ` drumline ' shows a level of young , black manhood that is funny , touching , smart and complicated . welles groupie\/scholar peter bogdanovich took a long time to do it , but he 's finally provided his own broadside at publishing giant william randolph hearst . the most brilliant and brutal uk crime film since jack carter went back to newcastle , the first half of gangster no. 1 drips with style and , at times , blood . birthday girl lucks out with chaplin and kidman , who are capable of anteing up some movie star charisma when they need it to sell us on this twisted love story , but who can also negotiate the movie 's darker turns . stay for the credits and see a devastating comic impersonation by dustin hoffman that is revelatory . it is a likable story , told with competence . a delightful romantic comedy with plenty of bite . a good thriller . there 's nothing like love to give a movie a b-12 shot , and cq shimmers with it . while not for every taste , this often very funny collegiate gross-out comedy goes a long way toward restoring the luster of the national lampoon film franchise , too long reduced to direct-to-video irrelevancy . ... an adorably whimsical comedy that deserves more than a passing twinkle . mr. koshashvili is a director to watch . about as big a crowdpleaser as they possibly come . but on the whole , you 're gonna like this movie . the art direction and costumes are gorgeous and finely detailed , and kurys ' direction is clever and insightful . the film is delicately narrated by martin landau and directed with sensitivity and skill by dana janklowicz-mann . the evocative imagery and gentle , lapping rhythms of this film are infectious -- it gets under our skin and draws us in long before the plot kicks into gear . succeeds as a well-made evocation of a subculture . plunges you into a reality that is , more often then not , difficult and sad , and then , without sentimentalizing it or denying its brutality , transforms that reality into a lyrical and celebratory vision . an immensely entertaining look at some of the unsung heroes of 20th century pop music . howard conjures the past via surrealist flourishes so overwrought you 'd swear he just stepped out of a buñuel retrospective . even if you do n't know the band or the album 's songs by heart , you will enjoy seeing how both evolve , and you will also learn a good deal about the state of the music business in the 21st century . inherently caustic and oddly whimsical , the film chimes in on the grieving process and strangely draws the audience into the unexplainable pain and eccentricities that are attached to the concept of loss . it 's better than the phantom menace . an effortlessly accomplished and richly resonant work . broomfield is energized by volletta wallace 's maternal fury , her fearlessness , and because of that , his film crackles . a fiercely clever and subtle film , capturing the precarious balance between the extravagant confidence of the exiled aristocracy and the cruel earnestness of the victorious revolutionaries . this kind of hands-on storytelling is ultimately what makes shanghai ghetto move beyond a good , dry , reliable textbook and what allows it to rank with its worthy predecessors . it finds its moviegoing pleasures in the tiny events that could make a person who has lived her life half-asleep suddenly wake up and take notice . though in some ways similar to catherine breillat 's fat girl , rain is the far superior film . a sensitive and astute first feature by anne-sophie birot . a real winner -- smart , funny , subtle , and resonant . an instance of an old dog not only learning but inventing a remarkable new trick . romantic , riveting and handsomely animated . try as you might to scrutinize the ethics of kaufman 's approach , somehow it all comes together to create a very compelling , sensitive , intelligent and almost cohesive piece of film entertainment . every once in a while , a movie will come along that turns me into that annoying specimen of humanity that i usually dread encountering the most - the fanboy the acting , for the most part , is terrific , although the actors must struggle with the fact that they 're playing characters who sometimes feel more like literary conceits than flesh-and-blood humans . funny and touching . affirms the gifts of all involved , starting with spielberg and going right through the ranks of the players -- on-camera and off -- that he brings together . will warm your heart without making you feel guilty about it . a glib but bouncy bit of sixties-style slickness in which the hero might wind up caught but the audience gets pure escapism . this one is not nearly as dreadful as expected . the result is a powerful , naturally dramatic piece of low-budget filmmaking . as a science fiction movie , `` minority report '' astounds . chilling in its objective portrait of dreary , lost twenty-first century america . the auteur 's ear for the way fears and slights are telegraphed in the most blithe exchanges gives the film its lingering tug . shattering , devastating documentary on two maladjusted teens in a downward narcotized spiral . at just over an hour , home movie will leave you wanting more , not to mention leaving you with some laughs and a smile on your face . a fine documentary can be distinguished from a mediocre one by the better film 's ability to make its subject interesting to those who are n't part of its supposed target audience . peppered with witty dialogue and inventive moments . whether or not you 're enlightened by any of derrida 's lectures on `` the other '' and `` the self , '' derrida is an undeniably fascinating and playful fellow . the people in jessica are so recognizable and true that , as in real life , we 're never sure how things will work out . parents may even find that it goes by quickly , because it has some of the funniest jokes of any movie this year , including those intended for adults . a good music documentary , probably one of the best since the last waltz . -lrb- gulpilil -rrb- is a commanding screen presence , and his character 's abundant humanism makes him the film 's moral compass . the screenplay never lets us forget that bourne was once an amoral assassin just like the ones who are pursuing him ... there is never really a true `` us '' versus `` them '' . an interesting look behind the scenes of chicago-based rock group wilco ... the sword fighting is well done and auteuil is a goofy pleasure . munch 's screenplay is tenderly observant of his characters . a film of epic scale with an intimate feeling , a saga of the ups and downs of friendships . mention `` solaris '' five years from now and i 'm sure those who saw it will have an opinion to share . that ` alabama ' manages to be pleasant in spite of its predictability and occasional slowness is due primarily to the perkiness of witherspoon -lrb- who is always a joy to watch , even when her material is not first-rate -rrb- ... pacino is the best he 's been in years and keener is marvelous . it 's excessively quirky and a little underconfident in its delivery , but otherwise this is the best ` old neighborhood ' project since christopher walken kinda romanced cyndi lauper in the opportunists . extremely well acted by the four primary actors , this is a seriously intended movie that is not easily forgotten . bound to appeal to women looking for a howlingly trashy time . ms. hutchins is talented enough and charismatic enough to make us care about zelda 's ultimate fate . writer-director david jacobson and his star , jeremy renner , have made a remarkable film that explores the monster 's psychology not in order to excuse him but rather to demonstrate that his pathology evolved from human impulses that grew hideously twisted . drama of temptation , salvation and good intentions is a thoughtful examination of faith , love and power . oddly compelling . strange , funny , twisted , brilliant and macabre . shanghai ghetto , much stranger than any fiction , brings this unknown slice of history affectingly to life . a movie that will thrill you , touch you and make you laugh as well . though overall an overwhelmingly positive portrayal , the film does n't ignore the more problematic aspects of brown 's life . cool gadgets and creatures keep this fresh . while maintaining the appearance of clinical objectivity , this sad , occasionally horrifying but often inspiring film is among wiseman 's warmest . though the aboriginal aspect lends the ending an extraordinary poignancy , and the story itself could be played out in any working class community in the nation . the byplay and bickering between the now spy-savvy siblings , carmen -lrb- vega -rrb- and juni -lrb- sabara -rrb- cortez , anchor the film in a very real and amusing give-and-take . it 's sweet , funny , charming , and completely delightful . seen in that light , moonlight mile should strike a nerve in many . i can easily imagine benigni 's pinocchio becoming a christmas perennial . k 19 stays afloat as decent drama\/action flick a bittersweet drama about the limbo of grief and how truth-telling can open the door to liberation . more precious than perspicacious rarely does such high-profile talent serve such literate material . -lrb- fiji diver rusi vulakoro and the married couple howard and michelle hall -rrb- show us the world they love and make us love it , too . a fanciful drama about napoleon 's last years and his surprising discovery of love and humility . ... enthusiastically invokes the percussion rhythm , the brass soul and the sense of fierce competition that helps make great marching bands half the fun of college football games . spy kids 2 also happens to be that rarity among sequels : it actually improves upon the original hit movie . speaks eloquently about the symbiotic relationship between art and life . audiard successfully maintains suspense on different levels throughout a film that is both gripping and compelling . an unsettling , memorable cinematic experience that does its predecessors proud . its almost too-spectacular coastal setting distracts slightly from an eccentric and good-naturedly aimless story . a compassionate , moving portrait of an american -lrb- and an america -rrb- always reaching for something just outside his grasp . -lrb- stephen -rrb- earnhart 's film is more about the optimism of a group of people who are struggling to give themselves a better lot in life than the ones they currently have . adaptation is intricately constructed and in a strange way nails all of orlean 's themes without being a true adaptation of her book . an older cad instructs a younger lad in zen and the art of getting laid in this prickly indie comedy of manners and misanthropy . with amazing finesse , the film shadows heidi 's trip back to vietnam and the city where her mother , mai thi kim , still lives . -lrb- jeff 's -rrb- gorgeous , fluid compositions , underlined by neil finn and edmund mcwilliams 's melancholy music , are charged with metaphor , but rarely easy , obvious or self-indulgent . it 's a smart , solid , kinetically-charged spy flick worthy of a couple hours of summertime and a bucket of popcorn . the film is predictable in the reassuring manner of a beautifully sung holiday carol . the heat of the moment prevails . a beautifully tooled action thriller about love and terrorism in korea . the banter between calvin and his fellow barbers feels like a streetwise mclaughlin group ... and never fails to entertain . broomfield reminds us that beneath the hype , the celebrity , the high life , the conspiracies and the mystery there were once a couple of bright young men -- promising , talented , charismatic and tragically doomed . offers a persuasive look at a defeated but defiant nation in flux . muccino seems to be exploring the idea of why human beings long for what they do n't have , and how this gets us in trouble . my wife is an actress has its moments in looking at the comic effects of jealousy . a riveting documentary . while i ca n't say it 's on par with the first one , stuart little 2 is a light , fun cheese puff of a movie . sad to say -- it accurately reflects the rage and alienation that fuels the self-destructiveness of many young people . it 's neither as sappy as big daddy nor as anarchic as happy gilmore or the waterboy , but it has its moments . great character interaction . a meatier deeper beginning and\/or ending would have easily tipped this film into the `` a '' range , as is , it 's a very very strong `` b + . '' funny in a sick , twisted sort of way . trapped wo n't score points for political correctness , but it may cause parents a few sleepless hours -- a sign of its effectiveness . nicks refuses to let slackers be seen as just another teen movie , which means he can be forgiven for frequently pandering to fans of the gross-out comedy . but though he only scratches the surface , at least he provides a strong itch to explore more . birthday girl walks a tricky tightrope between being wickedly funny and just plain wicked . despite its flaws , crazy as hell marks an encouraging new direction for la salle . it 's tough to watch , but it 's a fantastic movie . the movie is well crafted , and well executed . moore provides an invaluable service by sparking debate and encouraging thought . as giddy and whimsical and relevant today as it was 270 years ago . parts seem like they were lifted from terry gilliam 's subconscious , pressed through kafka 's meat grinder and into buñuel 's casings it uses some of the figures from the real-life story to portray themselves in the film . affable if not timeless , like mike raises some worthwhile themes while delivering a wholesome fantasy for kids . a psychic journey deep into the very fabric of iranian ... life . an incredibly thoughtful , deeply meditative picture that neatly and effectively captures the debilitating grief felt in the immediate aftermath of the terrorist attacks . this is an extraordinary film , not least because it is japanese and yet feels universal . if ayurveda can help us return to a sane regimen of eating , sleeping and stress-reducing contemplation , it is clearly a good thing . will certainly appeal to asian cult cinema fans and asiaphiles interested to see what all the fuss is about . they 're just a couple of cops in copmovieland , these two , but in narc , they find new routes through a familiar neighborhood . while dutifully pulling on heartstrings , directors dean deblois and chris sanders valiantly keep punching up the mix . davis is funny , charming and quirky in her feature film acting debut as amy . heartwarming and gently comic even as the film breaks your heart . scherfig , the writer-director , has made a film so unabashedly hopeful that it actually makes the heart soar . barry convinces us he 's a dangerous , secretly unhinged guy who could easily have killed a president because it made him feel powerful . stands as one of the year 's most intriguing movie experiences , letting its imagery speak for it while it forces you to ponder anew what a movie can be . in imax in short , it 's just as wonderful on the big screen . i 'd watch these two together again in a new york minute . it 's a film that 's destined to win a wide summer audience through word-of-mouth reviews and , not far down the line , to find a place among the studio 's animated classics . continually challenges perceptions of guilt and innocence , of good guys and bad , and asks us whether a noble end can justify evil means . he 's a better actor than a standup comedian . so beautifully acted and directed , it 's clear that washington most certainly has a new career ahead of him if he so chooses . insomnia is one of the year 's best films and pacino gives one of his most daring , and complicated , performances . while not quite `` shrek '' or `` monsters , inc. '' , it 's not too bad . a slight but sweet film . a smart , arch and rather cold-blooded comedy . a powerful , chilling , and affecting study of one man 's dying fall . the son of the bride 's humour is born out of an engaging storyline , which also is n't embarrassed to make you reach for the tissues . an uplifting , near-masterpiece . unlike lots of hollywood fluff , this has layered , well-developed characters and some surprises . pete 's screenplay manages to find that real natural , even-flowing tone that few movies are able to accomplish . the humor and humanity of monsoon wedding are in perfect balance . the gorgeously elaborate continuation of `` the lord of the rings '' trilogy is so huge that a column of words can not adequately describe co-writer\/director peter jackson 's expanded vision of j.r.r. tolkien 's middle-earth . this slight premise ... works because of the ideal casting of the masterful british actor ian holm as the aged napoleon . straightforward and old-fashioned in the best possible senses of both those words , possession is a movie that puts itself squarely in the service of the lovers who inhabit it . though the story ... is hackneyed , the characters have a freshness and modesty that transcends their predicament . it 's light on the chills and heavy on the atmospheric weirdness , and there are moments of jaw-droppingly odd behavior -- yet i found it weirdly appealing . the first tunisian film i have ever seen , and it 's also probably the most good-hearted yet sensual entertainment i 'm likely to see all year . anybody who enjoys quirky , fun , popcorn movies with a touch of silliness and a little bloodshed . as the dominant christine , sylvie testud is icily brilliant . -lrb- a -rrb- devastatingly powerful and astonishingly vivid holocaust drama . dogtown & z-boys evokes the blithe rebel fantasy with the kind of insouciance embedded in the sexy demise of james dean . it works well enough , since the thrills pop up frequently , and the dispatching of the cast is as often imaginative as it is gory . -lrb- hayek -rrb- throws herself into this dream hispanic role with a teeth-clenching gusto , she strikes a potent chemistry with molina and she gradually makes us believe she is kahlo . captivates and shows how a skillful filmmaker can impart a message without bludgeoning the audience over the head . like its bizarre heroine , it irrigates our souls . savvy director robert j. siegel and his co-writers keep the story subtle and us in suspense . while broomfield 's film does n't capture the effect of these tragic deaths on hip-hop culture , it succeeds as a powerful look at a failure of our justice system . ... a vivid , thoughtful , unapologetically raw coming-of-age tale full of sex , drugs and rock 'n' roll . a treat for its depiction on not giving up on dreams when you 're a struggling nobody . both an admirable reconstruction of terrible events , and a fitting memorial to the dead of that day , and of the thousands thereafter . bravado kathy ! the production values are of the highest and the performances attractive without being memorable . despite besson 's high-profile name being wasabi 's big selling point , there is no doubt that krawczyk deserves a huge amount of the credit for the film 's thoroughly winning tone . a sensitive , moving , brilliantly constructed work . bring on the sequel . judging by those standards , ` scratch ' is a pretty decent little documentary . an often watchable , though goofy and lurid , blast of a costume drama set in the late 15th century . a seriocomic debut of extravagant promise by georgian-israeli director dover kosashvili . the film becomes an overwhelming pleasure , and you find yourself rooting for gai 's character to avoid the fate that has befallen every other carmen before her . matters play out realistically if not always fairly . it may not be a great piece of filmmaking , but its power comes from its soul 's - eye view of how well-meaning patronizing masked a social injustice , at least as represented by this case . cremaster 3 is at once a tough pill to swallow and a minor miracle of self-expression . instead of hitting the audience over the head with a moral , schrader relies on subtle ironies and visual devices to convey point of view . a much more successful translation than its most famous previous film adaptation , writer-director anthony friedman 's similarly updated 1970 british production . hugh grant 's act is so consuming that sometimes it 's difficult to tell who the other actors in the movie are . but darned if it does n't also keep us riveted to our seats . intriguing and stylish . a few nonbelievers may rethink their attitudes when they see the joy the characters take in this creed , but skeptics are n't likely to enter the theater . when it 's not wallowing in hormonal melodrama , `` real women have curves '' is a sweet , honest , and enjoyable comedy-drama about a young woman who wants many things in life , but fears she 'll become her mother before she gets to fulfill her dreams . cold , nervy and memorable . passion , melodrama , sorrow , laugther , and tears cascade over the screen effortlessly ... eric schweig and graham greene both exude an air of dignity that 's perfect for the proud warrior that still lingers in the souls of these characters . spiderman rocks kids five and up will be delighted with the fast , funny , and even touching story . still , the updated dickensian sensibility of writer craig bartlett 's story is appealing . waydowntown manages to nail the spirit-crushing ennui of denuded urban living without giving in to it . he watches them as they float within the seas of their personalities . it 's a funny little movie with clever dialogue and likeable characters . this charming , thought-provoking new york fest of life and love has its rewards . the film is old-fashioned , occasionally charming and as subtle as boldface . an entertaining mix of period drama and flat-out farce that should please history fans . a very well-meaning movie , and it will stand in future years as an eloquent memorial to the world trade center tragedy . it 's pretty linear and only makeup-deep , but bogdanovich ties it together with efficiency and an affection for the period . adaptation is simply brilliant . a thought-provoking picture . but arriving at a particularly dark moment in history , it offers flickering reminders of the ties that bind us . director charles stone iii applies more detail to the film 's music than to the story line ; what 's best about drumline is its energy . turturro is fabulously funny and over the top as a ` very sneaky ' butler who excels in the art of impossible disappearing\/reappearing acts this is a superior horror flick . the cast delivers without sham the raw-nerved story . all in all , it 's a pretty good execution of a story that 's a lot richer than the ones hollywood action screenwriters usually come up with on their own . it 's got all the familiar bruckheimer elements , and schumacher does probably as good a job as anyone at bringing off the hopkins\/rock collision of acting styles and onscreen personas . a moving and not infrequently breathtaking film . while the plot follows a predictable connect-the-dots course ... director john schultz colors the picture in some evocative shades . with few respites , marshall keeps the energy humming , and his edits , unlike those in moulin rouge , are crisp and purposeful without overdoing it . light-years ahead of paint-by-number american blockbusters like pearl harbor , at least artistically . one of those unassuming films that sneaks up on you and stays with you long after you have left the theatre . all of it works smoothly under the direction of spielberg , who does a convincing impersonation here of a director enjoying himself immensely . a moving , if uneven , success . -lrb- a -rrb- real pleasure in its laid-back way . ... in no way original , or even all that memorable , but as downtown saturday matinee brain candy , it does n't disappoint . a lot of fun , with an undeniable energy sparked by two actresses in their 50s working at the peak of their powers . a breathtaking adventure for all ages , spirit tells its poignant and uplifting story in a stunning fusion of music and images . this is a nicely handled affair , a film about human darkness but etched with a light -lrb- yet unsentimental -rrb- touch . the film sparkles with the the wisdom and humor of its subjects . it 's ... worth the extra effort to see an artist , still committed to growth in his ninth decade , change while remaining true to his principles with a film whose very subject is , quite pointedly , about the peril of such efforts . in auteil 's less dramatic but equally incisive performance , he 's a charismatic charmer likely to seduce and conquer . this is a movie that refreshes the mind and spirit along with the body , so original is its content , look , and style . a much better documentary -- more revealing , more emotional and more surprising -- than its pedestrian english title would have you believe . ` if you are in the mood for an intelligent weepy , it can easily worm its way into your heart . ' who knows , but it works under the direction of kevin reynolds . simple , poignant and leavened with humor , it 's a film that affirms the nourishing aspects of love and companionship . at times , the movie looks genuinely pretty . a deliberative account of a lifestyle characterized by its surface-obsession -- one that typifies the delirium of post , pre , and extant stardom . i simply ca n't recommend it enough . returning director rob minkoff ... and screenwriter bruce joel rubin ... have done a fine job of updating white 's dry wit to a new age . it 's secondary to american psycho but still has claws enough to get inside you and stay there for a couple of hours . one of the funnier movies in town . a terrific insider look at the star-making machinery of tinseltown . the movie is amateurish , but it 's a minor treat . they are what makes it worth the trip to the theatre . an average kid-empowerment fantasy with slightly above-average brains . the plot of the comeback curlers is n't very interesting actually , but what i like about men with brooms and what is kind of special is how the film knows what 's unique and quirky about canadians . tambor and clayburgh make an appealing couple -- he 's understated and sardonic , she 's appealingly manic and energetic . the best thing about the movie is its personable , amusing cast . here is a divine monument to a single man 's struggle to regain his life , his dignity and his music . painful , horrifying and oppressively tragic , this film should not be missed . a deliciously nonsensical comedy about a city coming apart at its seams .